I turned the key to the left and jerked the small door open. "That was easy enough" I climbed in and found myself in quite a challenge. I could feel no solid ground or ladder while I dangled my legs over the edge. I lifted myself back onto the ledge sitting and thinking. I saw a eraser on the ground so I picked it up and dropped it in. It hit the ground with a soft thud in about fifteen seconds. I estimated it to be 10-15 feet down to I dangled my legs back over and jumped. My shoulder was first to him the ground. It shot pain to my entire body as I tried to move it. I rolled onto my other side and got up that way. I could feel my arm was bruised badly. I held onto it as I walked around looking for any sign of light. Nothing. I felt the wall, it was sticky and damp. It felt like moss was growing on there but I was quite sure it was moss. I turned down a long tunnel hoping to find an exit or atleast sign of life.

Chapter 1
Dreaming of Adventure
I was up and ready to move when the horn blew. Camp wasn't very fun but better then being at home stuck in the house with nothing to do except count my strands of hair. I got on my hiking shoes because today was when we were going to walk the full 10 mile trail. I knew it would be long so I packed three water bottles and some snacks. I quitely went to my draw and got out my spyglass, stuffed it in my pocket and headed out the door. The horn blew for the second time. I shook my head and headed in the direction of camp center. When I got there it was already swarmng with people and words of all sorts. Some in jibberish which nobody except the speaker of the words could comprehend. I moved a couple steps closer to the crowed trying to stay my distance. Suddenly jake pops up out of no where. "Hey Juliet! How's it going?" I jumped back losing the distance I had just put effort into going. "Fine." I sighed and started walking no matter if the crowed would trample me of simply let me pass. I found out the one of those answers was wrong, and it wasn't the bad one. I quickly gased for air as the smell of sweat and morning breath filled the air. I felt like passing out but that was near impossible on my level of strength. "Is everyone ready?" Counciler Samuel asked us.
Everybody responded in a large normal Yeah! but I stood there with no emotion. "Ok and we are off!" Everyone started heading for the trail.