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Title: The Life of Dani

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    Icon1 The Life of Dani

    Spoiler: show
    (All contents are fictional and written by Daniella Archwings.)

    We must always come to a point in our lives when we run into a conflict. Unfortunately, it happens to everyone. We always encounter it, for it may be small, or big. Losing our homework, or losing a family member. It's just life. Everything has a conflict.

    I placed each coffee mug in its right spot, perfectly organizing the cupboard. I moved each sofa and chair to its right position, creating a masterpiece in this tiny room. "No. It's still not perfect. What am I supposedly missing?" I murmured. I looked around, seeing my new furnished coffee shop. It's my OWN coffee shop! My dream, turned into reality. But yet, I feel like I'm missing something. Well, we have coffee, of course, tables, sofas, everything! It's just not perfect. Then the little light bulb came up above my head. I could see it flash intensely as I went up to the attic to get the picture of my mother. I proudly hung it up in the kitchen, so I could see her bright and shining face every day. "I miss you momma..." I silently cried.

    I turned the CLOSED sign to the bold, red word that said OPEN. I grinned a big smile, glaring into the bright blue sky. The trees were dancing and whispering happy thoughts towards me. I watch as people walk back and forth as bystanders in this small town.

    What kind of people would I encounter today?

    (coming soon)
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    Default Re: The Life of Dani

    This is pretty good so far!

    "Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."


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