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    unicornlover10 Guest

    Default The Land Of The Strange Creatures

    Queen Uni
    Quack Quack
    Prince Antlers
    King Pen Pen
    Explorer Pug
    Farmer Duck
    Princess Pink
    Chapter One: The Secret
    Pug worked at Farmer Duck's farm every day to get money. They call him Explorer pug because he could get into adventures. One day Farmer Duck was doing something with the haystack that had stayed there for years. "Whatcha doing?"Pug asked. "I can't get rid of this haystack" Farmer Duck Replied. "Why Not" "There's a secret in this haystack" Farmer Duck said in his usual voice.
    "Secret?" Pug asked half interested half curious. "Yeah well if you go in to the haystack you will find a door and if you go through you can go into a magical land with unknown creatures." Farmer Duck replied. "Have you tried going in?" Asked Pug very curious. "Tried for 3 years doesn't work and there's another saying to it. An adventerous one will find it easier." Farmer Duck said and walked off.

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    Cheeky Sam Guest

    Default Re: The Land Of The Strange Creatures

    Very nice story! Keep up the good work!

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    unicornlover10 Guest

    Default Re: The Land Of The Strange Creatures

    thank you!
    Chapter Two: Sneaking Outdoors
    One night when Farmer Duck was asleep Pug snuck outside to take a look at the hastack. While he was walking down a step creaked. He heard Farmer Duck toss. Pug carefully opened up the door. It also creaked a little. Farmer Duck was snoring now. Pug stepped outside in the bright moonlight. He searched for the haystack which was in front of him. He dug through the haystack and reached some wood and pulled all the hay out of the way and there in front of him was the door.

    Chapter Three: Through the door
    Inside pug there was a leap of excitment! A nerve of air as he reached for the doornub and turned it. When he opened it tons of flying sparkles came out and disappeared into the sky. Inside was a long dark tunnel with some water in it. Pug stepped inside and constantley heard the splatter of water falling. It will take forever to get to the end he thought. Up ahead he saw a little light. He walked a little faster until he reached the light. It was night time in the land he was in. Then behind him the sparkles flew and went into the sky and made stars. He saw some fluffy flowers and slept there.
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    Soccerchamp098 Guest

    Default Re: The Land Of The Strange Creatures

    Very nice, very nice indeed! (:
    Do write more!

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    Default Re: The Land Of The Strange Creatures

    It's really good! Please write more!

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    Default Re: The Land Of The Strange Creatures

    Very immaginative. Secret door in the hay? What a wonderful place to hide a door

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