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    Default |The Knight| Chapter 1

    1. The Arch

    Kiara Slant watched from behind a crate the open storage room go up in flames.
    "I am so going to KILL that boy!"
    The Knight v3 had been snugly wrapped in covers and put in the open storage room of The Arch. She had to fight for it to even be placed in even the most insecure place of the base. It was either that, or it was destroyed, and if there was one thing Kiara hated, it was her work being destroyed.

    One crucial thing Kiara had forgotten to add the the bot was a password to be able to control the thing. With Corvin Shields around, this meant disaster. Corvin had crawled into the control area, stationed in the bot's 'head', and being almost completely brain dead, he had decided to test it out, resulting in the destruction of the open storage room. Hopefully the bot hadn't been destroyed. Kiara didn't care about Corvin - she'd prefer him to be gone. He'd ruined a lot of things for her, and of course you could forgive her for hating Corvin.

    After furiously stabbing in the code to open the main door, Kiara stormed to the open storage room, to see Corvin standing outside the incinerated building, an insane look on his face.
    "I hate you." Kiara snarled, gritting her teeth.
    Corvin totally ignored her. Turning to the ashes of the open storage room, he pointed to what was left of The Knight v3.
    "That thing was...AWESOME!"
    "You wrecked it?!" Kiara shrieked, her hands flying to her head, "I hate you even more!"
    Kiara could have punched the boy, but even for someone short tempered like her, she didn't resort to violence. Taking deep breaths, she slowly dropped to her knees.
    "I give up with this thing." She walked up to The Knight v3, stepping over the ashes of the open storage room. The thing was on fire. And melted. So melted that all it really was was a pile of scorching hot metal.
    "Oh, I really give up."

    The next thing to worry about was Visionary O'Piek. Visionary would not like this. Kiara wiped her dirty blonde hair out of her face, took a deep breath, and carefully stepped out of the burnt open storage room, taking the quick route to the Main Building. Kiara had no idea how nobody had noticed the state of the open storage room yet. Pushing the thought aside, she hurried on to the building, striding quickly to Visionary's room once inside. To her horror, a 'meeting in progress, do not disturb unless mandatory' sign hung on the door.
    "This is mandatory, right?" Kiara said to herself. Putting on a brave face, she knocked on the door. The person who answered was a very flustered looking Visionary.
    "What is it?" Visionary asked, trying to sound nice but looking very fed up.
    "It's the open storage room!" Kiara smiled.

    When they got there, to Kiara's surprise, Visionary had no reaction to the open storage room.
    "This, Kiara, is what I had expected. I do not mind, as long as you can provide the funds for the reconstruction of this building and it's contents."
    Once Visionary had walked away, Kiara started to groan and pace about in circles.
    "Why me?! I don't have the money to pay for this!"
    Then after a few more minutes, she sighed, and said quietly,
    "I give up."
    But mere moments later, she felt a hand, rather large, rest on her shoulder. She jumped, and turning around, she saw nothing but the kindly face of The Knight. The face smiled at her.
    "You do not need to give up."
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    Default Re: |The Knight| Chapter 1

    I like it. It's very nice. Then again,I like lots of things. And stories...
    I'm taking the Timeless Isle for the GEAR!
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