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    Default Keep An Eye Out: book 1, Beyond The Shadows: book 2

    (**Reminder** This is based on James Patterson's Maximum Ride and I'm sorry I made it so close to his book.)

    Keep An Eye Out

    Chapter 1
    Okay everyone says they are different, but me and my family are very different then anyone else and I'm not just saying that. We were made by the worst people in the world, mad scientists. Not mad as in angery, mad as in carzy. Me (Bree), Roxie, Annebeth, Percy, Sam, and Thunder. We are all 95% human 2% bird and vampire. Me, Thunder, and Roxie are 96% human, 2% bird and 2% vampire.
    So Annebeth, Percy, and Sam are 95% human, 2% bird, 3% vampire they need blood. No need to worry, its just animals. The rest of us can eat whatever we want.
    We escaped from the lab, or as we call it the School about 4 years ago. a girl named Lily saved us. She wasn't our kind though. She was part wolf, part human. A were wolf like in the books. Bt she saved us from the other kind of were wolves. The always blood thirsty, always armed, and ready to hunt ones. They are after us. We call them Nightmares. The nightmares are searching for us, the school wants us back. They wants us back bad! So keep reading you life may fall into the hands of the Nightmares, or maybe you would find us on the way. Just don't stop, please you must not stop. You are one of us now.

    Chapter 2
    I woke up sweating and panting from my dream. I couldn't help looking around to make sure Nighmares weren't around. As I crept down the stairs I heard a loud thud. It cam from Thunder's and Sam's Room. I raced to their room, hoping the Nightmares hadn't hurt the boys yet. I nearly broke down the door as i ran through. No Nightmares, just 2 boys.
    "What was that?" I asked eyeing Thunder, who just smiled.
    "Nothing." The boys said with a huge grin on their face. I glared at them, my best ' Tell me what you did or I will kill you' glare. They looked around as if something bad was going to happen soon. Just then Percy came cursing into the boy's room smelling like someone took a dump on him.
    "Quit setting stink bombs in my room or I'm gonna kick your butt to next week!" Percy yelled so loud I think the house shook.
    "Okay, okay. It was all Thunder's idea anyways." Sam said pointing at Thunder. The 8 year old just smiled, happy to take all the credit. Everyone was silent.
    "Breakfast is ready!" Roxie and Annebeth yelled from down stairs. We charged downstairs, Smelling blood and eggs.

    Chapter 3
    "This food looks so good" Thunder said just as Sam wiped blood off his face saying "And fresh" I smelt warm blood and fresh eggs, hot bacon, and the sizzle of eggs still on the pan. I couldn't help smiling. We all sat down around the table.
    I couldn't stop thinking about my dream. I was running through the woods. My feet and lungs aching. My heart pounding in my chest, I was never that far away from the School before. The nightmares tailing right behind me. I knew I could outrun them as long as i kept my footing. I saw light up ahead, and ran faster. It wasnt a clearing it was a cliff. "Get over here freak" one nightmare yelled.
    "Yeah well look in the mirror some time." I yelled, right before I jumped. I loved the feel of free falling. Just before I hit the bottom I snapped out my wings.
    "Bree!" yelled my family bringing me back to the present. I didn't know that they were yelling my name for almost a minute.
    "What?" I said looking like I had known they were saying my name.
    "Where is Percy?" Roxie asked. Then a loud bang came from outside. All I could think about what happened to Percy.

    Chapter 4

    We ran outside to see Percy with a huge smile on his face. "Hey guys I just shot a Nightmare. I think there might be more so stay on gaurd." Sure enough Annebeth pointed and screamed. Ten, twenty, maybe more came flying down from an airplane.
    "Everyone get ready and be careful!" I yelled over Annebeth's scream. Everyone was attacked, I had two coming for me, Percy had three, Roxie has two, and all the rest had one. More were still coming from the sky.
    "You will now jump off the cliff." Sam told a Nightmare. Yeah, Sam can to anything he wants to your mind. Roxie is lightning fast and light on her feet so I wasn't worried about her. Thunder and Anebeth are the youngest so they weren't the best fighter. So I was worried about them. Percy, just like me, is good at almost anything. His dark green eyes, dark blond hair, and oliver skin, almost a model. Roxie's black hair with pink streaks came racing next to me. Her drake blue eyes telling me she wanted to help me. Then a Nightmare kicked my back right between the wings and I was out cold.

    Chapter 5

    As I awoke I wasn't at the school like I thought I would be. I was lying on the couch with five scared looks over me. No one had anything worse than a nose bleed and a split lip. They looked like they were all thrown in a blender set on "chop".
    "Bree you're okay, you're okay." Roxie said leaning over to hug me.
    "Wh-What happened?" I asked feeling lame. I felt my cheeks get hot.
    "Well, other than Thunder get taken by the Nightmares' and we thought they killed you, it has been the same." Percy said with a straight face. I always wondered how he did that without even a corner of his mouth twich.
    I sat up fast. "Ouch!" I yelled. My back was on fire. Roxie pulled out her pocket knife and cut the back of my shirt.
    "Ow is right Bree, You got punched by something stronger than a Nightmare... Maybe" Roxie said with a hint of worry in her voice. Sam handed me a bag of ice, Roxie took it from him before I could say anything. She placed it on my back.
    "Thanks Sam." I said smiling. Annabeth got duckt tape and started taping me to the ice bag.
    Percy stood up and said. "Well, What are we going to do about Thunder. We can't just let him get tested on." I gave him my best 'No Duh!' face.
    "Well then, here's the plan" I said. "Me, Percy, and Annebeth will go to the school and save Thunder. Roxie and Sam will stay here. Any questions?"
    "Why can't me and Roxie come?" said Sam eyeing Roxie who was just about to ask the same question.
    "Well what if the Nightmares try coming for the rest of us, we need someone to protect the house" I said trying to make them feel better. Sadly I was the wost at lying. The reason I didn't want them coming was because Roxie would not stay still so we could think things out. Sam can't stop talking, farting,burping, or setting off stink bombs.
    "Okay." I said "Lets go save Thunder." We all hugged and said goodbye then took a running start and took off flying. 'Here we come Thunder. Don't worry' I thought.

    Chapter 6

    Our house was in Colorado and the School was in California. We were flying for about ten hours.
    "Can we stop somewhere and sleep? Anndebeth asked sounding tired.
    "Yeah Bree, please." Percy said sounding like he would pass out right there.
    "Okay, okay." I said. "Look there is a cave right over there." Soaring toward the cave was fun in the cold night air. As we got to to cave entrance it looked like there was just enought room for us to walk around and sleep. I started the fire as Annebeth got out the food.
    "Really no blood. I need blood you know!" Percy said steaming.
    "Just try this please Percy. Maybe you are that much as a vampire as you think." sweet Annabeth said.
    "No! I won't take the chance of me getting sick," snapped Percy. Annebeth almost cried, but she was a warrior so she didn't. I glared at him and told him to going hunting if he was going to be such a brat about it. So once he left I tried to comfort Annabeth.
    I bet you are all wondering why Percy could get tired. Well he needed to be weak enough to be part bird so they didn't totally change all of his DNA.
    Once Percy came back he sat down and, in five seconds flat, he was knocked out. I thanked Annebeth for making dinner and fell asleep.

    Chapter 7

    Thunder awoke in great pain. His whole body was sore. Great He thought Back at the School in a freaking dog crate. He tried to sit up but the pain was excruciating. He heard foot steps and became silent.
    "The test went very, very wrong, sir." One sciencetist said, sounding worried. Thunder checked his body hoping they weren't talking about him.
    "I see," said the other scientist. "Well, we will just let him die then. If after a week he is still alive we will try again." Thunder looked to see what they were talking about, but saw only a dog crate. The man holding the dog crate placed it across from Thunder's. It thing inside the crate looked like it was suppose to be a dragon. Thunder could see why it went wrong. It had two headds, both with five eyes. Fear in all ten eyes.
    Wondering if it could talk, Thunder said "Hi."
    The Drangon opened its mouth to speak but all that came out was bubbles. Just then a woman walked in. Thunder thought he had seen he before but could not remember where. The woman tured toward him. Lily, she wasn't dead. Joy and hate filled him. How could she leave us for the School?
    "I thought I would never see you again. Once everyone said #574856 was here I couldn't wait to see you." Lily said smiling Then she picked up Thunder's crate and carried him into the lab.

    Chapter 8

    Roxie got fresh blood and made enough food for her and Sam. Sam walked down the stairs looking tired.
    "Sam, is that you?" Roxie asked sounding scared.
    "Roxie I'm not in the mood to play games." Sam said. Just as he said that he remembered that Roxie's eye sight got worse everyday cause the stupid sciencetists tried to give her x-ray vision.
    "Sam," Roxie said her sightless eyes looking sad. "I'm not playing an game I really can't see squat!"
    "Yeah sorry about that." Sam said. He looked at the food it didn't look burnt or dried out, it was perfect.
    "When did you eye sight go out?" asked Sam.
    "Well, when I woke up I couldn't see so I just thought it was the middle of the night, but now you're awake and I..." Roxie trailed off like she was going to cry.
    "You have been living here for a long time now it may not be any different." Sam said trying to make her feel better. "You still will be able to cook, make bombs with me and still be able to feel the wounds."
    Roxie smiled. "You're right Sam." Just then Roxie heard a Hummer coming. "Sam, I hear Nightmares and I know just what kind of trap we can make for them." Then Sam and Roxie dashed outside setting up the trap.

    Chapter 9

    Once Sam and Roxie got outside Sam looked around for the Hummer. "Roxie I don't see anything out here." Sam said hoping Roxie won't get upset.
    "Well, I read somewhere that blind people have better senses. I think I read that somewhere." Roxie said pausing to think about it. True, Sam was more vampire than Roxie was but now that she was blind maybe her senses did spike up.
    "Okay lets get this trap set." Sam said smiling. They put the oil slick on the turn to the cliff to get up to their house. They made two stink bombs and one bomb in cause something goes very wrong. "Everything set?" Roxie asked.
    "Yep, everything is ready to go." Sam replied
    "Great!" Roxie said as her face lit up. They ran inside hoping the Nightmares didn't see them set up the traps. "Here comes something, a chopper maybe." Roxie said tilting her head like a puppy. "It is a chopper!"
    "Maybe it will just pass over us," Sam said hoping Roxie couldn't hear the worry in his voice. Then Nightmares busted down the door andsome can in through the windows.
    "You could have just asked to be let in you know." Sam said hoping the would make them pause. One Nightmare smirked at Roxie. "She is blind, isn't she kid. Good now it will be just as easy to get you freaks killed." Then a Nightmare took a swing at Sam who dodged it with his famous spin then kick. So Sam finished the move with a roundhouse kick. The Nightmare fell over in pain. Roxie as usual was having the time of her life kicking and punching Nightmares. Sam helped her by poping their eardrums after she kicked them. More just kept coming.
    "Roxie outside!" Sam yelled. He saw the Hummer just as it hit the oil slick and a stink bomb and fell off the cliff. Sam glanced at the house more Nightmares just kept attacking it. He didn't want to but it was the only way to stay alive. He closed his eyes and hit the button the would set off the bomb. KA-BOOM! Nothing was left.
    "Well," Sam said. "Let's go find Bree."

    Chapter 10

    I woke up feeling well, tired. I picked up a rock and wrote a message for Percy and Annabeth on another rock so the won't worry about me. I was flying for about an hour and I saw a abonded town down below.
    "Come on Meg." One guy said. He sounded like he had a little to much to drink last night and it hasn't worn off yet.
    "No. I won't go with you. Not after what happened last time. It's over!" The girl named Meg said walking over to her car. She was really pretty. She had light brown har sholder length with matching brown eyes.
    "Oh come on, that was one time. We can make this work, baby." The guy said. I flew down lower. I touched ground and hid behind a building.
    "No, James! Now leave me alone!" Meg turned and started walking towards her Mustang again.
    "Well, now Meg, I didn't want to do this but I have no choice. Get her boys!" James said as four guys steped out of his jet black car. They each had guns. Great. I thought. I might as well step out and help this girl. I held my wings close to my back and steped into the moonlight.
    "Leave her alone!" I said trying to sound tough.
    "Who's going to stop me." James said smirking.
    "That would be me." I replied sharpening my glare on him. His guys moved in their fingers on the trigger. This is what I get everyone hates me. I thought smiling. I ran towards the guys. I punched James not hard eough to kill him just to knock him out. James had black hair and taned skin and a tatoo from his right sholuder to his wrist. So I thought he was some gangster, but he was strong and would not go down easy.
    "Shoot!" James yelled. I saw the bullets coming at me. Only one guy shot and it hit me. Right in the wing. Great how am I going to get this out. I fell to the ground gasping hoping the would get scared and run away. James stepped closer kissing Meg. She tried to pull away but he had his hands griped hard around her waist. I tried to get up and keep my wing still, but I just couldn't. James was such a jerk, poor Meg. I tried to think of ways to help her but I just couldn't. Then James turned smiling and ran to his buds to his car and took off. Meg was in tears.
    She got her phone and before I could tell her to just leave me here she was already calling someone. "Mom, a girl got shot by James and his gang again. Can you help her?" Meg said holding back tears. "Okay, I will be there as fast as I can," then Meg hang up. "Please come with me. My mom can help you." Meg said letting her tears fall again. So I got up an got in her car. What have you gotten your self into this time, Bree?

    Chapter 11

    Percy woke up to Annabeth screaming his name with fear in her eyes. Percy woke up and looked around. "Percy, look!" Annabeth said tears forming in her eyes. Percy saw the red hot sun cutting through the horizon. He looked closer. There were to huge black dots coming towards them. Nightmares. They were moving fast.
    "Annabeth sharpen some rocks I will find some big ones." Percy said trying to hide his fear.
    "Okay." Annabeth said. Try to act brave. Percy thought, knowing Annabath could read emotions.
    The Nightmares entered the cave sooner than they had planned. One Nightmare laughed. "Just two left. This just gets easier and easier."
    Wait just two of us left. Roxie, Sam, and Bree. Gone. Rage filled Percy's veins. "No! You didn't kill them! They are alive!" Percy yelled.
    "Now, now, kid. It was orders. We had to explode your house." The Nightmare showed them his arms. The hair was completely singed off.
    "Okay, get it over with. Quick and fast." Percy didn't want to fight if everyone else was gone.
    "No! Percy don't! I know they aren't dead. We both know Roxie and Sam are smart they don't just die. Bree is smart and strong. Don't lose hope" Annabeth said her eyes pleading. Percy's hopeless eyes looked at her and he nodded.
    "I think you should leave now." Percy said to the astonished Nightmares.
    "If you want it your way then," the Nightmare said then lunged for Percy, who dodged. Annabeth threw Percy a sharpened rock. Another Nightmares took a blow at him. Percy got him with the rock and the Nightmare fell. One, two, three Nightmares gone. Only one left standing.
    "You might have won this time, freaks," then he jumped onto an on coming chopper.
    "Let's clean up." Percy said smiling. Annabeth looked up her hands blood stained.
    "Okay." She replied.

    Chapter 12
    Thunder woke up on a white lab table feeling cold and weak.
    "He is to pale he might die!" A voice said sounding nervous. Thunder's wrists and ankles were in metal cuffs that were freezing. He did the best he could to looks at his hand. The scientists were right, I am pale. Thunder thought. Almost as white as a sheet. Then Lily walked into the lab and came to stand next to Thunder.
    "Oh Thunder, " She said tears coming into her eyes and she took his hand. He tried to pull away but he was to weak. "Please trust me. I didn't want this for you. You have to belive me. I wanted them to take blood from me, not you." Lily's eyes were filled with tear's. Thunder wondered how she could hold them in. "I'm so sorry Thunder. Everything will be okay. You will live, I know you will. Please hold on, for your family." Lily let her tears race down her cheeks. Thunder wanted to yell at her but he was to tired to make a sound. Lily let his hand drop and she stood up. "Help him now!" She yelled at the other scientists. "He needs to live! You can't kill him!" She snapped at them and they flinched.
    "You know the rules, do whatever we can to get this test done." The other one snapped back. "Well, Logan."
    "Make him live, or else." Lily said he face solid. Logan was the guy that helped Lily get Thunder's family out of this place. Thunder had never seen him since cause after that Logan and Lily broke up.
    "Well then, Lily, get out cause you will keep crying if you watched." Logan let a smlie creep onto his mouth. Lily glared at him and left. Logan turned to Thunder. "Well, well, well," Logan smiled. "Now if it was my choice you would not me looking at me or even breathing right now. Since Lily wants you alive I have to give you blood." Logan sighed then put an IV into Thunder's hand. Thunder yelled in pain.
    "Are you sure this is the right blood?" Thunder asked painfully.
    "Oh I don't know. I just grabbed the closest stuff." Logan said laughing.
    "Lily!" Thunder yelled as loud as he could. Lily burst through the door.
    "Thunder!" Lily came running next to him and punched Logan.
    "Wrong move, jerk." Lily said as Logan laied on the ground. Lily grabbed blood that said Thunder's name on it. "This should feel better" Lily said as she took blood from Thunder which didn't feel good. Then replaced it with the right blood. Thunder smiled up at her. "Your welcome." Lily said. "Now just sleep you will feel better soon, trust me." Lily kissed Thunder's forehead and left the room. Logan finally got up and left. Then Thunder closed his eyes and feel asleep. Where are you, Bree? Thunder pleaded in his sleep.

    Chapter 13
    As we were driving to Meg's house the car never went under a hundred. Meg tried to keep my talking so she knew I was alive. I'm sure my groaning from my wing was enough to know I was alive, but who knows. Once we pulled up to her drive I totally forgot about my wing.
    Her house was a cute country house. It had a light red door and one large window to the right of the door. The house looked big enough for Sam, Annabeth, and Thunder. So the house wasn't that big, but I would fit nicey in it with another family.
    "Bree, are you still alive?" Meg asked nervously. I was going to be a brat and say no but I didn't so I said yes. She took me by the arm and leaded me inside. I was feeling really dizzy by the time we walked into the house. "Here she is, Mom." Meg said fast. Then before I know it I blacked out.
    I woke up in a soft bed I almost didn't want to get up.
    "Mom, she is awake!" Meg yelled. She was sitting in a light brown loveseat. Her mom walked in with a lot of doctor stuff, which made me want to cawl up the walls. Her mom had bright hazel eyes and sandy blonde hair. She sat on a stool next to my bed and started taking out stuff. "So you name is Bree, right?" She asked her voice sounding like a song. I just nodded.
    "So hun, where did you get shot?" She asked just as Meg walked out of the room crying. I sat up and weird enough she let me. I felt uneasy but I showed her my wings. The cool thing was she didn't fait, the bad thing was: her face went pale. Once she spotted the wound she started to reach Earth. "Okay, lay down. Is it okay if I give you a shot so you can't feel what I'm doing?" I was thinking about it and finally said agreed. My whole wing went numb. She cut part of my wing so she could get the bullet. I only knew that cause she told me eveything she was doing, which I liked. Only she got the bullet she cheered so loud Meg yelled. "Thanks Mom!" from the other room.
    She closed the wound. "Okay. Now you won't be better until next week. I will also have to bring you into the ER so nothing else is there." She smiled a very warm smile.
    "Thanks a lot." I replied. Yes that was the best I could do. I never usually trusted people. She left the room and told me to rest. So I listened and fell asleep right away. I'm sorry Thunder, I will save you, I promise. I only wished he could hear me right now.

    Chapter 14
    Percy and Annabeth got all the dead Nightmares out of their new cave. Percy looked at Annabeth. She was wiping tears off her face and acting strong. Percy sat down and motioned for her to dit down next to him. He put his arm around her and she cuddled next to him and started to sob.
    "Those Nightmares." Annabeth said between sobs "They showed no sign that they were lying." Percy thought about what Annabeth had said.
    "You are right. Sam, Roxie, and Bree are strong. Roxie is smart, Sam can build great bombs, and Bree is smart and strong. We will find them, I promise." Percy said softly. Annabeth stopped crying and her eyes became the size of the sun, full of fear. Percy got up and turned. Two tiny dots coming towards them. Not moving fast enough or big enough to be Nightmares. "Ann find a place to hide and read their emotions." Percy ordered. Ann gave him a hard look.
    Finally Percy said, "Please." Ann smiled and did what he said. Percy melted in to the shadows and Ann became a rock. "Happy, excited, nervous, worried, mad, upset, and an emotin I can't place. Like a Sam emotion." Ann said as her eyes lit the whole cave.
    "I know what you're thinking but we have to make sure first." Percy said in a hushed tone. Once the two objects reached the cave Percy and Ann froze.
    "I know I saw them. Who else would it be way up here." Sam said.
    "Good goin'. Now who ever was really in this cave knows about us." Roxie said hitting the back of Sam's head with perfects aim.
    "Hey guys, don't fight." Percy said smiling.
    "Percy? Is that you?" Roxie asked. Sam face saddened. Percy understood exactly.
    "Yep Roxie." Percy said as he walked over and hugged her. Annabeth stood up and hugged Sam.
    "Where is Bree?" Sam asked looking around. Ann told them everything that happened.
    "Wow." Roxie said, "So a lot happened because Sam blew up the house." Annabeth and Percy nodded.
    "First Thunder now Bree. Who is next?" Sam said his voice rose until he was yelling.
    "Hey!" Percy said, "Bree will be here soon I can feel it. Maybe in a week or so."
    Ann rose from where she was sitting. "So what, we are going to let Thunder stay in the lab until we get Bree back?!" Ann yelled.
    "Leave Bree where ever she is. She will come back here when she is ready and we will set off, it's our only choice." Percy said sternly.
    Ann came back strong "Our only choice, or yours?" Then she flew off into the sky. Percy turned and punched the cave wall.
    "Don't worry Percy. She won't go far," Roxie said. "She knows that it would be better to wait for Bree." Bree, where ever you are. Can you please hurry, for me? Percy thought, wishing Bree could hear him.

    Chapter 15
    I woke with my best smell filling my nose.
    "Do you think she is awake? Should I wake her up?" A voice said sounding worried.
    A girl giggled. "Mom, just knock I'm sure Bree will wake up." Meg said she must have said that a few times because she sounded sick of saying that.
    Her mom knocked on the door. "Bree? Breakfast is ready. Are you awake?" Now if it was my family I could reply will a snobby answer about being awake, but it wasn't so I didn't.
    "Yep. I'm getting dressed right now." I said trying to sound happy about being awake. My wing was still a little sore but I have broken bones without saying anything so I could deal with this. I picked up my shirt that Meg gave me and took out my knife. To my surprise there were two slits in the back perfect for my wings to come out of. I looked at the tag to see what size it was. "Hm, Areopostale." I smiled I have never had a pice of clothing this nice in my life. Once I was dressed there were pancakes on the table. I looked at Meg a worry look coming onto my face.
    "Oh don't worry, the brown spots are just chocolate chips. My mom makes dark chocolate and white chocolate pancakes to." Meg said sitting down. I took one of each and they each melted in my mouth. Sadly both Meg and her mom looked at me in shock. I swallowed.
    "Haven't you ever had chocolate before, Bree?" Meg's mom asked.
    I felt my cheeks get hot. "No. No, I haven't."
    She just looked lie she didn't know what to say next. "Well. This is a very special day then." We talked and talked which felt like hours. I found out that Meg was home-schooled and her mom's name was Brooke Chase. Once we were done eating and the kitchen was cleaned we got in the car and went to the hospital.
    When we got there just the smell made me want to crawl up the walls. Dr. Chase took my arm and said everything would be okay.
    As we walked along only one person stopped us. "Where are you taking this lady Dr. Chase?" The man said. He was tall and tan and looked a lot like James. Meg froze at the sound of his gruff voice. The man smiled at Meg.
    "Hello Mr. Stall." Meg said.
    "Please Meg, call me Chase." Mr.Stall said.
    "I am taking her to the X-ray room." Dr.Chase said. Mr. Stall nodded and let us pass.
    "He thinks my mom and him are ment to be. Just 'cause his name is Chase and our last name is Chase." Meg said coldly. Her mom rolled her eyes.
    "So you guys are friends with him?" I asked feeling dumb.
    Meg looked at me. "James is his son. James gets away with everything, his dad knows what he is doing to me and my friends." Meg stopped talking like it was worse than what happened the other day. We got to the room and Dr. Chase held the door open for us as we walked in. "Okay Bree take off you jacket please and lay on the table." She said as she turned the lights off. "Don't worry, this is just to keep you in place as the picture is being taken." She took three x-rays. Two of my wing and one of my shoulder. She put the x-rays on the big screen. "Hmm. Bree are you sure you took all the metal you had off." Dr. Chase asked. I nodded. She pointed to my shoulder x-ray. "You have a trackingchip in you." She said scared now. Just then there was a knock on the door. I hid in the closet.
    Meg opened the door and said "Yes?"
    "Have you seen this girl? Her name is Bree. She ran away from home. She is 16." A man said. Nice work it must have taken you a long time to get that right. I thought.
    "No. I haven't. She is really pretty though." Dr. Chase said.
    "May we look around the room? Just in case?" The man asked.
    "Yes, of couse." Dr.Chase said. I heard her take down the x-rays and lock the closet I was in.
    "I don't know how someone would hide in here." Meg said coldly.
    "You never know." A woman replied. The man came by the closet and was muttering something about freaks paying a girl to keep us safe.
    "She isn't here sweet heart." The man said.
    "That's to bad." The woman answered. Then they left the room and went down the hall. Dr. Chase unlocked the closet and let me out.
    "That was close." Meg and her mom said at the same time.
    "Too close." I agreed. I looked around the room. "So, can you get the chip out?" I asked using a harsh tone.

    Chapter 16
    Annabeth reached the cave at nightfall. Percy ran and hugged her.
    "Percy. Can't. Breathe." Annabeth said gasping for air.
    Percy blushed, "Sorry. I'm just so glad you are safe."
    Sam looked into the bag Annabeth was grasping. His eyes became as big as the full moon, "Food." He said softly. Percy looked into the bag.
    "Ann where did you get this?" Percy asked eyeing outside for police.
    Annabeth started to cry, "I was getting hungry, and I knew Roxie was to and she doesn't like blood like the rest of us. I saw a store as I was flying and I stole this." She was crying so hard by now her tears were making streaks on her face.
    "Thanks, Annabeth." Roxie said smiling.
    "Yeah Ann, you just saved Roxie's life." Sam exclaimed and Percy nodded.
    Annabeth wiped her tears, "So, this is okay. You're not mad?"
    Perch shrugged "No, I'm not mad you did it for a good reason."
    He looked into the bag. Everything was in there. Water, blood, sleeping bags, watermelon, pears, meat, apples, Milky Ways, Snickers, marshmellows, chocholate, and much more.
    "Eat up!" Percy said rubbing his hands together.
    Once everyone was done Percy helped Annabeth and Sam set up the sleeping bags. Annabeth fell asleep faster than Percy could blink. Sam fell asleep quickly, but not as fast as Ann. Roxie was sitting by the faster and Percy sat next to her.
    "I have to find Bree." Percy finally said softly.
    Roxie nodded. "I know its the best thing to do right now.
    Percy got up and took his shirt off. His six pack matched his arms. Buff, but perfect for a girl to love him. He was a model. Roxie blushed remembering.
    "Its kinda dirty but it is something to remember me by, right." Percy asked slowly.
    Roxie nodded. "At least it isn't your boxers, or pants."
    Percy blushed, "Yeah.." Then he said bye to everyone and took off into the cold and dark night sky. Don't worry Bree I'm coming.

    Chapter 17
    Fear filled Dr. Chases eyes.
    "W-Well I could." She said carefully
    "Great!" I said smiling. Dr. Chase looked at me coldly.
    "Now Bree, I can't now I will have to study your x-rays and everything else." Dr. Chase said, I knew she was lying but I nodded. We got into her car and turned on the ratio and 'Waking Up In Vages' by Katy Perry blasted. Meg was singing along and looked at me like I was weird for not knowing the words. I really hated that we couldn't get this stupid chip out of my arm now. The whole way to Meg's house I stared out the window. Then I saw a flash of what looked like a bird on steroids.
    "Stop the car!" I yelled and Dr. Chase slammed on the brakes.
    "What is it?!" She said sounding worried. I stepped out of the car.
    "Bree! What are you doing?" Meg said her voice sounding like I was risking my life. The bird looking thing was one a roof. It's Percy my mind said screaming. I didn't know if I could trust myself. My raptor vision saw it smile. My heart skipped a beat and stopped working. Told you! my mind said. I smiled and Percy flew down. Meg and Dr. Chase came out of the car and Meg almost passed out. Meg started messing with her hair so it would look good.
    "Hi. I'm Percy." Percy said smiling.
    "Hi." Meg said blushing eyeing Percy's chest, "I'm Meg."
    "Aren't you cold dear?" Dr. Chase asked giving Percy a distastefull look.
    "Not really." Percy said nervously.
    "Well then everyone in the car we better get home." Dr. Chase said thinking if she really wanted Percy, half naked, in her car.
    "He is so hot Bree! Are you guys dating?" Meg whispered in my ear. I shook my head and her face lit up and she pulled out some lipstick out of her bag. I rolled my eyes and Meg elbowed me in the gut. We all piled into the car and I talked to Percy and I knew Meg was trying to get his attention, he blushed every time she said his name. I got me upset. Not like I really cared, he was like my brother. When we reached the house Dr. Chase eyed Percy coldly again and he just smiled. He trew himself onto the couch and tured the TV on and watched football. I said sorry to Dr. Chase about how he was acting and asked her if she had any shirts he could wear while he was here. She nodded and told me to look under the stairs in a box labled Him. I found it right away. I ripped it open and found a perfect shirt that said Sarcasm is my best skill. I brought it upsairs and threw it in the washing machine.
    "Dr. Chase wants you wearing a shirt." I said sitting next to him.
    He looked at me frowning his eyes brighter than ever. "I know. She gave me this Ipod though, it had really bad songs on it. Does she have a computer?" Percy said getting up. If there was one thing Percy was good at was getting free music off the internet.
    "Percy you can get a laptop somewhere else but don't get them in trouble." I said under my breath. He looked at me like he didn't know what I was saying. Then he nodded.
    "Bree, here is that shirt you liked for Percy." Meg said not looking away from her phone.
    "Uhh thanks." I said throwing the shirt to Percy.
    "Bree this is going to be to small." Percy said softly.
    Meg sighed of relief. "Okay. I will tell my mom." Then she turned around the corner and skipped down the stairs. Dr. Chase came running the the stairs screaming.
    "Thats it! I want him out!" Dr. Chase yelled and Percy nodded and he left.

    Chapter 18
    Thunder woke in his crate. He could move and he wasn't dead because he was looking at something worse than the Nightmares. It had three human heads. The one on the right was blood red and had a evil look in its eyes. The one in the middle was pink, it looked very nice and happy even though they were in the worst place in the world. Then the one on the left kept changing colors, maybe it changed the color that showed how it was feeling.
    "Hi." Thunder said slowly.
    The thing looked like it was trying to remember how to talk, "Hi." The middle head said.
    "What is you name? Mine is Thunder." He said smiling finally making a friend.
    "It's Max." All three head said together. Thunder looked closly and Max had black hair and green eyes fulled with fear, just like Thunder's were right now.
    "Max is a nice name." Thunder said, "How old are you?"
    "I'm ten." Max said slowly. Just then Logan walked in.
    "Ok Max, can't keep all three head so which two are you going to leave?" Logan laughed like his other two head were close to him.
    "The other heads can't talk. They are my sisters though. I don't want to leave them. What should I do?" Max said quickly and quitely to Thunder.
    "Well the only way I know of is to die with the other to." Thunder said letting tears fall knowing that Max will die. Then Max nodded and went into the lab and never came out.
    Later that night Lily cam into the room where Thunder was. She looked at him with sad eyes.
    "It will be okay Thunder. Max knew what he was doing. He is watching over you know." Lily said sharing tears with Thunder. Thunder tried to get as far away from her as he could, but in a dog crate it doesn't work to well.
    "What are you doing?!" Logan bellowed into the lab room.
    Lily stood up standing her ground, "Talking to Thunder. He is a person just like me!"
    Logan laughed, "You mean he is a freak just like you!" He eyed Thunder carefully.
    Lily balled her fists and growled at him. Logan just laughed at her. Nightmares came into the room. They weren't morphed but Thunder still wanted to kill them.
    One Nightmare spoke, "Bree, is no where to be found. Her chip is still working."
    "Travis are you sure?" Logan asked slowly and the Nightmare named Travis nodded.
    "Me and Abby thought she was in a hospital but we found nothing. Two humans were in the room so we could not morph, sir." Travis said. His voice was gruff and he looked like all the Nightmares did when they weren't morph, perfect. Even more perfect than Percy.
    "Sir, we do think she has found out about the chip and may have taken it out." A Nightmare said.
    "Paul, if she did take it out her arm would be totally useless, so why would she do that?" Logan said coldly. Paul had dark brown hair and blue eyes, a strong voice to match.
    "To save her freak family." A small girl said. She had dark black hair and dark brown eyes that almost looked black.
    "Abby, that is very possible. Without that chip we will lose her and her freak show." Logan said he could have had an evil laguh right then if someone hadn't burst into the room yelling, "Sir, Max got ahold of some explosives and he just ate them!"
    "Everyone out of the whole lab! Grap the freaks in the crates!" Logan ordered hitting a large red button turning the the alarms. Yes out of the lab! I might be free! Thunder thought smiling.

    Chapter 19
    Percy flew the whole way back to the cave full of anger. Once he reached the cave he told them what happened.
    Sam burst out laughing, "Well I told you, you get all the girls."
    Annabeth gave him a cold look and he shut up, "This isn't about getting girls Sam, this is about Bree."
    Roxie nodded, "She is right. What are we going to do?"
    "We will go back. All of us." Percy said standing up. Everyone looked at him like he was crazy.
    Roxie stood up, "Yes. lets go get Bree. Here is your shirt Percy." She held out his white shift full of dirt. He took his smiling.
    They all took off in the morning sky. It was very cool which was great for flying. Now for everyone who wants to live in a cloud they have gone crazy. Clouds are cold and wet. Percy knew he never wanted to live in one.
    "Over there! The big brown house." Percy yelled pointing to the house. We're here Bree Percy thought.
    Once everyone was on the ground Bree came running out.
    "You're here! All of you!" Bree said happily.
    "Bree? Where are you?" A voice asked sounding a little scared.
    Bree giggled, "It's ok Meg come outside." She called back. Meg came out of the house and her jaw dropped.
    Meg smiled, "Percy!" She ran and almost sent Percy on the ground.
    "Nice to see you to Meg." Percy said gasping for air.
    Sam laughed and Annabeth's eyes grew huge. Roxie hit them both in the back of the head.
    "Meg this is Sam, Annabeth, and Roxie." Bree said hoping Sam wouldn't say something like We have wings and we can fly, watch!, thanksfully he didn't he just said hello and waved.
    Meg looked at the house and back at them, "Well my mom's barck is worse then her bite. Come on in." They all walked in and Dr. Chased eyed Percy and he just smiled.
    "Mom, this is Sam, Annabeth, and uhh" Meg looked at Bree for help.
    "Roxie." Roxie said coldly.
    "Roxie is blind. So She will need some help with most stuff." Bree said kindly.
    Roxie looked hurt, "I won't need that much help. I can take of mayself."
    "Sorry Roxie." Bree whispered into Roxie's ear and Roxie nodded.
    "Well I was just about to drive Bree to the ER. Percy would you like to come with?" Dr. Chase asked kindly
    "Yeah sure." Percy said carefully.
    Dr. Chase walked out to the car, "Now, Bree if I am able to get that chip out of your arm it may cause your arm to lose feeling and become useless."
    "That's ok, as long as this tracking chip comes out." Bree said her voice shaky.
    Well we're one step closer to saving Thunder, I hope... Percy thought.

    Chapter 20

    Choppers filled the air and people yelled.
    "Everyone in a chopper!!" Logan yelled. Thunder thought he was probably running the School, another reason to hate his guts.
    "Thunder everything will be ok I promise." Lily said lovingly.
    Thunder looked at her, "Don't make promises you can't keep."
    Lily looked heart broken, "I will do my best to keep this one."
    Thunder didn't want to crush her, so he kept his mouth shut. They got into a chopper with five other kids like him. Lily was the only scientists. Thanks to Percy and Bree everyone had talked in code. Every kid like Thunder knew it and talked it.
    "Eep!" One kid said. Lily almost jumped out of her seat. Thunder started to laugh but shut up once he got the cold look.
    "Ahh for lock jeep games with icecream." Thunder said hoping he said it right. He thought he said Don't worry guys, she might just turn to the good side, she saved my life. Everyone nodded so he must have said it right. There were two girls and three boys. One girl looked half fish and half bunny. Good thing the fish was her back half. The other girl looked like a lizard. She had the human shape, but scales that were black and orange. She had pink eyes and dark blue hair. All three guys looked like a dragon. Each of them kept changing colors so you couldn't say which one they really were.
    They were flying to what felt like hours. Thunder knew they were in Texas. Only because this is where he was made. He flinched at the thought. He cried in pain he head felt like it was going to burst open. He closed his eyes and had a flash back.
    Everyone was in crates. Him, Bree, Percy, Annabeth, and Roxie. Roxie wasn't in her crate. Thunder remembered this all to well, the day Roxie started to lose her eye sight.
    "It isn't working sir. We need to keept testing but not on #4564323." The guy said. Thunder always wondered how they remembered the numbers. The other mad nodded. Then Roxie came into the lab. Everyone cheered.
    "Roxie what did they do?" Percy asked
    "My eyes, thats all I know. My eyes hurt." Roxie said painfully.
    "X-ray vision." Bree had growled.
    Thunder screamed in pain and the flashback stopped and his headach did to. He was socked in sweat and they were in the lab.
    "Are you ok?" Lily asked knowing it was stupid to ask that.
    "No I'm not." Thunder said coldly.
    "Well just rest. It was a long flight. Please tell me about it tomarrow." Lily said then walked into the lab to test on another kid. Lizard girl. She was the only one not with them. Thunder kept his eyes on the door the best he could but the girl never came out even when every other scientist did. Another one gone. Thunder tried to keep his eyes open but it didn't work. Hurry guys, I don't think I will live much longer Thunder thought and fell to sleep.

    Chapter 21
    No one spoke on our way to the hospital and somehow Meg came along to. Which I didn't mind she just kept looking at Percy until Dr. Chase yelled at her. Which I thought was funny.
    "Um. Ms. Chase, I don't mean to be rude but--" Percy said uneasily as Meg stared at him like she just saw the sun for the first time.
    "Oh when aren't boys rude?" Dr. Chase said cutting Percy off. Percy didn't say anything after that. Well Dr. Chase had a good reason for not liking Percy.
    "Could you please turn around?" Percy asked softly to Meg.
    She nodded then whined, "Mom Percy broke my heart."
    Oh great. Now what is she going to say? Please Dr. Chase be happy about that.
    To my luck Dr. Chase just smiled, "Don't worry honey." Dr. Chase moaned in irritation.
    Once we got there Percy and I could not have jumped out fast enough. Those dog crates have changed our life, then again it could change anyone's life. It took us a while to get to the ER. Dr. Chase did not want Percy and Meg in a small space together. Why couldn't they make elevators bigger then? Well I wasn't complaining I would do anything as long as I wasn't getting tested on and my family was safe. We finally got there floor eighteen. Dr. Chase and Meg were both tired while Percy and I felt as fine as could be. Dr. Chase had Meg wait outside while Percy, Dr. Chase, and I went in the room.
    "Well Bree take off your windbreaker and get on the bed please." Dr. Chase said getting tools to take out my tracking chip.
    I looked at Percy hoping he could see I was scared. I'm scared. I mouthed to him.
    Don't worry I will be right here. he mouthed back smiling and I nodded once.
    "Ok. I'm going to give you this shot it will take the pain away." She explained nicely.
    She gave me the shot and my world we all fuzzy and I giggled like a little school girl then I black out hearing Dr. Chase say it was totally normal for me to black out.
    Once I awoke Percy was looking at me.
    "Has the gas worn off?" He asked not looking away from me.
    "No not yet. Is she up?" She asked so nicely you would have never know she hated Percy. Percy nodded.
    "Well I'm going to step out and talk to Meg." Dr. Chase said sprinting out the door.
    I giggled like a small school girl again, "Hi Percy." I sounded like I was in love with him.
    He laughed. "Hey Bree." He took my hand in his, I felt my face heat up.
    "I love you Percy." I giggled like crazy now. "I love you this much." I spread my arms out as wide as I could.
    He looked at me like I was joking, "Oh really."
    I nodded, "Yep. I'm mad that Meg loves you though." I giggled again "Honey."
    Once we were in the car again Percy kept saying that I was in love with him. Meg didn't like that at all but Dr. Chase never stopped him.
    "Then why don't I remember it?" I asked all bratty
    Dr. Chase sighed, "Percy, when someone is on that stuff they have no idea what they are saying. Meg thought she was dead last time se was on it. So there is not point is fighting."
    Finally she spoke in. When we got to the house my walking wasn't that good and Meg helped me glaring at Percy the whole way up to the house.
    "How did it go?" Roxie asked right away.
    "It went great. We are all safe now." I answered smiling.
    I know everyone is wondering if I can feel my arm. Well I can. It was in a sling healing from the surgery.
    Sam and Annabeth asked me when we were leaving that night.
    "Tomorrow morning." I answered trying to make them happy. They liked Dr. Chase a lot and felt at home.
    "Ok." Sam said "We have to save Thunder."
    Annabeth nodded and climed into bed.
    Don't worry Thunder. We are now finally coming. I sighed and fell asleep.

    Chapter 22

    Cold, dark, and damp were just a few words to describe the 'New World', nothing Thunder wanted the world to look like. He look around and saw Lizard girl.
    "If fun came today would you lick?" Thunder asked knowing he asked what happened.
    She looked at him her eyes were orange, blaze orange. Sadly this girl didn't speak in code but she knew it, "They hurt my eyes and look," She turned around and there was a tail, "It hurts." Lizard girl moaned painfully. Thunder just nodded and Lily came in the romm yelling at a Nightmare.
    "Listin Abby you leave them alone I dn't care what Logan said!" Lily snapped at her.
    Abby wasn't scared of Lily, no one was scared of her except Logan, maybe.
    "I respect you, but I must follow his orders even if the tracking chip is broken we can still find them." Abby said showing her teeth.
    Lily slapped Abby and as fast as Abby was slapped she morphed.
    "Thats it!" abby snarled and lunged at Lily.
    All Thunder could do was watch then another Nightmare walked into the room and morphed and stood next to Abby.
    "Travis," Lily said her face was bloody. She looked like her nose was broken.
    "You think I'm oing to save you don't you. Well you're wrong. You made my brother a freak and killed him. I'm not dieing." Snapped Travis.
    Then Thunder remembered. Travis, Percy, and Drake all came to the School. They tried to make Drake into something that everyone called the 'Revolution'. It didn't work and he died so no one has become the 'Revolution'. Now Travis was to kill everyone even Percy. Travis loves Bree, now that Percy is with her he hates everyone.
    Thunder Travis doesn't mean everything he says, he is just a kid himself said a voice inside Thunder's head that wasn't his. Yeah right He means everything he saysThunder spit back. Well then, I don't mean to hurt you but watch this said voice and a flashback blinked into his head and he yelled in pain.
    Travis, Drake and Percy were in crates, no one else was there.
    "I'm going to die today guys. They want be to become something. I know they don't know how it will affect me." Drake said sounding like he was going to cry. Drake had dark brown hair and light blue eyes. Same body shape as Percy.
    "No dude. You might be the oldest but you can't go." Travis snapped.
    Percy let a smile slip, "The youngest and the stupidest."
    "Hey! We all know it me who should go." Drake said strongly. Percy and Travis nodded.
    Someone came into the room, Logan.
    "Well. Who is coming?" Logan asked smiling.
    "I am." Drake said coldly.
    "Very good." Logan said smiling more.
    He let Drake out of his crate and Drake get them one last look and went into the lab.
    Thunder yelled in pain. His flashback fast forward and Lily came into the lab.
    "I'm so sorry. Drake is dead." she said crying.
    Travis gave her a cold look "No! He can't die!" He yelled full of pain.
    "We are going to test on you to." Lily said.
    The flashback stopped. See what I mean the voice said. Ok voice you win Thunder said softly. Well welcome to my head voice.

    Chapter 23

    Once we all woke up I wrote Meg a little note saying how much I loved how nice they were and we will always remember them. We were flying for about a hour when Sam started to wine.
    "Are we there yet?" he asked like he was five.
    "Yes we are." Roxie said getting annoyed.
    "We haven't even been flying for a day. How are you tired?" Percy responded.
    We used to fly for a day straight, but then again, we were well feed then.
    "Look," I said pointing, "We can stop at the ATM and get some money."
    Roxie snorted, "Yeah we all have saving accounts don't we."
    I smiled, "True but someone does." I answered eyeing the ground.
    There was one guy standing there using the machine.
    "All we have to do is get Roxie to hack into the machine." Percy said almost jumping up and down like a kid getting his first penny.
    We flew to the machine once the man was gone. Roxie walked to it right away. Her gentle fingers telling her everything she needs to know. She pushed the numbers slowly, I don't know how she did it but it worked.
    The machine said "Here is your five hundered dollers. Please come again."
    Fine hundered dollers popped out of the machine and we all cheered.
    "Did someone get the numbers writted down?" I asked looking around.
    "Uh.. nope." Percy answered.
    Roxie recited the numbers as someone wrote them down. We started flying again and I split up the money. I gave Percy, Roxie, and I $160 and the rest to Ann and Sam.
    Sam looked at me, "Only 20 bucks. Thanks." He said coldly
    Food!" Percy said not pausing to see if we could all go to McDonalds. We all went anyways.
    "Everyone keep and eye out. You never know if a Nightmare could be there." I said in my leaderly way.
    They all nodded and we landed. Percy got in line right away already knowing what he wanted.
    "Can I help you sir?" The lady asked.
    She had blond hair and big blue eyes. She wasn't as tall as us, but close enough.
    "Yes. I would like ten Big Mac's and two pop's. Please." Percy said smiling at her like he didn't just hack some money from an ATM machine.
    "Wow. You feeding a lot of people." The lady said almost laughing.
    Yeah Percy and his million personalities. It was Ann's turn.
    "What would you like hun?" Another lady asked.
    This lady had brown hair and green eyes.
    "I would like two double cheeseburgers, four apple turnovers, and three pop's. Please." Annabeth said just like Percy.
    The lady looked at this tiny little girl with wondering eyes but didn't say a word. Sam's turn.
    What do you want sir?" The same blond lady asked.
    "Well. How about two Big Mac's, two apple turnovers, and four pop's." Sam said smiling his evil smile. My turn.
    "What would you like miss?" The blond lady asked.
    "One Big Mac, two banana splits, and an extra large pop. Please." I answered nicely.
    Once we all sat down I hoped no Nightmares came in.
    "Everyone eat up." I declared as we all dug into our mountain of food.

    Chapter 24

    There were two new kids in the New World. Thunder just hated the name. He wished Bree and Percy were here to make up funny names for this place like they used to when they were all in pain. Thunder's favorite name was the Giant Turd. Thunder's smile showed up on his face. The two kids looked at him. One kid looked about Percy's age. He had auburn hair, in a skater's style. Big brown eyes. Thunder looked at him closer. He was in a fight recently, one huge scar showed that. It was one the left side of his face from the top of his eye to his jaw line. The other guy had black hair, with the skater's style too. He looked about fourteen. His dark blue eyes trying to show no sign of fear. He didn't look as beat up as the other one but he did have a bloody nose, nothing more. Thunder's mind was going to burst. Kids usually come when they are newborns, so why these guys?
    The scared kid spoke, "What is this place?" His voice was shaky.
    "A lab. They test on kids and make them into bad things. They will test on us until we die if they need to. But they will never ever let us go." Thunder said softly blinking back tears remembernig the pain.
    "Great," The bloody nose guy said, "I will never be able to see Alexis again."
    Thats our only thought. I would be worried if I would ever get out of here.
    "Dude!" The scared kid yelled, "Your girl will be fine, besides she is dating Brandon too."
    The bloody nose kid punched the crate door.
    Travis bounded into the lab already fully morphed, "Newbies huh."
    Thunder shuddered at the sound of Travis. Travis had to leave these guys alone, hopefully.
    "Time to teach you the rules around here." Travis said walking to bloody nose kid's crate. He gripped onto it and shook the crate so hard the kid's nose started to bleed again.
    "Leave him alone you jerk!" Scar guy yelled.
    "Well must take you some guts to do that huh newbie." Traivis said doing the same thing to scar kid's crate.
    Travis laughed and sprinted out of the room. Everyone was quite and they watched the new guys carefully. Thunder didn't bother with them. He didn't want to die, he wanted to be free.
    "I... I'm Zander." The bloody nose guy said.
    "I'm Zane." The scar kid said slowly.
    "That was Travis, he is a Nightmare." Thunder said looking at them harshly.
    "Well ok he is scary but why does he look like a model?" Zane asked.
    Thunder groaned, "He looks like a model because he is part wolf part human, a Nightmare." Thunder forced the words to make a mark on the two boys.
    Zander laughed, "This is a freaky dream. Best one so far. Well not that Alexis was cheating on me."
    "Yeah dude, just call her." Zane said laughing
    Zander's face hardened as Abby and Travis came into the room.
    "These the newbies?" Abby asked as the two boys started at her lke she was the only female on earth.
    "Yeah. Look at their face's." Travis said laughing.
    The guy in the crate next to Thunder's spoke up, "You guy's don't want Abby, she is a Nightmare. A total freak."
    Abby's eyes narrowed on the guy next to Thunder. Good job.
    Abby grabbed his crate a threw it across the room and it made a hole in the wall and stayed implated in the wall.
    Zander and Zane looked away from her fast, not wanted to die that way.
    Logan rushed into the room, "Abby!" he yelled, he was furious.
    Abby winced, "Yes sir?"
    "Stop killing the experiments." Logan said coldly.
    Travis carried the crate to Logan, "He is still lave but hardly sir." Travis said carefully.
    Logan took the guy out of the crate and into the lab to bring him to life. The guy was full of blood and bent in ways that aren't normal. You had a bad life dude.
    Hurry Bree!!! I might die soon!!!

    Chapter 25
    Annabeth looked around. Her eyes darting around the resturant. She spotted at guy that was scratching his rear and she looked like she was going to be sick and she looked away just as fast as she spotted him. Roxie finally came to join us. Her tray was filled with food. Just like the rest of ours.
    "Everyone keep a low profile." I said in a hushed tone.
    Sam rolled his eyes, "Its kinda hard to keep a low profile when you are tinny and ordered a tray full of food for someone who should wiegh a thousand pounds."
    "Well try your best." I replied
    "Yeah. I mean look at all the people staring at us." Roxie said looking around the place.
    "Roxie I don't mean to burst your bubble but you can't see." Annabeth said missing the joke.
    I looked around to see if anyone was staring, but no one was. Maybe they were used to a bunch of teens with a ton of money getting a whole ton of food. Or they weren't really interested in the story.I picked up my burger and took a bite. The food was warm and delightful. It felt like forever since I at fast food. I couldn't help smiling a little. I went to take another bite but something caught my eye. A guy that looked like he ran the joint. He was on the phone and talking very fast. He was looking our way as he spoke. He was short and large with a pinched up face. Once he got off the phone he smiled evily. He called the cops.
    "We have to get out of here." I said quickly and quitely.
    "But Bree we haven't finnsiehd eating." Sam complained
    "Fine you can eat while we are in jail." I groaned, thankfully that gods him up and moving.
    We grabbed bag to stuff our food in and got out of that place. The man that looked like the manager fan after us. He was short and chubby but light on his feet, but we were faster.
    "A car! Everyone hop in!" I yelled and everyone got into the van. It was a dark red color and it looked like it could fit all of us. I was wrong. It was a tight squeeze but its better than jail.
    "I'll drive." Roxie said hopping into the drivers seat.
    "I don't think so." Sam and Annabeth said together.
    I got into the drivers seat and took off. I didn't know where we were going but I didn't care. The cops hadn't appeared at the McDonalds yet so that was good.
    "Look out!!" Anna screamed.
    I took a sharp turn and the mini van was on two wheels.
    "Whoa! I've seen that in movies but I didn't actually think a van could stay on two wheels that long." Sam said holding his stomach smiling. Then he fell over and let his food fly.
    "Oh gross." Percy said grimincing.
    Sam looked up still smiling, "At least I didn't fart in here so be thankfull."
    The van started to slow down. Plese don't break down I begged please.
    "Well its dead." Percy said already getting out.
    "Where now?" Annabeth asked.
    "Well we are on the School's land. Nightmares would be all over the place. Which means Thunder's at the New World." I answered picked up a bad of food at threw it as hard as i could and Sam glared at me. We took off to our destination. Well at least we found out before it was to late I thought Thunder was going to be at the School and he wasn't or couldn't. As we were in the shy I saw a line of smoke. Someone or something blew it up. Great! Thunder we will be there soon. I promise.

    Chapter 26
    We got about half way to the New World in about a day. We camped out in forest with huge trees. Good thing to because it started to rain once we all hit ground.
    "Well this stinks." Sam complained.
    Percy smilied and sang Don't Stop Believin' by Journey. Roxie started to sing along to. We all laughed and sang songs we all knew pretty well. I couldn't help singing I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas. Sam and I knew that song the best. Anna tried to catch on, but she couldn't. We all made a fire and set sleeping bags around the fire. Percy pulled out two bags. One full with something brown, the other with something white. Annabeth's eyes grew.
    "S'Mores!" Sam said snaching the bags from Percy.
    Percy smilied and handed him the ghram chrackers, "You might need these. Me and Bree will go get sticks to sharpen."
    I got up and follow him deeper into the woods, "Why couldn't you bring Annabeth, she doesn't like s'mores."
    Percy looked at me his green eyes sucking me in, "Well I just thought you would want to, you know, get away from the kids and just be with me."
    What did he want from me? If it was because I never let them finish eating his food a McDonalds then he can pick where we eat next, right after Roxie hacked another ATM machine. I knew my face was overflowed with confusen cause he kept talking.
    "But if you want to go you can. You don't have to be with me."
    "No I don't want to leave you alone." I felt my face heating up. Oh great he isn't going to let me think about what he wants, he might just cut right to the chase.
    Percy broke my thought with his laughter, "You should see your face Bree!!" His face was turning red he was laughing so hard.
    Then I said something very smart like, "Wha-?"
    He just smilied, picked up his sticks and ran back to camp. What was going on? Was he really just joking around? Was this real? So many question so little time. Keep your head in the game, Thunder is your biggest problem right now.
    "Here Bree." Ann said handing me a perfect marshmellow. Everyone else was staring at her like the couldn't believe their eyes, even Roxie's mouth was hanging open.
    "Whats going on?" I asked looking from Annabeth to Sam and back again.
    "Hold your hand out Ann." Sam said nervously, which was weird he was never nervous when it was just us alone.
    Ann held her hand out, palm out, "Fire." Then fire appeared on her hand.
    I stared at her hand startstruck.
    "Water." Ann ordered and a ball of water appeared where the fire was, "Those are the only to I can do so far and only in tiny balls like this.
    I ran and grabbed a cup, "Try fill this."
    Annabeth closed her eyes and a small stream of water trickled out of her hand.
    "Come on Anna you can do it!" Sam cheered.
    Anna closed her eyes tighter and mummbled something then a huge blat of water came out and filled the cup and soaked me.
    Anna opened her eyes smiling big, "I did it Bree! I did it!"
    I hugged her and asked her to get the fire bigger to dry me off. Percy threw me song of Meg's clothes to change in. I went deeper into the woods and changed. The clothes fit me perfectly. I ran out and say everyone asleep. I hung my clothes over the fire and feel asleep. We are coming Thunder, I promise. I only wish he could hear me right now.

    Chapter 27
    Thunder woke with a start and banged his head on the top of his crate. His touched his head and sure enough, he was bleeding. Thunder looked into Zane's and Zander's crate, they were still these asleep like dogs. Zander woke up and tried to stand up. His hit is head so hard the room echoed. Thunder eyed him carefully. Blood was stoll pouring out of the top of his head.
    "Lily!" Thunder yelled hoping she was here, and she came in and walked over to Thunder's crate.
    "Good morning Thunder. Want out?" Lily said smiling.
    "Good morning. Yes please." Thunder replied like a nice 8 year old.
    Lily opened his crate and checked him over, "Well you have a lot of blood in your hair other than that your all good. A little on the skinny side."
    "Yeah. Could you help me and Zander with that?" Thunder asked pointing to the scared Zander.
    Lily frowned, "I don't think he trusts me hun. I was the one who took him."
    Thunder looked at her giving pitty on her, "It was your job Lily, they would have killed you."
    Lily smiled and got water from the sinkand washed Thunder's hair out, "You think I'm still good Thunder?"
    He had to pause to think about it. Once Lily saved his life from Logan and came even though nothing really bad was wrong, he did trust her, "Yeah I do."
    "Wow, this isn't good at all." Lily said slowly. She walked and checked out Thunder crate,"Just what I thought." Lily reached in and pulled something sharp out of his crate it was full of red blood."Logan doesn't like you. Don't worry I will be here."
    "What is it Lily?" Thunder asked looking at the sharp object in her hand, she just shrugged. She checked out his cut and stiched it up and sadly got him back into his crate.
    "Anyone else want a check up?" Lily asked proudly.
    Some said yes others said no, most didn't say anything. The ones that said yes loved it, they got cleaned up and just there cuts healed up. Then there was a booming growl.
    "I knew it!" Travis said storming into the room, "Lily, Lily, Lily. What a shame."
    "Travis you don't understand." Lily begged.
    "Yeah I do. Turning to the freak side." Travis said pushing Lily back and her white lab coat feel, showing the biggest scar Thunder had ever seen. The scar went from her shoulder to her wrist. The scar was a little blackish. Thats why Lily would never morph, she got a DNA transfer, but how? They weren't skilled enough to give her human DNA again, or were they. Well it didn't matter, Lily was in trouble and Thunder could do nothing. The thing that Lily was fixing up was terrified.
    "Leave her alone!!" Thunder yelled frantically.
    Travis's fist dropped from Lily's throat, "You want to take me on punk?" Travis said showing his ugly fangs.
    You should, said his new voice. How do you know I could get killed. Its the right thing to do you have lived a get almost danger free life the voice said calmly. To save Lily you must fight Travis the voice explained. Ok i will Thunder thought bravely.
    "Yeah I will fight and destroy you."Thunder said failing to hide how scared he actually was.
    Travis ripped open his crate and pulled Thunder out. In a fight Thunder was built for speen and fast thinking. Travis was build for force and going with the ounches, not always the smartest. Thunder pushed up into the air, not the high maybe 15 feet into the air. Thunder took a deep breath and charged at Travis. Travis swung and hit Thunder in the chest a wosh of air left his lungs but filled again quickly. Thunder grapped get crowbar off a desk and his Travis in the spin with it as had as he could. Travis fell fast but got up just as fast as he went down. good hit but aim lower or higher the voice said not helping at all. so the butt or the skull. correct the voice answered. Travis charged at him and Thunder hit him like a baseball. There was a loud smack and Travis fell hard. He never got up again.
    "Thunder you saved my life!" Lily ran and hugged him as he landed.
    Lily went into the lab and told Logan something that made him freak out.
    "What happened?!" Logan asked rudely.
    Thunder told him what happened and Logan's look softened, or maybe he just wanted to test on Thunder some more. "Well I guess he can't be killing our experiment." Logan dragged Travis into the lab and was never seen again. Thunder smilied and rested from the fight.

    Chapter 28
    We were flying for about ten hours. Everyone was tried and bored, we were so bored Sam tried to pick fights with Percy. Percy was having a hard time going back to the New World. It's where his brother Drake died. Everyone knew how he felt. Him and Drake we super close. The could not be pulled apart, until that day. We all tried to keep his mind off of him, now that we were closing in on the New World, he was having the worst time ever.
    "Can we eat now?" Sam complained.
    "Yeah fine. Once a place gets close." I answered getting sick of Sam complaining.
    "There is a place close, look." Percy said pointing to a Dairy Queen.
    "Great! Lets all look at what Percy is pointing at. Everyone seeing it now?" Roxie grumbled.
    "It's just a Dairy Queen Roxie, nothing special." Annabeth explained.
    Once we landed we almost broke down the door. We couldn't wait to stuff food into your almost to skinny bodies.
    The Dairy Queen was a beehive of people. No one stopped to stair at the nasty kids in the joint.
    "Ok I will help Roxie, if thats OK." I stopped myself to make sure Roxie was OK with the help, which of course she wasn't.
    "No help. I can do this on my own." Roxie snapped.
    Once we were all sitting down we all dug in. The food could not reach our mouths fast enough.
    "Hold my hand." Percy whispered to me eyeing every girl looking at him.
    "No. Just deal with it." I whispered back.
    "Fine." Percy said stuffing a burger into his mouth.
    When we were finally done eating it was around night fall. We were eating for about two hours and we felt great. We dashed out and flew again.
    "New World. Right there!" Percy yelled over the wind.
    I smiled, I was going to complete my family. Thunder is going to be safe. I could even feel him in my arms. I let tears fall from my face. I hadn't realized how much I missed that little kid.
    Percy looked at me, "You ok?" He asked looking me in the eyes.
    "Yeah I'm fine. I just want Thunder safe." I said wiping my eyes.
    "We all do, Bree. We all do." Percy said soothingly.
    Blood thirsty Nightmares were all over the place, we couldn't get in without being spotted. What to do now? We couldn't just fly in, they would spot us and shoot us down. Great. I can't let Thunder wait any longer.
    "We have to land." I said softly. Everyone nodded and we landed. Nightmares swarmed over to us fully morphed. A fight broke out right away. Roxie and Annabeth Got each other's back and Sam was using his creepy mind control. Percy and I used our normal One-Two tricks. Nightmares just kept coming, there was no end to it.
    Bree is that you? Are you there? a voice that sounded a whole lot like Thunder's played in my head. Yeah its me Thunder. We are here to save you. I thought back tears rushing into my eyes making my vision blurry. I punched harder, kicked harder, and fought faster. I had to save Thunder, these Nightmares were stopping me from saving my family. Then a Nightmare kicked me in the back and I blacked out. I'm so sorry Thunder. I can't fight anymore, I'm done for. I'm so sorry.

    Chapter 29
    Thunder heart was racing. Bree and everyone else was here to save him. He kept trying to talk to Bree, Percy, or anyone but got nothing. Did they die? Did they leave and let Thunder die? No they couldn't have. Sure Thunder had a new power, but that wouldn't strop them, would it?
    Then he saw four Nightmares carry in some bodies. Please don't let that be them Thunder thought as his heart started to speed up.
    "They were trying to get in, sir." One Nightmares said still morphed.
    "I see. Now by any chance are they still alive?!" Logan asked rasing his voice with ech word as he spoke.
    The Nightmares set the bodies on the table. Thunder held his breath. Percy, Bree, Annabeth, Sam, and Roxie. There lifeless faces pained him to look at. Logan walked over to them.
    "Good. They are still alive. Hardly, but they are alive." Logan said smiling.
    "Leave them alone!" Thunder screamed.
    Logan tunred to face Thunder's crate, "Oh the little hero. Just because you killed my best Nightmare doesn't mean you are super human. Besides, we are repairing Travis and he will walk this earth and destroy you and your little family.
    From the corner of Thunder's eye he say Bree's body move. She ssat up slowly and said nothing when she saw Logan.
    "Thats impossible. You can't revive someone. Travis is dead!" Thunder snapped back.
    Bree got off the table and warped her arm around Logan's neck, "You move and you won't see the sun again." Bree said coldly.
    "Oh Bree. You always thought you could do what is impossible." Logan said smirking.
    "I don't think, I know."
    "If you know so well kill me know Bree."
    Bree closed her eyes and dropped Logan who fell gasping.
    "See Bree. You aren't strong enough. Your family would hate you, your freak!" Logan snapped.
    "Bree!" Lily said running into the room and hugged her.
    Bree pushed her away, "How could you?"
    "Bree. I know this looks bad, but I had to. It was the only way to keep you guys safe."
    "Oh really. You couldn't just tell us you had to leave? You could have just told us to stay away and we would have!" Bree said her voice rising with each word.
    Lily had stains on her face from crying,"You are right Bree. I'm sorry."
    Now most girls would cave in and hug Lily, but Bree stood her ground she didn't hug Lily. She just let her cry about it.
    Lily helped Bree get everyone on their feet. Thunder got out of his cage.
    Then Nightmares stormed into the room.
    "Get Them!" One of them ordered.
    "Run!" Lily said, "I will take care of them."
    Thunder gave Lily a hug and ran for the exit.
    "Well where now? We can't go home?" Percy asked looking at Bree.
    "Yes you are right. But We weren't test tube babies, we had families. The question is, who are they." Bree said looking down.
    "Sam did you get anything from them?" Annabeth asked.
    "Yeah. They kept thinking that we better not get to the Revolution," Sam answered looking confused.
    "The Revolutin. Well I guess we better find out what this Revolution place is right guys." Bree said smiling, "But first I'd like to see an old friend."
    The End

    Beyond the Shadows

    Chapter 1
    It has been a month since Thunder was taken. He hasn't gotten all his color back yet. We all promised him we would never ask him what happened. It was all different for us so we had no idea what happened. Curiosity usually got the best of us, but we all kept in mind that curiosity killed the cat.
    We lived on the streets. We would visit Meg and her mom once in a while. She had moved since last time. They lived in a huge condo alone the coast. It was always nice there. The ocean was always a light shade of a glittery blue. The sky was always clear and light blue.
    I was in my room when Meg came in.
    "Hey." I said glancing up.
    "Hello." Meg answered. I knew something was on her mind, most likely it was Percy.
    "Everything ok?" I asked picking up my clothes and tossing them in the hamper.
    "No. I was trying to talk to Percy, but he was totally ignoring me." Meg complained.
    She had a huge crush on Percy since day one. Percy on the other hand, had no interest in her what so ever.
    "Meg. Do you have any idea how hard it would be for you? We go everywhere. Percy is an experiment, like the rest of my family. I'm saying this as a friend, it wouldn't work." I said sitting next to her on the bed trying to make her feel better.
    "You're right Bree, I have to give up on him." Meg said wiping her tears.
    Then Percy walked in, "Hey girls."
    "Hey Percy." We said together.
    Percy looked from Meg to me and back again.
    "Well I will let you two alone." Meg said standing up and walking out.
    Percy smiled once she left, "Look what I got."
    Percy pulled a red IPod out of his pocket.
    "For you." Percy said handing it to me.
    I turned it on. Every one of my favorite songs were on there. Every band I like. Paramore, All-American Rejects, Train, and more.
    "Percy your awesome." I said leaping up and hugging him.
    He blushed, "Your welcome."

    Later that night Thunder came into my room, "Bree?"
    I sat up sleepily, "Yeah?"
    "I had a bad dream. Can I sleep with you?"
    I looked at the clock, one in the morning.
    "Yeah sure. Climb on in kid." I said still half asleep.
    Thunder climbed in and was out like a light.
    Thunder has been having really bad dreams ever since the School. I fell bad for him. We all lived though the bad dreams, but his had gotten worse. Hopefully they will just become another dream we al live though. They only thing I hadn't forgotten about was the Revolution. I will find out what or who it is. I will not stop looking.

    Chapter 2

    Thunder got his color back in the moring, finally. He had the energy to run around with Sam and Annabeth outside. It was very warm so we all got our bathing suites and dash to the water. We all kept a close eye on Thunder, just in case.
    "Hey Bree can I talk to you?" Percy asked taking off his shirt displaying his muscles.
    "Yeah sure anything." I answered already blushing.
    "I had a dream last night, and I was wondering, is it possible to get DNA extracted from your body?" He asked slowly.
    "I don't know Percy." I answered sadly.
    "Yeah I think they can do that." Thunder said behind us.
    "Thunder how do you know?" I asked feeling sorry for him because he knew.
    "Lily, she couldn't morph, I don't know how but they did." Thunder answered shaking his head trying to wipe away the memory.
    "I had a dream that Sam, Annabeth, and me got our vampire DNA extracted out." Percy muttered.
    "Well maybe that a good thing?" I said putting my hand on his back.
    The thing about our dreams is they always mean something. Its never just a dream, it like part of a story. you get pits and part then once you are there you put it all together and it makes sence.
    Dr. Chase made an awesome dinner. There was sutffing, ham, turkey, salads, and much more.
    "I'm learning." Dr. Chase joked.
    "It looks really good Ms. Chase." Thunder said looking at all the food.
    "Well don't just stand there, dig in." Dr. Chase said.
    It felt like i would never stop eating. Everything was perfect. Just like a normal family having a normal dinner.
    After dinner everyone washed up and went to bed. Percy stayed in my room to talk.
    "Bree.." He started, "My dream is really important."
    "I know it is. It's just that I really don't want to go." I said softly
    "You know we can't stay here forever." Percy said sitting next to me on my bed.
    "I know. I really wish we could. If your dream is really this important, then we have to go. No questions asked." I responded.
    Percy put his arm around me and leand his head closer to me. My heart sped up to five hundred miles an hour. It felt like he could hear it beating in my chest.
    I looked down, "In the morning we will leave right away. Got it?"
    "Got it." He said putting my face in his hand so I would look at him. He closed his eyes and kissed me. I knew I should have let him, but sadly I did. When we parted he smiled and left. Great, just what I need, a boy friend. With that I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

    Chapter 3
    I awoke in a dead house. There wasn't a single sound. My heart started racing. I jumped out of bed and saw Percy making breakfast. I knew one thing for sure, I wasn't eating breakfast.
    "Mornin'" He said flipping some golden pancakes.
    "Hey." I answered rubbing my eyes.
    He was acting like nothing happened last night. Maybe it didn't, I could have just thought it happened.
    Percy looked at me, "You and me?" He asked carefully.
    "What are you talking about?" I asked trying to sound nice.
    He almost looked hurt, I guess playing dumb was not the way to go.
    "Last night. Don't you remember?"
    "Oh.. last night."
    "Well? Will you?"
    "Sure." I answered smiling.
    Then he snatched my Ipod from my p.j. pocket and flipped though the songs.
    He smiled and said, "Listen."
    I placed the ear buds in my ears and listened. 'Just The Way You Are' by Bruno Mars brought life to my ears.
    Percy kissed my forehead, "Glad you like it." Then he went back to making the now burnt pancakes.

    After breakfast we took off. After half an hour Thunder spoke up.
    "Hey Bree, I found this in mine and Sam's room." He said handing me a list of names and numbers.
    "And I found pictures of little kids that look like us." sam said handing Percy some pictures.
    "Look on the top of every paper is says Revolution." I said showing Percy who nodded.
    "On the back of every picture is says Revolution, New York." Percy said.
    "Well then, I guess we are going to New York." I said smiling and everyone cheered.
    I knew Dr. Chase wasn't telling us something, what that something was didn't matter. We were another step closer to finding our parents.

    Chapter 4
    We were flying for all of the next day. We would toss each other food, then get in a fight because they wouldn't catch it. It became an endless cycle. Thankfully Roxie hot wired my Ipod so it never lost change, and I don't what to know how. Roxie and Thunder were the only ones behaving.
    Roxie's black hair was whipping around her head, once in a while she would remove it from her deep blue sightless eyes, "Are we there yet? I saw that building five times already." Roxie complained over and over again.
    Roxie was blind, the scientists tried to give her x-ray vision. She had her eye sight a little, but it got worse after that.
    Sam was fourteen and going through that annoying skater stage. Percy helped him out with it. Percy had that skater tone in him, but he got it controlled with the help of his older brother, Drake.
    We all leaned on each other for help. I was able to help the girls with their problems more than I could help Sam or Percy. I still tried though.
    Annabeth was an angel. She wanted to be a normal kid, she would cry once in a while because she wasn't but other than that she was a bird kid. Her sandy blond hair was always tied back when we were flying, her grey eyes matched her personality. Beautiful and strong.
    Thunder was the same age as Annabeth, nine. He acted very different. He liked the video games, girls, sports, and other nine years olds with older teen brothers like. He was a nice kid, he wanted to sleep with you when he had awful dreams and cried when he was scared.
    Then Sam gasped, "Nightmares!"
    "Ha ha. It was funny the first four times. Not the first fifty times." I said rolling me eyes.
    "No its true they are right there!" He yelled pointing to a black blob in the sky.
    My eyes widened. We aren't usually able to see then when Sam knows they come, he can read people's thoughts and control them.
    "I'm not picking up anything. It's like they are robots or something. I only get static like when I try to hack a video game with my mind. Nothing." Sam said his eyes closed tightly.
    "Well they look like they have wings." Percy said squinting.
    "Wait! I got something. A little static but they are kinda human." Sam said. If you could jump up and down in the air, he was doing it.
    Sure enough they had wings, and Travis was leading them.
    "You just can't kill people nowadays." Percy murmured.
    Travis scowled, "Well hello brother."
    None of us gasped. Travis was a Nightmare, Drake is dead, and Percy is a bird kid. Travis was mad that Percy was something he could hide, so he wanted him dead.
    "Travis this isn't my fault. You don't want to do this." Percy said sternly.
    Then Travis lunged at Percy and the battle begun. Everyone was dancing around in the sky. Bang Bang Bang. Splash. Nightmares fell out of the sky one after another.
    Roxie stayed close at my side and got more Nightmares down than I thought possible from a blind kid.
    Travis slashed at Percy and he staggered back.
    "Don't. Do. This. Travis." Percy said punching with everyone word.
    Travis cut, slashed, and bit at Percy.
    "You will now fall." Sam said a glazed look in his eyes as he said it.
    Then Travis froze and fell, Percy gave Travis one last punch before he fell.

    I kept a close eye on him after that. He was flying slowly but he managed. Everyone was laughing and smiling about the moves they used on them.
    "They weren't like kill the mutants. They were all remember to flap!" Sam said laughing at the Nightmares thoughts.
    Then Percy was losing altitude, and fast.
    "Percy!" I called out flying after him.
    I got him just before he hit the ground. I removed his hand from his arm and gasped. His right arm was covered in blood and his chest was soaked.
    "I'm fine Bree." He muttered.
    "No you aren't!" I snapped back
    Annabeth started crying, "No Percy, don't leave us please."
    I tore off his white tee, "Rip this up and make bandages."
    They started right away and Roxie came up next to me and felt his wounds.
    "They are bad. Hurry and put pressure on them." She said quickly.
    My hands were shaking, the sand under Percy was already red with blood, "Hurry guys! Percy stay with me here. You can do this! Don't leave us."

    Chapter 5
    Annabeth's eyes were filled with fear. No one stopped to help us, some stopped and looked but none came over.
    "More bandages guys, come on." I yelled tears falling down my face.
    A guy fan over to us, "Hey kids what happened?" He asked his eyes locked on Percy.
    "Uh.... bear attack." Roxie answered.
    "Rabid bear?" The man muttered.
    "Yeah." I answered wiping the tears from my face.
    The man got out his phone and started calling someone.
    "Guys get out of here. Me and Roxie will go with Percy, you three hide." I said.
    "No." Thunder said
    I was shocked they never said no to orders, "What did you say?"
    "You heard me. We are a family we all need to go with Percy." Thunder said coldly.
    He was right, family always sticks together, "Fine."
    Then nearly everything and everyone in town showed up.
    "What happened? Is he your brother?" A lady asked me.
    I didn't answer the very nice lady. I jumped into the ambulance with Roxie and Percy. The other three rode in another one. I was crying the whole way. I held Percy's pale frozen hand the whole way. I was pleading him to hold the heat in him hand. Or even his face.
    He went into surgery the second we got their. A doctor came up to me and asked me some questions.
    "Is he your boy friend?" The man asked.
    "Uh.. no.. no he is my brother." I answered.
    "Ok. And is he um.. like you?" He asked.
    "Then yes. He has wings." I answered knowing the only way to help Percy was to tell them.
    "May I?" He asked pulling out a stethoscope.
    "Go ahead." I said shaking.
    He placed it to my stomach, "I hear air." He said his eyes getting as a big the moon.
    "Yep. That lets us get really high in the air. They are called air sacs."
    "Well thanks for you help Bree. Don't worry your brother will be fine." He said putting his hand on my shoulder.
    I nodded and another doctor showed me to a room where my family was waiting.
    "How is he?" Annabeth asked.
    "I didn't get to see him. He will be ok guys." I answered trying to lift their spirts.

    We were waiting for a long time and Percy's surgery was almost over. I get some blood for him and felt two pints lighter. They gave us some food that we sucked in. It was nothing Roxie would make sadly.
    There was a knock at the door and four people in uniforms walked in.
    "Hello." A lady said.
    "We need to ask you some questions." A short and chubby man said.
    "Who wants to go first?" The lady asked smiling one of those evil smiles I was way too used to.

    Chapter 6

    Every cell in my body froze. What those people wanted was all I cared about right now.
    "Why don't you all go at once?" The lady asked. She had bouncy blond hair and dark brown eyes that almost looked black. She was wearing a skirt with a white button up shirt. The shirt went to about her knees. She was wearing heels that would make it very easy to break something.
    "Why yes, Sarah, that would be a good way to get this over with." The chubby man said. He had curly black hair, blue eyes, a tiny nose and face. Everything on his face was pinched up.
    "Ok fine. We will all go at once." I said making a fist in that air to tell my family to not let their gaurd down.

    "So what;s your name sweetie?" A tall man asked. He had light black hair and blue eyes.
    I gave him an icey look, "Bree."
    "So tell me ,Bree, Why didn't you want help here?" He asked scribbling on a piece of paper.
    "Well my parents work for the president, I wasn't sure who I could trust with My brother because I never see them." I answered proudly.
    He kept asking questions and I kept lieing, hopefully everyone else was doing the same.

    "So its Megan right." The lady asked
    "Yep. That's what I got stuck with." Roxie said sounding bored.
    "So how did you become blind?" The lady asked.
    "Well you know when they tell you not to look at the sun. If only I had listened." Roxie answered.

    "So Krystal have you need this man?" A very young man asked while he showed Annabeth the picture of Logan. He looked about twenty with the whole surfers look going on.
    "Who is that? Is he going to give me candy cause I like candy." Annabeth answered.
    "Ok moving on. Where do you live?" He asked smiling.
    "Well we live with my sister's friends. Our parents are never home." She answered.

    "So Sam do you make bombs in your free time?" A very young lady asked looking a lot like the surfer dude
    "Heck no. Do you know how many people can get killed with bombs?!" Sam answered.
    "Right. How many bombs do you think you could make?" The lady asked.
    Sam almost told her fourty-five in half an hour but thankfully he said, "I don't even know how to belch the ABC's how am I suppose to make a bomb."

    Once the questioning was over, nurses brought us some food.
    "Want to try some?" I asked. I thought it would be better to test on them than ourselves.
    "Why thank you." The head lady said and ate the food. Since he didn't double over gasping for air as foam filled her mouth, it was safe to eat.
    "Dig in." Sam yelled.
    Then there was a knock at the door and my heart flew up to my throat.
    "Ms. Bree. Can you step out here please." said the same doctor I told who I really was to.
    "Is Percy ok?" I asked right away.
    "He just got out of surgery. It couldn't have went better. He will be able to leave in three weeks. I know you guys heal fast, this is fast."
    "May I see him?" I asked.
    "Yes. Right this way." He said leading me to where Percy was resting.

    Chapter 7
    Once we reached the room Percy was in my eyes started to water. The doctor gave me a reassuring smile and opened the white barren door for me. Percy didn't move when I entered the room. My heart started to race when he didn't move. I kept telling myself he wasn't dead. I knew he was alive, otherwise tons of people would be in here.
    "Percy?" I asked placing my hand in his.
    He smiled and mumbled something I couldn't understand.
    "How you doin'?" I asked
    "Pretty good. But that doesn't matter. How is everyone else?" Percy asked wincing.
    "Everyone is a little shaken up. They want to get out of here as soon as possible." I answered wiping my eyes.
    "Hey, hey,hey," He said softly placing his hand to my cheek, "It's all ok Bree. I'm still breathing, We are all getting out of here in like three days."
    "Three weeks." I corrected
    His smiled faded, "You kidding right."
    I shook my head, "You were cut up really bad."
    Before I could break down my family entered the room.
    "Hey guys." Percy said smiling.
    "Hey Percy. You got a fake name too?" Sam asked looking from me to Percy and back again.
    "Uhh not that I know of." Percy answered, "Do you?"
    "Nope. I thought Sam was good enough." He answered plopping down in a chair.
    "How about you Roxie." Percy said looking at her.
    "Megan. I've always liked the name." Roxie said.
    "You?" Percy asked jerking his chin to Annabeth.
    "Ohh, you know... its Krystal." Annabeth answered blushing.

    Hours passed that felt like days. The food didn't make me feel any better either. Percy would fight with anyone who made him eat with the feeding tube. It was funny to watch. His IV mad him upset when ever he tried to reach for something. I looked around and saw no Thunder.
    "Guys where is Thunder?!" I asked my heart beating out of my chest.
    Sam looked up with that look like he just did something you do not want to know,"Talking to that head lady."

    Sarah smiled, "So sweetie what's your name?"
    "Zephyr." Thunder answered.
    "Ok Zephyr, have you seen this man?" She asked pulling out a picture of Logan.
    "Never. Is that Santa? No it can't be Santa he doesn't look jolly." Thunder said all bubbly
    "No it isn't Santa. He is a scientist." She said getting upset.
    "I think my family is looking for me." Thunder said spotting Bree.
    "Well go and run alone sweetie." Sarah said smiling.
    "Just you wait Bree. I know more than you. I will get you, just you wait." Sarah grumbled once Thunder left.

    Chapter 8
    Thunder walked into the room smiling. I eyed him, but said nothing. The TV had a football game bringing it to life. Annabeth was drawing a picture of everyone. The boys we yelling Go! Keep running! Catch the darn ball already! or Interception! At least they were enjoying themselves. Roxie was listening to my Ipod.
    "Hey. Where have you been?" I asked smiling back at him.
    "Talkin' to the head lady, Sarah." He answered playing with his shirt sleeve.
    "Hey Thunder. Can you read minds?" I asked him remembering when I heard him in my head before we saved him.
    He shook his head, "No. But I can send people messages."
    I gave him a quizzical look, "How?"
    He explained it to us all and tried it out on everyone. So he can send mind messages, just not read them. I didn't know he could do that, but maybe he just developed his new skill.
    Then Sarah walked in walking heel to toe and smiling.
    "Hello kids." She said turning off the game.
    "Yo!" Sam yelled, "We were watching that."
    "What a pity." She answered.
    Sam rose his eyebrows but kept his mouth shut.
    "How are you possibly sleeping here?" She asked scanning the room, like a mother wolf looking for her pups watching everything.
    "Easy," Thunder answered.
    "How so Zephyr." She said
    I laughed, "What a cute kid huh. His name is actually Shane."
    Sarah eyed me and my family then looked back at Thunder, "How dare you lie!"
    I balled my fists, "He is just a kid." I snapped
    Sarah calmed down and smiled, "How would you like to live with me until he get better."
    Annabeth coughed, "I thought we were staying here until Percy gets better."
    Sarah laughed, "You can't sleep on the floor for three weeks. I have rooms for all of you and you can visit Percy every time you want."
    Annabeth looked at me. I knew she would love to have a bed and all but I couldn't thrust her. I looked at Sam who nodded giving me the so far so good sign.
    "Ok," I answered, "We will come with you once Percy is better."
    She sighed, "Very well. I will get everything ready for you then." She smiled and walked off.
    The boys turned the game back on and Thunder closed his eyes. When he finally opened them we heard a loud CRASH and Thunder smiled.
    "How?" I asked turning to him.
    "Just telling her that he life will be everything she hopes for to catch her off guard." Thunder answered.
    I sat next to Percy an watched the game. Percy getting hurt has changed our lives. Good and maybe bad. We will just find out once Sarah takes us in. Will we have to tell her who we really are? Does she already know? I want to answer all these questions. Will time run out before I know everything? I closed my eyes and told myself everything was going to be ok. I will find out who ours parents were and why they gave us up.

    Chapter 8
    Sleeping on the floor is never fun. If you are wondering how we sleep with those wings I will tell you. We dont sleep on our backs because that's where our wings are attached, so we are more of a sleep-on-your-side kinda group.
    It was peaceful at night, until Percy had a dream that made his heart race. It's hard to get doctors and nurses used to the fact that we weren't all human.
    Three weeks finally came. We were all sick of the hospital smell, it made my skin crawl. Sam was the only one sad to leave because he will miss the vending machines.
    "Where is Sarah?" I asked.
    "I hear her thoughts, she is really excited." Sam answered his eyed glued to the TV.
    "Whoa, my head is spinning." Percy said cluching his head.
    I ran to his side and set my hand on his shoulder, "Just sit down, we will get everything cleaned up."
    He nodded and sat on the nearest chair.
    "Here she comes." Sam muttered.
    Annabeth was cleaning up her arts and crafts suplies, "Wow her emotions are alot to handle. How has she not blow up yet?"
    "Is everyone ready?" Sarah asked once she reached the room. She looked different, maybe it was how she gave us a caring smile. Or how she was dressed like a mom, jeans and tee.
    "Yep all ready." Roxie answered.
    Percy stood up and clutched my should so hard I winced, "Whoa. Still spinning here."
    "You ok hon?" Sarah asked looking at Percy.
    He gave a look that I have never seen before, I knew Sarah didn't like it, "Hon?"
    "Right sorry about that. Just really nervous, I've never had kids before." She answered.

    We all piled into her white mini van. It was a squeeze, but we fit.
    "So what state are we in?" Roxie asked breaking the silence.
    "Well Ohio of course." Sarah answered.
    "I'm blind." Roxie reminded her sounding bored.
    The roads weren't that good. Which didn't to Percy's stomach any favors. Thankfully, he never barfed.
    I wasn't sure if living with Sarah would change our life to much. She seemed nice, but I could never trust people. I layed back and remembered how tired I was. I closed my eyes and my dreams swallowed me.

    Chapter 10

    I woke up when Percy started to shake me and call out my name. I blinked a few time to get my eyes to focus. Sarah's house was the coolest thing I've ever seen. Her house was huge and she had land as far as the eye could see. Roxie and Sam were already in the air. I leaped out of the car and looked around.
    She had pigs, chickens, horses, and cows. The barn was facing to a river. The barn kept the horses and a few cows. The pigs were behind the barn. There were only two really fat pigs. There were three horses. Two were pure black and one was a golden brown. I kept an eye out for a bomb and saw none.
    "What do you think?" Sarah asked when she walked in.
    "Its amazing." I answered.
    She nodded and muttered something that sounds liked she wanted to let us be. I thought I should keep an eye on her, but I didn't.
    She smiled, "Dinner at five."
    "Ok. We should wash up." I said smiling.
    "Help! I'm stuck!" A voice that sounded like Thunder's.
    I ran out followed by Sarah, "Thunder?" I called back.
    "Pig pen!" He answered.
    I laughed and got him out of the waist high mud and dung.
    "I think I'm going to wash Thunder up now." I said laughing.
    "Very funny." He muttered thne trudged up to the house.
    Sam caught up to us, "Sarah is nervous about something. She doesn't want to do something. She wants us safe."
    I thought about what Sam said. A mind reader comes in handy. "Well try to find out what those somethings are. Maybe she will change."
    Sam covered his nose, "What's that smell?"
    Thunder scowled at him, "Don't go in the pig pen."
    Sam laughed and went into the barn with Percy.

    The inside of Sarah's house was amazing. Everything was clean and neat. It smelled like a pie was being made, apple maybe. We went upstairs and got Thunder into the tub.
    "Me or Percy?" I asked
    "I can do it myself." He answered giving me a hug.
    "Ok sweet heart." I answered hugging him back, "Just hurry up."
    "Got it."
    I kissed his head and walked out.
    Percy was standing in the dorr way when I got down stairs, "Hey."
    "Where's Thunder?" He asked his green eyes full of wonder.
    "Cleaning up." I answered looking down.
    "Ok. Sam tell you anything about Sarah?" He asked smiling.
    I paused, "Yeah he isn't sure yet, but he is getting to it."
    Sam burst through the door breathing hard, "Its Annabeth. She went into the river and she never came up."
    My heart started to race I ran outside with Percy still holding my hand. Please be ok Annabeth I thought, you just have to be ok!

    Chapter 11

    Sarah was wading through the water looking for Anna when we got there.
    "I'm so sorry Bree. She told me she was going in, I should have watched her." Sarah said her eyes filling with tears.
    Percy dropped my hand, "It's ok Sarah, we will find her." Percy said in a very comforting voice.
    That's when I saw it. A blob of blonde hair. My heart started to race and my mind went blank. I forgot how to breathe, or even move.
    I ran to the moving blob. It wouldn't move, just stayed bobbing up and down in the water. I grabbed Anna's arm and pulled her up.
    "You ok?" I asked bringing her to shore.
    She looked at me like I was crazy, "I'm fine, I was talking to the fish. They taught me how to breathe under there."
    She got up, went into the lake, and took a mouth full of water. Some how she swallowed it, not really swallowing it. The water came out of her neck. Like in the Tom and Jerry cartoons, when Tom gets shot and goes to drink water and it all comes out of his body. I ran my fingers across her neck swiftly. Nothing was there, not even a bump.
    "Need me to check?" Roxie asked making me jump.
    "Uhh. Yeah." I answered, "Get back here Anna, don't try to get away."
    She mumbled something and came back on shore. I guided Roxie's hand over to Annabeth's neck.
    "Feel anything?" I asked quickly.
    Roxie shook her head, "Nothing."
    Sarah patted Roxie's back, "At least you tried Megan."
    I looked at her in shock for minute. Then remembering Roxie chose that fake name. I don't know why Sam, Percy, and me didn't have fake names. I guess I just thought it wasn't that important.
    As we walked up to the house Annabeth told me everything that happened down there. Roxie still didn't like not being able to see Sarah's house.

    Thunder was still at the kitchen table playing with some cards, "Hey guys."
    "Hey Th-Shane." I said. Don't blow it Bree I told myself.
    Percy gave me a careful look, "What up bro?"
    Thunder shrugged and kept playing with the cards.
    Percy patted his back and went to help Sarah in the kitchen.
    "Percy can you come here?" I called to him.
    "Yeah. Sure, be right there." He called back.
    I walked into the room me and Annabeth were sharing.
    "What's on your mind?" He asked once he got there.
    I took a deep breath, "I think you and me might a little dangerous."
    He looked hurt, "What do you mean?"
    "I think, for our family's sake, we hold off."
    "Ok. Yeah, I totally understand." He said rubbing the back of his neck.
    I kissed his cheek and walked out of the room. It was way harder to say that it looked. I didn't want to hurt Percy, but we needed to be on our toes right now. My family is more important, besides Percy was practically my brother. I couldn't date my brother.
    The kitchen was full of wonderful aromas. Roxie and Sarah were cooking. Sarah kept tell her that she had to be careful, but every time Roxie would laugh and say "I was born doing this." I smiled when I saw Sarah freak out when Roxie was using a knife. At least she was being a good mother. Anna and Thunder were playing cards. It was hard for them to even remember there fake names. I helped then when they decided to play Speed. King, queen, jack, ten, nine and etc. Percy came down and helped Thunder while I helped Annabeth.
    Finally Roxie yelled, "Blood free supper ready!"
    I mouthed The red juice is blood to Percy who smiled and mouthed Thanks.

    Chapter 12
    I looked around the table. Sam was staring at the food, Anna was humming, Percy was watching the "juice" like it might attack him. Thunder was telling Roxie what food was on the table.
    I nearly blew our cover four times today. When I had asked Sarah where Thunder went she said that he was still in the barn. Later I asked if Anna - using her real name - had gone in the stream again. After that I yelled at Roxie - using her real name - to stop complain that she was blind now. Percy told me that we should just tell her because I thought she already knew. But I couldn't say anything. Sam said he was picking up major confusion, but nothing evil.
    Sarah cleared her throat, "Well so I've been told Megan's juice is not tasteful, and I bought more milk."
    I made a yuck face. I never liked milk.
    "I hope you enjoy the meal. Megan and I made it myself." Sarah continued.
    "Eat now?" Thunder asked.
    "Dig in." Sarah finished.
    The flock took to it like pigs and mud. Sarah watched as we all ate. There was hardly anything on that small round table but we mad it work. Everything was gone in a blink of an eye while Sarah was still eating. When you need tons and tons of calories a day you tend not to waist time talking.
    "So I was thinking. Since you are living with me for a while-" Sarah said.
    "you aren't going to run test on us or anything right?" Anna asked quickly.
    Sarah looked shocked. I'm guessing she never had anyone interrupt her before, "No, nothing like that. I just thought maybe you guys could go to school. I already got in your application and picked up your uniforms."
    My eyes widened larger than a football field, "I don't think so."
    "Please Bree, it will all give us a chance to learn something. Please, please, please." Anna begged.
    I have a very colorful vocabulary which I tried not to use in this situation. I met everyone's eyes. Everything told me yes.
    Please Bree. It would be a sweet chance to try to be a normal kid! Sam voice pleaded.
    No! Someone will find us and end up bringing us back to the School!! School is out of the question. I thought back harshly.
    I glanced at Sam who was looking hurt now, which I hated, "Fine. We will try it, just once and if he don't die then we will stay longer."
    The flock broke out into cheers and grins. Anna hugged me and Percy jerked his head to the door and I followed.

    That night I couldn't sleep. Percy said that he wasn't hurt. Which all guys say so us girls don't feel so bad. I hoped that "school" wasn't going to be bad. The uniform idea, awful. I hadn't seen them yet but I knew people went going to get me into it.

    Chapter 13
    "I look like School Girl Barbie." grumbled Anna the next morning. Once she saw me her eyes widened, "You look like Barbie, I'm just Barbie's friend."
    I glared at her, "I do not!"
    Anna nodded, "Yes you do Bree. You look very pretty."
    I smiled. The uniforms for the girls were plaid skirts with a white button up shirt. For the guys were light brown dress pants and a white button up shirt.
    Percy walked out of his room messing with the buttons on his shirt, not looking happy at all. Then smiled when he saw Sarah remembering this morning.
    Sarah freaked when she say me cutting the shirts for our wings. Roxie smiled and said that if she wanted us out of the house the shirts needs slits. Maybe not those exact words, but you get the picture.
    "Okay kids." Sarah said after breakfast, "Time to get goin'. You guys got everything?"
    We all nodded and got into her car.

    The school was about ten minutes away. We would get a ride to school, but walk home. How unfair! The school was huge. The walls were painted white with the school name in big green letters. Kids were all standing outside talking, flirting, and well.. you get the idea.
    "Just walk in the office, they will help you find where you need to go." Sarah explained "Any questions?"
    "Nope." I answered and got out.
    I felt eyes on me but took Anna's hand and walked into the school. It was very clean for a place where teens are all the time. The office was easy to find. Just up some stairs when you walk in from the commons.
    "Please sit here and we will be right with you." A lady said when we walked in.
    Once she was done on the phone she was ready to help us out.
    "Hi. We are new here." I said.
    "Your name please." The lady said turning to her computer.
    "Bree." I replied.
    "You staying with Sarah?" The lady asked.
    I nodded.
    "Okay. The teachers will come pick you up just sit and wait dear." She said.

    As you should know sitting, waiting, holding tight, I wasn't able to do. Sam was the first one to be picked up. His teacher was in her mid thirties. Thunder Was next with a very younger teacher, twenties maybe. Anna, Roxie, and Percy were after. Anna's teacher was around the same age as Sam's and Percy and Roxie's teacher looked around sixty. I was last like always.
    "Bree?" My teacher asked once she saw me.
    "That would be me." I answered.
    "I'm so sorry I am late dear." My teacher said. "Follow me and your day here will begin."
    I told myself to always be one guard, and never trust anyone.

    Chapter 14
    The day went very slow. When you are used to fighting every five minutes, then having someone throwing something over your head and telling you to keep your mouth shut, the day would be going slow for you too. I couldn't answer any questions but I did learn that
    Honolulu means "sheltered bay" or "place of shelter." See who says you can't learn stuff with us.
    When the lunch bell finally rang I had no idea where to go. I also needed to check up on Percy. His classroom was 209 and mine was 207. Not to far away. I walked to room 209 keeping an eye out for anyone or anything that might attack me.
    I stopped in my tracks. There was a girl that had Percy up against a wall. Percy was being attacked. The girl moved in and pushed her body to his. She was a lot shorter than Percy. Then again we are unusually tall and skinny for our age.
    The girl had red hair the laid peacefully on her back. She got on her tiptoes and kissed him. His arms went around her waist and he lowered his head. My stomach twisted and turned.
    I ran for the girls bathroom. Or as in England they call it a loo. I wiped my eyes on my sleeve and walked into a stall. Think Bree, I told myself. Why am I sitting her crying my eyes out? I love Percy like a brother and no more than that. I tried to hold myself together, I at least needed the school's computers to look up the "New World".

    The library wasn't hard to find. It was a huge room on the main floor with glass walls and doors. Walking in there sure made me feel important. Our principal, Mr. Walker was yelling at kids to sit up straight and chew gum quietly. The librarian, Mr. Jones, was trying to keep a straight face as Mr. Walker yelled at the kids, but failed horribly. Everyone likes Mr. Jones, he is easy going and will tell kids not to let Mr. Walker get to us.
    All the computers were full so I had to wait. As you all should know I am not good at. So this was really hard not to get up and push one of the kids aside so I could use it.
    "I'm done." said a guy getting up from a computer. His hair was always getting into his hazel eyes. He was about as tall as I was. Not bad.
    "Thanks." I answered smiling.
    "Hey, your Bree right? I'm Andrew." Andrew said.
    "Yeah you are in my History class." I replied.
    "Yeah. Well I will talk to you later." Answer said walking off.
    I breathed out and typer quickly on the computer. No "New World" but what really caught my eye was the Revolution Cooperation. I clicked on it and my computer shut down. Oh great, I thought, now what am i suppose to do I can't go on here. Dang it I will have to use Sarah's.

    School was finally over and all the kids were smiling.
    "I love school!" Annabeth exclaimed as we were walking home.
    Sam laughed, "I don't love school. But it is fun."
    "Yeah no one here to kill us Bree. It's fun!" Thunder added.
    "Yeah I still can't see, but I learned a lot, more than usual actually." Roxie concluded
    I nodded, "Yeah we can stay awhile" - I lowered my voice - "I know Percy does."
    No one looked at me which means I was safe. Or until Percy wants to blow up on me.
    A dark van pulled out in front of us and a couple for Nightmares came out.
    "Well well well. Some school kids walking home. Freaks no less. You weren't smart enough to fly home." Travis said grinning.
    "How did you find us?" Sam asked.
    Travis shot a glance at me, "Like I will tell you."
    "Well tell me then!" I ordered.
    "Sure I might as well tell you, we are going to die today anyways." growled Travis.
    Then he lunged and as usual the fight started.

    Chapter 15
    I was punching, kicking, chopping, and screaming for what felt like six hours. It was probably only four minutes. There had been four Nightmares total. Less than usual.
    "You might have won this time freaks." Travis growled as he jumped into the van
    "Have you looked in the mirror?" grumbled Sam.
    "How is everyone?" I asked turning around to face them.
    "Bloody nose, black eye." reported Roxie.
    "Just minor cuts and bruises." Annabeth answered.

    "Why didn't you tell me about the Nightmares." Sarah said when we got "home".
    "You never asked." Roxie said.
    "Yeah, it's not like we lied about them." I answered.
    Sarah looked at me, "Well get washed up and throw the clothes in the laundry. Supper in ten."
    "You made supper." Thunder said wide eyed.
    "Yes, I did." Sarah answered.
    "It smells good." Anna answered.
    To be truthful it did smell good. Chicken maybe. Look at the irony there.

    It felt good to get clean. Being on the run all the time and never getting clean. You start to miss personal hygiene.
    "Whoa what happened to your tan?" Percy asked when he saw me.
    "It was dirt." I answered.
    He smiled, his smiled that made to sun take a run for its money.

    Everyone sat down and tried there table manners out for the first time. The food wasn't burnt or tried out. It was amazing. We were eating Uncle Chuck. Not really, I was right about the chicken though. We told Sarah we were going to stay longer. We didn't know how long, but longer than we usually stay at places.

    Sarah bought everyone pajamas. Annabeth loved them. Sam and Thunder had football helmets on their pants and wouldn't stop asking Sarah what teams were which. Percy and I just got some Aeropostal sweatpants and and tee. Sleep was easy to come by. But not today. Who was that girl kissing Percy? Do I have feelings for Andrew? Did Andrew even like me? Did kids at school like me? These questions kept running around in my head, making it impossible for a girl to get some sleep. Then again I am not a normal girl.

    Chapter 16
    "Time for school, Bree." Sarah said turning the light on in my room.
    I groaned, "Okay I quit school if I have to wake up this early."
    Sarah smiled, "It's Friday today. Then you have two more days until school starts again."
    I slowly got up and got dressed. I decided to curl my hair this morning. I actually thought I looked pretty. Makeup was not touching my face.
    "You look really pretty Bree." Anna said giving me a hug.
    "Thanks sweetie. How's school going for you?" I asked.
    "I like it. The teachers are always nervous. I haven't met one that wasn't nervous." Anna replied. Yes her skill was nearly useless. Maybe she will get a better one.
    "Have a good day at school kids." Sarah called as we left.

    Yep Sarah is having us fly to school today. Hopefully my hair doesn't look wind blown when I land. Forget I said that. Flying in a skirt is very hard. I had to make sure the boys were paying attention. I heard giggles but I tried to think of something else, like Andrew.

    "Bree!" a girl called to me once school started.
    "Uh hi." I answered.
    The girl giggled, "My name is Alexandria Joy. A.J for short."
    I smiled, "Okay hi A.J"
    "Oh sorry I had to tell you that I heard Becca is dating your brother Percy. Is that true?" A.J asked.
    Becca, that was the Red Hair Wonder's name. "I don't know. He was doing school work the whole time last night." I lied.
    "Darn. I never know things." A.J said.
    "Well you know more than I do." I joked.
    A.J sighed, "Maybe. But who did your hair?"
    I sure hopped it didn't look wind blown now, "I did."
    A.J's eyes widened, "No way! It's so cute. And not preppy cute. Preppy cute is when you try way to hard to look cute."
    "Who is preppy cute?" I asked
    "Her." A.J said pointing to a girl with bleach blond hair and deep brown eyes and her hair was really curly and her bangs were straight but over to the side.
    "Yeah she does look like she tried to hard." I answered.
    A.J nodded, "But sadly it works for her. All the boys love it."
    I shook my head, "I don't think so." Then a voice broke through on the intercom.
    "Everyone going to the museum go to the bus now. Thank you." The voice said.

    "Yay! Time to go!" A.J said nearly jumping up and down.
    "Bree! I was looking all over for you!" called a voice to familiar: Andrew.
    A.J winked at me, "I'll be on the bus." Then she left.
    "Hey Andrew." I said.
    His brown hair still getting in his hazel eyes, "I was wondering if after school you wanted to catch a movie with me?"
    "Like on a date?" I asked stupidly.
    Andrew smiled, "Yes, on a date."
    "Yeah. I'd like that." I answered
    "Great. Here is my number. Don't worry it's my cell. Just call when you are ready and I will pick you up." said Andrew handing me a piece of paper.
    "Thanks." I said feeling my cheeks heat up.
    "Come on let's go." Andrew said jerking his head to the bus and taking my hand in his.

    Chapter 17
    The bus ride was not calming at all. When you've grown up in a dog crate you tend to get twitchy about being in small spaces. Or even a small space with sixty other kids! I tried to keep my cool around Andrew, which was very hard.
    The Red-Haired Wonder a.k.a Becca was sitting with Percy and falling all over him. I tried to remind myself that he was my brother, and I could not fall in love with my brother, but I could fall in love with Andrew.
    "Hey Bree what do you think about museums?" Andrew asked.
    "I haven't been to one." I said blushing. "Kinda sad huh."
    Andrew smiled, "Not really. Most kids hate museums."
    I nodded, "Yeah I heard they were very boring and stuff."
    "Well they aren't. I mean it depends on what you are looking at I suppose." Andrew answered taking my hand in his.
    I smiled, "I'm really excited for school to be over."
    "Yeah me too. Any movies you want to see?" Andrew answered.
    I frowned, "Nope. I don't get to see movies much."
    Andrew shrugged, "That's okay. I'll have my sister pick out a movie for us. You like action or love better?"
    I rose my eyebrows, "Well action is like my life, and love is just boring. Maybe a love and action movie though."
    Andrew smiled, "Awesome. Enough of action but a pinch of love. Not to girly."
    I never noticed how tired I was until I smiled at Andrew. I laid my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes.
    "I'll wake you up when we get there." He whispered.

    Andrew woke me up once we got there. Becca nearly fell down the bus steps trying to stay glued to Percy. I had to hold back my laughter and Andrew just let it out. I smiled once he laughed.
    "Come on Bree, we gotta catch up to the group." Andrew said tugging my along."
    I stopped. It started to rain and I heard tons of songs about kissing in the rain. I wondered if it was actually as good as people say. Andrew got into my head right away and smiled.
    "It's raining." He said softly stepping closer. He was about as tall as I was. Maybe a centimeter taller than me.
    "Yep. Rain, rain please stay." I sang.
    Andrew smiled and leaned in to kiss me. I kissed him back feeling my heart beat out of my chest.
    "Andrew! Bree!" braked a voice, "Get back to the group!"
    I pulled away, "I'm so sorry we got in trouble."
    "It's okay Bree. Let's get out of the rain." He said smiling as big as I was.
    "Yeah. Let's go learn something new today." I replied.

    Chapter 18
    If you are a girl who feel head over heels and just got a kiss in the rain you start to find yourself giggling over the smallest things. Andrew didn't seem to mind, but I sure felt like a drunk monkey.
    We walked around looking at some pointing things called spears. I made a mental note not to let Sam or Thunder get a hold of one. Percy and Becca seems to keep on our trail. Andrew never let go of my hand, which I loved. I had to let my feeling for Percy fade away. Which wasn't hard. Andrew made me feel normal. He was able to make the funniest jokes out of the littlest things.
    "Okay kids!" barked the same voice that caught me and Andrew, "You have four minutes to stop doing whatever it is little annoying kids do! And get to the bus!"
    Andrew glanced at me, "I wonder what little annoying kids do?" He said jokingly
    "I'm not sure." - I lowered my voice - "maybe they kiss in the rain."
    Andrew smiled and combed his fingers threw my damp hair, "Yeah, I think they do that too."
    I brushed my fingers threw his hair making it spike up, "Let's get to the bus."
    He looked around, "Yeah I don't see anyone here. We better hurry."

    The bus was just pulling away when we raced out of the museum. The driver was not happy that we were late. Percy and Becca saved us a seat right behind them, how nice.
    "Hi I'm Becca." She said once we sat down.
    "Hello I'm Bree." I answered.
    Andrew bumped my knee which meant I had to be nice.
    Percy smirked and I shot him my best I'm-gonna-kill-you look and he wiped it off his face.
    "So you must be Andrew." Percy said holding out his hand.
    "Yes I am. I'm guessing you are Percy." Andrew said shaking Percy's hand.
    Andrew pulled away rubbing his hand, "That is quite a grip you got there."
    I glared at Percy and he smiled back.
    "Yeah he is very strong." Becca added batting her eyelashes at Percy.
    Percy flexed and Becca giggled.
    "So you two are dating." I said.
    Percy eyes widened and Becca giggled, "I guess so." Becca said quickly.
    "Uhh-" said Percy before I broke in.
    "How cute." I replied.
    Percy shot me his you-are-going-to-be-sorry look which a nearly laughed at.
    Becca looked at Andrew, "Have you are Bree kissed yet?" she asked softly.
    "Yep." Andrew answered.
    "You lier." said Becca.
    Andrew rose an eyebrow, "You wanna bet?"
    "Yeah I do." Becca answered.
    "Alright, I will kiss Bree right now. If I do you have to kiss Percy and if I don't you get to make fun of me." Andrew shot back.
    "It's on." Becca said having no problem with the bet.
    "It's okay, don't be nervous." Andrew whispered in my ear before his lips touched mine.
    Without thinking I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him.
    "Okay thats good." Becca said sounding grossed out.
    Andrew pulled away slowly.
    "Now I have to kiss Percy." Becca said putting on lipstick.
    Becca didn't want to waste time she wrapped her arms around Percy neck and went in for the kill. When she finally did stop Percy was wearing more lipstick than Becca was.
    "Wow." Percy said in shock.
    Becca's eyes lit up.
    Percy nearly jumped over her and into the empty seat across from her.
    Becca looked at the ground and Percy wiped the deep red lipstick off his mouth.
    Well he had to learn sometime.

    Chapter 19
    The bus ride back to school was very awkward for Becca and Percy. Andrew told Becca to leave Percy alone and she did not like that. Oh well, at least I had a great time.

    "Okay to twerps!" Mr. Walker bellowed, "Get off the bus in a calm order."
    Kids got off the bus, but not in a calm order. Mr. Walker got ran over by a couple kids, who afterwards, got detention.

    "Still excited?" Andrew asked as we walked back to our lockers.
    "Yeah, and nervous." I answered.
    "At least you don't think it's going to be awful with me." Andrew replied flipping hair out of his eyes. I couldn't believe how gorgeous he is. All mine, Andrew doesn't have anyone else, just me. I smiled at the thought.
    Ring! Ring! Ring! School's over. My body filled with joy and excitement. With out thinking once Andrew turned around to face me again after getting some school books I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. He was in a moment of shock but kissed me back.
    "Bree we might get in trouble." He whispered.
    "Sorry." I said.
    "Don't be." said Andrew softly.
    "See you later." I said.
    "Bye Bree." Andrew said.

    "Bree!" A.J called once I got outside and walked over to my flock.
    "Hi A.J." I called back.
    A.J looked at my flock and back at me again.
    "Oh this is Megan, Percy, Sam, Krystal, and Shane." I said nearly forgetting their "names" again.
    "Hello. My name is Alexandria Joy, A.J for short." A.J said happily.
    "Hello." my flock said all at once.
    "Bree we should get going before mom get worried." Sam broke in.
    Then a black mini van pulled up next to the curb and we all took a step back.
    "Need a ride?" a Nightmare asked.
    Oh great, I thought How are we suppose to get out of this one? That's right we weren't able to!! Time to make a break for it.

    Chapter 20
    e gotta get out of here!! Sam voice rang in my head.
    Don't you think I already though of that! I thought back bitterly.
    Sam smirked and went into a fighting stance.
    Travis laughed, "You gonna fight us in from of all these people?"
    "He's right we can't." I said slowly.
    "Spread out!" Percy ordered and everyone bolt.
    I ran into the woods and shot into the sky. I kept an eye out for everyone else. No luck.
    Right behind you. Sam voice popped into my head and I looked behind me.
    "Where is everyone else?" I yelled above the wind.
    "Roxie and Anna just got into the sky. Thunder is right behind me and Percy.." Sam trailed off.
    "Where's Percy?" I asked.
    Sam closed his eyes tightly then they shot open, "Right under us."
    I looked down and sure enough there was Percy turning into different animals. I stared at him in shock.
    "He can't control it yet." Sam confirmed.
    I dropped to the ground and watched Percy change from a snake to a panda to me and other things.
    "Just concentrate on one things Percy." I ordered.
    He closed his eyes tightly and slowly he went back into himself, "Did it work?"
    I nodded, "Yeah that power is so cool!"
    "Bree! Andrew is coming to pick you up anytime soon!!" Anna screamed once she landed.
    My eyes widened and I took the fastest running start possible. I snapped out my wings and took off like a bullet. I could not be late for Andrew. Everyone was behind me and we lost the Nightmares.
    Andrew's car wasn't n the driveway when I got there. Safe! I slipped into my bedroom window and Anna came in after me.
    "You are wearing something cute." Anna said matter-of-factly.
    Anna picked out some cute blue faded jeans with a black to that had a green Roxy heart in the middle.
    "So hot." Anna breathed.
    "You think so?" I asked slowly.
    "Totally." Anna said, "I even had Sarah order these shoes." She pulled out some Vans shoes that I thought looked cute. I just hoped Andrew like it.

    Knock, knock, knock. Andrew's here! I posed for Anna before I answered it. She gave me a sweatshirt which was a huge change in my wardrobe.
    "Hey Andrew." I said smiling.
    "Whoa. You look amazing." Andrew answered.
    "Thank you." I said giving a mental thanks to Anna.
    "Ready to go?" He asked.
    "Yep." I replied. Show time folks!

    Chapter 21
    Andrew's car was a silver Volvo. It looked brand new. I don't know about you but I love new car smell. He opened the door for me and I blushed and slipped inside.
    "This is really nice, Andrew." I said smiling.
    "Thanks, I got it last month for my birthday." Andrew said.
    "Want to listen to music?" He asked as we pulled out of the driveway.
    "Sure. I don't have a favorite kind of music though." I said truthfully. I was so glad he wasn't all dressed up, I was afraid I was suppose to be. I didn't have blood stained clothes; A plus, I had my hair brushed; A plus plus, and my clothes actually matched; A plus plus plus. Good job Bree.
    Andrew smirked as if listening to my thoughts, oh great. He pushed a button and music blared though the speakers.
    I covered my ears, "Turn it down!"
    He turned it down, "Sorry I didn't mean to do that."
    I removed my hands from my ears, "No problem. Why was it that loud?"
    Andrew shrugged, "I might have bumped it when I got in."

    The theater was packed with teens. Beaches were lined up against the right wall and kids were sitting in all of them. No one I knew was there, then again I just got here. Andrew took my hand and led me down a hall. There was a man in a red vest and his name was Francis according to his name tag.
    "You got ticket to see this movie?" Francis asked his voice gruff.
    "Yeah Francis. Let us in now." Andrew said impatiently.
    "Show them to me, kid." Francis added.
    Andrew rolled his eyes, "You know I bought the tickets, now just let us in."
    I guessed they knew each other I don't think they would allow the people working here to treat their costumers like this.
    "Andrew just show him the tickets." I whispered.
    He dug in his pockets and dug out two crumpled tickets, "There. Now move."
    Francis crossed his arms and something changed in him. He got bulkier, hairier, and bigger.
    Andrew's eyes widened and he pushed me behind him. I didn't know what was happening but our pal Francis wasn't a Nightmare, he looked normal before he morphed.
    "What is he?" I asked Andrew.
    "He would be a half man and half wolf we call them the Revolution, they took over for things called Nightmares." Andrew confirmed. How did he know that? He looked normal to me, but I probably looked normal to him.
    "Bree, I'm 98% human and 2% bird." Andrew said sadly.
    My eyes widened, "Me too." I breathed.

    Chapter 22
    I started at Andrew, my mouth wide open. More like me, but how. I thought we were mistakes. I glanced how the hallway and shrugged off my hoodie.
    I shook out my thirteen feet of featherlyness. How beautiful. Tan and white feathers. Andrew's jaw finally dropped and Francis stood still.
    Andrew relaxed his shoulders and his wings were very dark brown, like warm brownies. Francis was fully morphed and smiled a wofly grin, showing his fangs.
    "Well, well, well." Francis said, "Two freaks when I was only after one."
    Andrew got into a fighting stance, "Don't hold back."
    Francis smirked, "Not in my nature."
    Then the fight broke lose. How nice a date and a fight all in one! Francis wasn't the much different than Travis. He had the same weak spots, never used his head, and loved to fight.
    People started to fill into the hallway, then Francis bolt. I glanced at Andrew, nothing more than a broken nose for me, hopefully same for him.
    "How you holdin' up?" I asked.
    Andrew looked at me, "Just a bloody nose, nothing more."
    So much for looking pretty. Then Andrew smiled again. I was getting very frustrated with this. He turned out to be a bird kid, maybe stronger. No powers, that I know of.
    Andrew lowered his voice, "I can read minds. Does that count?"
    I dropped my shoulders, "Yes."
    "Might as well clean up and get some ice cream." I said sadly.
    He nodded and walked into the boys bathroom as I went into the girls. I looked into the mirror, weird no broken nose. I ran the water and washed my face. Note to self: Never get into a fight on a date, there is nothing to wash up nicely with.

    "What kind of ice cream you want?" Andrew asked.
    "Sundae please." I told the person at the desk.
    "What to you do want kid?" the gruff guy asked. He was the total opposite of what you think an ice cream man would be.
    "I'll have a sundae too." Andrew said.
    He rose an eyebrow, "Not gonna share with your lady friend?"
    I felt my cheek flush.
    "Get the sundaes." Andrew ordered.
    The man turned quickly and left.
    "So Bree. You're like me too." Andrew said.
    "Yeah. How were you created? Are there any other kids like you with you?" I asked quickly.
    "Lab. And no, just me." Andrew answered.
    "Here are your sundaes." A lady in all back said placing them on a table.
    "Here. Keep the change." Andrew said handing the woman a twenty.
    I leaned foreword, "Where did you get that money?"
    Andrew put a finger so his lips in a shush way. "I told you, my birthday."
    I winced when I sat back. My wings were not used to being held in this tight. Andrew slid in next to me and rubbed my back between my wings. I smiled.
    "Okay, maybe on my way here I robbed a few ATM machines." Andrew confessed after a while.
    "Don't worry, we've done that too." I said softly.
    "What do you mean we? You mean all of you; Percy, Megan, Sam, Krystal, Shane and you, are all like me?" Andrew said shocked.
    I shook my head, "Fake names. Me, Percy, Roxie, Sam, Annabeth, and Thunder are all like you. When actually you are like us. I know you were made after us."
    "What do you mean? We are exactly the same." Andrew said confused.
    "Wrong again. You took down Francis like he was butter. So you are built to defeat him. So you weren't a mistake, unlike us. Francis was easy, but harder than the Nightmares."
    Then I saw him. Travis getting out of the van with Abby and Francis.
    Andrew nodded, "We gotta go."

    Chapter 23
    We hopped into Andrew's Volvo and sped off. My heart was pounding and my head wouldn't wrap around the fact that Andrew was like us. He had no home, but why did he come to school? I had to remind myself that he was probably reading my mind right about now and I couldn't think about anything personal. Good thing I've already had practice with a mind reader.
    "Where do you go?" Andrew asked his eyes glued to the road.
    "My house." I said. The flock was there so if these creeps were following us, help was there waiting.
    "You good at flying?" Andrew asked looking at me.
    I nodded, "I've been flying for years now."
    "Up and away?"
    "Up and away." I agreed.
    Andrew pulled over and jumped into the air. I was right behind him. I looked back and sure enough the Nightmares were after us. They weren't armed, but they had wings! Travis' wings were not suppose to be there. Andrew laughed and I looked at him in alarm.
    "They aren't thinking kill the freaks like usual, they are thinking remember to flap!" Andrew said.
    I smiled, "We're almost there!"
    Andrew nodded, "Where do we land?"
    "In the yard!" I called over the wind. My wings felt free and at ease. Not stuck to my back so tightly they just might fall off. Andrew was hopefully going to be a member of the flock, I just hated good byes.
    "I would love to be in the flock, Bree." He called over his shoulder.
    I rolled my eyes, "That would be wonderful. Land!" I called back.
    The flock was already outside in a fighting stance. Their eyes widened once they saw Andrew. I smiled and waved. I hit the ground like a little pixie.. or something. I got into my fighting stance once the Nightmares and company got there. Just three of them, Travis, Abby, and Francis.
    Travis laughed, "You think you're gonna win, how funny."
    "Yes, very funny. You aren't gonna win you freaks!" Abby yelled.
    Sarah ran out of the house, "Stop this at once! You said you weren't gonna come here!"
    My eyes widened. Sarah was one of Them. Everyone's eyes were one her. She was one of Them all this time. I was ready to rip her apart.
    "Travis! Abby! Francis! Get out of here right now!" Sarah ordered.
    "Not so fast Sarah!" barked Logan's voice.
    Thunder stiffened and I knew he was scared. He was taken by them a while back. They took my Thunder.
    "Up and away!" I ordered.
    One by one the flock and Andrew got into the sky. Where were we going now? Hopefully Andrew had a lead on something.
    "As a matter of fact I do. We gotta go to New York." Andrew said.
    Sam grinned, "Mind reader?"
    "Oh yeah." Andrew said slapping high fives with Sam.
    "Okay flock! We're going to New York!"

    Chapter 24
    "Are we there yet?" Roxie asked impatiently. We had been flying for maybe five hours and we were over half way there. We stopped for some sleep and hit the sky right away the next day. Andrew seemed to be adjusting to the change. Thunder set a stink bomb on Andrew and he still stunk. The buy cracked up when the bomb finally went off. Roxie, Anna, and me wrinkled our noses in disgust. Yep, laughing at farts must be a guy thing. Us girl were more mature, if you don't mind me saying that. Oh, you do. To bad!
    Thunder gasped, "Look flying Nightmares!"
    I counted to ten in my head and took a deep breath, "Ok Thunder. That was funny the first hundred times. It's getting old."
    "Yeah dude. Come up with something else." Percy agreed.
    "No I'm not kidding this time! Look!" Thunder yelled.
    Sam groaned, "Ok Thunder by now I would have picked up on something. There is nothing there."
    "Yeah," Andrew agreed. "I'm even stronger than Sam is. No offense."
    I found myself getting sucked into Andrew's eyes and I shook my head, "Yeah Thunder. Look food!"
    The whole flock looked down and grinned. The only food we had lately was stuff we got out of Dumpsters. My stomach growled and I remembered how hungry I was. Sam and Andrew nodded at each other. I started to wonder what they were up to.
    Andrew is better at controlling minds so he is gonna "talk" to the manager so we can have an all you can eat buffet! Sam explained in my mind.
    Great. Good thinking! I said.
    "Where are they going?" Anna asked once Andrew and Sam went for a landing.
    "Food. Come on!" I said right behind Sam.
    Percy gave Andrew an icy glare and followed me to food. I knew he didn't approve of Andrew being with us, but if Becca was one of us Percy would be totally cool with it. I felt like giving him a strong right hook every time Percy did that.

    "We getting food?" Percy asked once Andrew walked out grinning.
    "Oh yeah for a whole month." Andrew said.
    Sam nodded, "Awesome right. He's a natural."
    Andrew shrugged, "It's nothing really."
    Andrew put his arm around my waist and we walked into the McDonalds. The scent was overpowering, in the best way possible. When you burn calories like a race car burns fuel you tend to need a lot of food and these workers were on overdrive. These mind readers/ mind controllers were awesome. I caught Andrew and Sam grinning. No doubt reading my mind. Then everything went downhill.
    "Hello Bree and the flock. Didn't get rid of us quiet yet." Travis said crossing his arms.
    "Told you." Thunder muttered.
    Oh nice. Everyone out there is you thought us getting this much food was gonna be easy you got another thing comin'.

    Chapter 25
    The whole flock was stunned, except Thunder who was standing there with his arms crossed and muttering "They never listen." over and over again. Percy shot him a glance to make him quite which didn't work. Andrew snapped his fingers and the workers jumped into a fighting stance. I saw Travis's eyes widen in surprise.
    Four maybe five Nightmares, where did they all go? I looked for faces I recognized. Only Travis. Wait, no Abby? I glanced at the flock that's when Travis launched himself at me. I turned and jumped out of the way before his boot caught me in the gut. Travis swung at my face and me cheek burned. Travis whipped his legs almost knocking me down. I spun and kept moving with a nice clean kick in Travis's jaw. He went on his knees and I clapped my hand hard on his ears making them pop and he went down. Then a furry arms went around my neck. Big mistake on your part. I thought harshly. I kicked back into his gut and my elbow connecting with his ribs making a large CRACK and he fell. I spotted something black on the back of the Nightmare's neck. I took a closer look and it had tomorrow's date on it. I touched it and nothing happened. It was like a tattoo of the date on his neck. I walked quickly over to Travis' body and checked his neck. He had today's date.
    "Bree! Look Out!" Anna screamed.
    I turned to see a Nightmare stop mid lunge and clench both hands over his throat gasping. He fell to his knees and I checked his neck. Today's date.
    "Andrew! Percy!" I called not taking my eye's off the date.
    "What is it?" Both boys asked at the same time, "You alright?"
    I looked at them and nodded, "But our Nightmare friends aren't."
    Andrew placed his hand on the date and frowned, "Well whoever did this knew that strong mind readers can pick up thoughts about whatever they touch. It nearly knocked me out."
    Sam ran over to us, "Don't touch that! I blacked out when I did."
    "See." Andrew said nodding.
    "So do you think these guys are getting wiped out? For things like Francis?" I asked.
    "Possibly. Francis would be able to take you guys out. But I'm stronger that Francis, so that doesn't make sense." Andrew explained.
    "Which means things like Francis would have been the mistake." Percy cleared up.
    "You guys gotta see this!" Anna called frozen in out spot new to Roxie.
    "Yeah. It's really important!" Roxie said after.

    "So those Nightmares just fell?" I asked once Anna and Roxie explained what happened.
    "Yeah. I was just punching air after a while." Roxie said.
    "I just looked at them and they fell with their hands around their throat." Anna said.
    So something was going to be made to wipe out something. Then I heard a hissing pass my ear. Shooting. Guy's ran into the McDonalds holding guns.
    "Come with us and no one gets hurt." one man said looking around.

    Chapter 26
    If you thought we were going to get down on our knees and beg for mercy you would be totally wrong! So wrong that you should get checked by a doctor. I saw maybe four guys. Easy enough. I hoped Sam or Andrew were reading my mind right about now.
    Oh, yeah. Andrew's and Sam's voice chimed in at the same time.
    Picking anything up from these guys? I asked in my leaderly way.
    Well they don't work for Sarah. They don't really know what they are doing. They just know they are suppose to get some mutants. Sam explained.
    "Are you going to come nicely?" the front man asked, "Or are we going to have to do this the hard way?"
    I rose an eyebrow. "The hard way?"
    "Show 'em James." the leader said not taking his eyes off me.
    the man standing next to the leader, James, look wry. Finally he nodded and hunched over. James started to grow in size and he growled in pain as he transformed. Newbie. I watched in horror. I've seen some gross stuff in my life time, and this made the Top Ten. His head grew before his body did. His hands caught up to the growth of his head soon enough. Seconds ticked by. Seconds felt like hours. I hunched over ready to leap up and attack him. Then a sharp pain was in my left wing.
    "Bree!" Anna screamed from behind me.
    My head snapped back. Great. My wing was getting full of blood. The guy shot me! Anger ran through my veins but before I could attack I felt tipsy and I blacked out.

    I woke up in the back of a truck. My head was on Andrew lap. I hoped I hadn't been drooling. My sight was a little fuzzy but I came to my senses soon enough. We were all here. I tried to sit up but found myself nearly blacking out again.
    "She's alive." Andrew said looking at everyone else.
    Cheers erupted from the flock. Everyone looked unharmed. Rage filled my veins again. Just because I was hurt didn't mean they could give in right away.
    They shot you, Bree. Then you blacked out so it wasn't just any bullet. I don't know what it was but you could have died. We, the flock, saved your life. Andrew's voice popped into my head and I groaned.
    He is right ya know. Sam's voice said inside my head. If I could get up I would have slapped him.
    "Where are we going?" I asked.
    "We don't know. They just threw us in here." Anna's little voice said.
    "Yeah. Scary." Sam muttered.
    "On the bright side. This cute dog was sitting in here." Anna said cheerfully. That's my girl. Always making the best of things.
    "Are you sure it's real?" I asked looking at what Anna was petting.
    "Oh yeah." Sam said, "It's really happy that people are finally here."
    "I am not an it." a voice said grumpily.
    Our eyes all looked at the dog who, I swear, smiled. It looked like a cross between a German Shepherd and a Golden Retriever mix with dirt and grime in its fur. Not cute. I shook my head trying not to looked shocked.
    I looked around everyone was sitting straight up in shock. Even Anna.
    "Why didn't you tell me you could talk Bear?" Anna asked the dog.
    "It's not like I lied about it." Bear replied.
    There you have it folks, a talking dog!

    Chapter 27
    I started to forget about my wing hurting as I watched to Bear talk. Anna was the only one not to be fazed by this. Then again, I was surprised I was. Then we came to a stop and I hit my head to the back of the truck and I tried to hold in my scream.
    There were a few pale Nightmares there to watch us get out of the truck. I watched them carefully as I got out. They tied our hands behind our backs, except Andrew's. Weird. I stayed by Sam, he knew I wanted to know what was going on in Andrew's head but sadly Andrew would know he was reading his thoughts.
    "Where are we? Where are we going? I can't see anything you know! Why do I smell Nightmares? Did someone fart?" Roxie kept going on and on.
    "Roxie shut it. We are trying to stay alive." Percy snapped.
    "Just come alone you freaks, you won't die." a Nightmare muttered sadly. I felt bad for him, he knew when he was going to die. Unlike us.

    "Stay here. The Director will be with you shortly." the Nightmare said sounding depressed, "The windows can't be broken." Then he ran into one and just bounced off not making a dent.
    I took a step back and sat down. "Roxie can you help me here?"
    "Sure." Roxie followed the sound of my voice and sat down next to me, "Your wing?"
    I nodded then remembered she couldn't see, "Yeah. It hurts. Left one."
    She ran her fingers along my wing, "Here it is. It feels deep. I won't be able to get the bullet out."
    I groaned, "How great, I can't fly like this."
    Andrew was in the other side of the room alone, watching us carefully. He didn't say a word since we got here. I knew something was up, but what? Could he possibly be one of Them? There was a knock on the door.
    "Here is some food. Eat up." a Nightmare said.
    There was tons of food. Shrimp, pizza, mac & cheese, fudge, ice cream, stuff to make tacos, and.... birdseed. It was birdseed!
    "Guys, it that birdseed?" I asked cracking up.
    Percy looked over and laughed, "It is birdseed!"
    "Yay! I needed to build a nest too, I'm beat." Anna said giggling.
    Even my little Thunder laughed. We were all on the floor holding our sides laughing. Tears were streaming from my eyes and my sides hurt. I kept on laughed and making jokes about the birdseed. Bear even laughed.
    "The Director is ready to see you now." a Nightmare said in a gruff voice. He wasn't dying anytime soon.
    My stomach flipped and I got up. Time to see the good ol' Director.

    Chapter 28
    Anna clenched my hand, "I'm scared." I looked at her. This place was scary. Other than them giving us birdseed. These Nightmares were getting replaced with stronger, smarter ones. Andrew knew about them. Why wasn't he helping us. My wing started to hurt again and an assistant had me extend my wings so he could get the bullet out. I know what your thinking. Yes, I am trusting someone or something. We passed rooms where we heard people screaming in pain and agony. Things slithered, hopped, or walked out of other rooms. Anna was near tears when we saw a kid that looked around Thunder's age lying in a crate motionless. I held her close and kept following the Nightmare.
    The Director was nothing like I've ever seen. His insides were stuck in glass shoeboxes. You could see everything inside him. If I hadn't grown up in a dog crate I would have barfed right there. He was sitting, or stacked, behind a desk giving orders to his assistant. Once he spotted us he wheeled out from behind the desk to greet us.
    "Hello." he said. His voice sounded like a record that had been played over and over again, "I'm so glad you could join us."
    "That makes one of us." I replied. Since it was his first Bree encounter I decided to play it nice, at first.
    The Director blinked, "Get the screen ready."
    The assistant went to work right away and soon the screen blinked on and showed people from all over the word.
    Andrew was standing in the corner farthest away from the Director. He watched the Director carefully like an animal would watch its prey. I decided to keep a careful eye on him now.
    The Director scanned the room, "All for sale, except the one in the corner."
    My eyes widened, "Why isn't Andrew for sale?"
    The Director made a noise that sounded like he chuckled, "I made him. I'm not selling something that I made."
    I glared at Andrew. Why was I even surprised. I felt like ripping someone's head off. Andrew set us up, I couldn't believe him. Anna let go of my hand and stepped back, as did the whole flock.
    "I'm sorry Director, I would love to stay but it's getting late my mother will wonder where I was. I really need to destroy Andrew before supper time. So if you don't mind." I said launching myself and Andrew. He dodged it easily. The flock stepped in throwing punches and kicks everywhere.
    Go down the hall and the fourth door on your left will be a room. Get onto one of the computers. Once you are logged on click on file five. It has everything you need to knock to find your parents. I'm sorry Bree. Andrew voice said in my head and I stopped mid-punch.
    "Flock. Out!" I ordered. Everyone raced to the door and Andrew took care of the Director. I wiped tears off my face as we ran to the room. The door was unlocked and no one was in there. Sam gave me the be-careful-someone-is-hiding-in-here look. I raced to the computer and typed quickly. I couldn't get in. I slammed my fists on the counter in frustration.
    "Bree. I got a new skill. Check it out." Anna said running over to my and placing her hand on the computer. She started typing and clicking faster than the speed of sound. Then we were in.
    "Good job." I said nodding and she grinned. I looked for file five, which didn't take long. There was page after page of information. Where was the print button? Bingo. I clicked on it then papers flew out of the printer next to me just as fast as Anna hacked into the computer. I grabbed the papers and ran out of the room with the flock behind me.
    "Where to now?" Thunder asked once we were flying high.
    "I don't know. How about Meg's?" I said.
    Percy shook his head, "No. And Bear is kinda heavy."
    Bear barked happily, "Well you wouldn't be as light as a feather either."
    "How about France." Anna suggested.
    The flock broke out into chanting "France! France! France!"
    "Okay, France it is."

    Chapter 29
    hunder, Sam, and Percy weren't so excited on going to Pairs they would rather go watch a NASCAR race. I told them that once we were done at Paris we would go where they wanted, maybe. We were flying for about three hours then we hit New York. We landed and got some food.
    "This is so cool. So many people we will blend right in." Sam said looking around.
    "Maybe we will see someone famous." Anna said happily.
    "Maybe if we were in Cali, not New York." I replied trying not to crush her dreams. We all ate tons of hot dogs, thanks to Andrew we had tons of money. I still couldn't believe he was one of Them. It just didn't add up. Since Sam couldn't read his mind we had no idea what he would be thinking.
    "It's okay Bree. He will come back saying he is sorry soon enough." Sam said reading my thoughts.
    I nodded. I couldn't show the flock that I was this sad about leaving Andrew there with Guts-In-A-Box. Then I remembered the papers I had. I pulled them out of my hoodie and started looking at them. I saw Thunder's ID number then the name he chose next to it.
    "Guys look!" I exclaimed showing them the paper, "It's Thunder's. Maybe it will have is address."
    "Could those be coordinates?" Sam asked pointing to some numbers and shoving the last bit of chili cheese dog in his mouth.
    I looked at them. If they were coordinates that would be far from here. I nodded and got up finishing my hot dog. Flock rule number two: Never let food go to waist. My flock followed me into the sky.
    "Are you sure this is safe?" a voice asked and I looked around.
    "Yes, Bear. It is very safe." Anna said in a singsongy voice. Having Bear around was different. He weighed less than the average dog, and he talked. Could he also have wings? Possibly.
    "Why is New York so great anyways? You can't see anything!" Roxie muttered.
    "I'm rolling my eyes Roxie." I told her. I felt for her I really did, but sometimes she could keep her mouth shut.
    "Land." I said once we reached where we were going. It was just a run down old building saying Bo's Hair Cuts five dollars. I looked at Thunder who looked bummed.
    "Sorry Thunder." Anna said putting a hand on his shoulder.
    Thunder choked out a laugh, "I shouldn't have even got my hopes up."

    Chapter 30
    Thunder was quiet the rest of the night. I felt sorry for the kid. He had been through so much. He was taken by the Nightmares, and now this. We planned on checking into a hotel, hopefully Sam could get us in for free. He was practicing on Bear to control minds. Finally we had to get Sam to stop because Bear had an extra colorful vocabulary once he found out his mind wouldn't obey him.
    "Can anyone translate?" I asked when we landed behind a hotel. I tucked my wings in along my back.
    "Je peux. Je suis très bon dans ce domaine." Bear said.
    The whole flock looked at him like he was crazy. We were all used to the look but Bear wasn't. Bear inched away once he saw the looks we were giving him.
    "I can. I am very good at it." Bear clarified.
    I pointed at a sigh that read Bienvenue au Hilton Paris La Défense. "What does that say?" I sure hoped he knew cause I had no idea. I tried to pick out some words I knew, like Hilton. I've heard of Pair Hilton.
    "Welcome to Hilton Paris La Défense." Bear answered. The words seems to roll right off his tongue like he was born speaking French, unlike the rest of us.
    Percy clapped his hands together, "Okay, lets go get our rooms."
    "Bonjour. Comment puis-je vous aider?" a blond tall lady asked when we walked up to the counter.
    "Chambre pour sept s'il vous plaît." Bear answered and I swear he winked at her and smiled.
    The lady didn't say anything s she must not have noticed, "Par ici s'il vous plaît."
    We followed the lady into a huge room. This was gonna cost us. Sam closed his eyes tightly the way he did when he practiced on Bear and the blond lady had a glassy look in her eyes. She froze in one spot and wouldn't move. Sam put two fingers to his temples which meant she was easy to control.
    "Félicitations! Votre chambre est libre aussi longtemps que vous le souhaitez!" the lady said and walked out.
    Bear's eyes widened, "Free room! Do we get free room service?"
    Sam nodded and the boys slapped high fives and called room service right away. I got into the shower right away. I was scared the hot and cold was going to be in French too, but to my luck there was a red H for hot and a blue C for cold. I peeled off my clothes and felt the water clean my body.
    "This is the life." Sam said closing his eyes and putting his hands behind his head once he finished six bowls of free ice cream. Anna and Roxie nodded in approval. I would hate to tell them that this couldn't last forever. Percy handed me some papers with the coordinates of our houses. I sighed and set them aside.
    "So, what now?" Roxie asked flipping black hair out of her sightless eyes.
    "I'm not sure. Just relax and keep an eye out for anything weird." I answered.
    Thunder snorted, "Kids with wings tops my list."
    "You know what I mean. Anything that looks like someone is after us. Like people that look to perfect." I clarified.
    Thunder and Sam nodded at the same time grinning from ear to ear. I rose an eyebrow and their smile's faded slowly. Then there was a loud boom from the girls room and Anna came out gagging. Stink bomb. Thunder and Sam got up and ran faster than you could blink, they knew they were in trouble. I laughed and went after them.

    Chapter 31
    As I chased after them I noticed something I wished I didn't. Four way to perfect men walk into the hotel. I saw Sam and Thunder stop in their tracks. I gulped and hoped neither of them could speak French. I saw one lean close to the very nice and easy to trick woman. She didn't seem to mind the man an inch away from her face. I saw her actually smile so I was guessing that one man knew French. Sam and Thunder inched forward before I could grab them.

    Something isn't right... Sam's voice spoke in my mind. Their heads are confused and twisted.
    When aren't their minds twisted? I thought back. The way Sam thought it made me feel like they were actually confused and twisted. They might have had no idea what they were doing. I wondered if it was like someone was controlling their minds and I saw Sam nod. I looked around and saw no one. They didn't have a weird glassy look in their eyes so it wasn't Sam doing it. Them a dark figure walked in. Hair that would make midnight run for its money. Dark Levi jeans and steel toed boots. His head was down so no one could look at his face. His hands were shoved into his pockets and Sam and Thunder came back to me.
    "He is a mind reader." Sam whispered, "I can't get into his mind. What do we do?"
    "Just try Sam. We need to know." I said soothingly and he nodded.
    "Just believe you can do it." Thunder cheered.
    The boy smirked but didn't look like he was fighting anything. I tried to concentrate so he couldn't get into my mind. Then I flinched and felt a chill run down my back. Sam screamed and fell to the ground. I looked at the boy and he laughed under his breath. I grabbed Sam and raced back to our room with Thunder right behind me. Thunder kept screaming in pain but was still behind me. Then I felt pain run through my body and I tried not to make a sound. I kicked open the door and placed Sam on the couch and he awoke with a start. Thunder wasn't screaming and the pain left my body. So far the boy in black couldn't get us. Yet. I looked at my flock who looked untouched. Percy met my eyes and nodded.
    "Time to go." Percy announced and Roxie ran into the room.
    "Who is the party crasher?" she asked.
    "We are in danger, we have to go." I countered.
    "Well butter my butt and call my a biscuit." Bear said, "Aren't you guys always in danger?"
    He had a point but we could run from the danger. We could be safe before anything worse happened. Then I felt the same pain fill my body again.
    "Everyone hide! Then up and away!" Percy ordered quickly and I dropped in pain. Percy scooped me and and took off out the back door. The flock was already in the sky and Sam was holding his own. All as tough as tacks. Even tacks get damaged sometimes, and I knew that. I screamed and felt the pain start to fade away, slowly. Not fast enough. I wanted to roll out of Percy's arms and go splat below. The pain was like someone putting knives through my chest over and over again. I closed my eyes tightly and held onto Percy telling myself it was going to be over soon. Percy held me close to his chest and I felt the heat of his body mix with mine and my heart sped up. The pain was finally gone as we made our way into Finland. I looked down and got dizzy and Percy held on tighter.
    "What have you been eating, rocks?" Percy asked.
    "Why does your head need some?" I grumbled.
    Percy kissed my forehead, "Glad you stopped screaming." I felt my cheeks heat up and I stretched out my wings and Percy shook his head, "Roxie said you shouldn't fly so I'm stuck carrying you."
    I looked around for Roxie who was below us, "Roxie can I fly?"
    "No. Now stop asking!" Roxie called back.
    "I only asked once." I muttered.
    Percy shrugged and smiled. I loved him so much. Wait, forget I said that. Why did I break up with him in the first place, I was in love with him. Forget that too.

    Chapter 32
    We all landed in an abandon forest in the middle of the night. We started a fire and all got ready for bed. I told everyone how much pain I was in and they had been in pain too.
    "What about you Percy?" Anna asked wiping tears off her face, "What was your pain like?"
    Percy looked at her confused, "I felt fine, never better. Way better actually."
    "Percy might have a new skill." I said, "Someone punch him."
    Percy put his hands up for defense, "Or I could punch a tree."
    "Not nearly as fun, but it would work. He can't hold back." Roxie said.
    Thunder and Sam picked out the tree Percy had to punch. Thunder and Sam were trying to hold in their laughs when we got over there. I looked closer and there was a heart with mine and Percy's names carved into it. I glanced at Percy whop was blushing, which made me blush.
    "This tree? Why?" I asked wishing I hadn't. I knew Percy was hurt after I told him the flock needed to be safe.
    Thunder and Sam's smile faded and jerked to the tree, "Punch it."
    Percy raised his fists and jumped into his fighting stance. His tough face was breaking through and I tried not to smile because that face is so dang cute. He swung once, twice, three times. His knuckles started to bleed and he wasn't even wincing.
    "Okay stop!" I ordered. I stared at his hands in horror. He couldn't feel pain. Sam, Anna, and Percy were getting less cravings for blood, which wasn't a big problem. Percy looked at his hands and his jaw fell open.
    "Can you feel that?" Sam asked looking at Percy's bloody knuckles.
    Percy shook his head, "No. We need to find those scientist. I don't want to be like this."
    I never heard anyone in my flock say that. I wanted to pull Percy right up to those guys and fix him. Then again I wanted to punch him and tell him to snap out of it.
    Thunder's eyes widened, "I know just who to go to."

    Chapter 33
    We stared at Thunder. I was scared to find out his answer. I didn't know if this was a joke and he didn't know who could help us. But if he did know, who was it? Part of me wanted to tell Thunder to keep his little mouth shut. The other wanted to know; with all my heart, who it was. I gulped and glanced around. Everyone's mouth was hanging open or their hand was over it.
    "Thunder," I began. "What do you mean?" Thunder was combing his hair with his fingers making it standing straight up with all the sweat and oil.
    "I had a dream. Lily is in England. I saw her she was walking around and I saw the British flag everywhere." Thunder admitted. Confusion tiptoed into his eyes. He probably thought everyone was going to be so happy jumping up and down. To his surprise we were doing the opposite. "She saved my life, Bree. Please."
    Lily. Save my Thunder? Why? How? When? He never said that. Maybe he was making it up just so we would go. Or he was trying to escape his past.
    Yes, that is what he is trying to do. Go to England. a voice rang in my head.
    Sam, you can just say this out loud. I replied.
    I'm not Sam. Nor am I Andrew. the voice answered.
    Who are you? What are you? Why are you in my head? I asked frantically.
    Nothing. Great. I looked back at Thunder.
    "Okay, we will go to England." I said confidentially.
    The flock smiled. I knew they were nervous, I was too. I wondered if Sam was able to pick up on the voice. I guessed not since he hadn't asked about it. I was still going to ask him later.
    I shut my eyes and located England. Since we had bird in us, we could do everything a bird could do. I started flying to England once the coordinates hit me. The flock followed one-by-one.
    Percy flew up next to me, "Thanks."
    I looked at him confused, "For what?"
    "You are saving my life, Angel."
    "It's all in a days work. Saving people's lives. Wait, did you just call me Angel?"
    "You don't like it?" Percy asked turning his head to the side like a confused puppy.
    I felt heat rush to my cheeks, "It was just... unexpected."
    Percy kissed his fingers and touched my forehead, "I never stopped loving you."

    Chapter 34
    I looked at Percy in shock. Did he just say he loved me? No. He couldn't have. I blinked trying to say something but the words got caught in my throat. I didn't know how to tell him that I loved him too. That is the weird thing about me. When I'm mad, angry, or annoyed I have no problem showing it. If I am scared, sad or love someone then Houston we have a problem.
    "Bree?" Percy asked looking hurt, "You okay?" His eyes started to harden again and he set his jaw. Yep, he was hurt. He thought I didn't love him back, the truth was, I might love him too much. Was that even possible?
    "I love you too." I said feeling the words roll right off my tongue. I felt sweat on my palms and the back of my neck.
    Percy grinned, "Please give me another chance Bree. I can't seem to stop loving you."
    Watch out Bree. Voice rang in my head, You can't love get in the way of you emotions and actions. Remember the flock. Your goal.
    Will you shut up?! I thought bitterly back.
    I nodded, "I would love to." I threw my arms around him. My wings tucked in so all his power held us up. Hopefully he didn't stop flapping.
    Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Sam voice chanted in my mind and I smiled matching Percy. I was guessing that Sam was telling both of us. Percy closed the space in between us. His touch sent electricity through my body. His mouth touched mine softly at first. Then with passion and Percy determination. It slowly traveled to my brain that Percy was kissing me. Once it did register, I never had been happier.
    "Aww, how sweet." I heard Anna say.
    "What? What's going on?" Roxie asked.
    "Get a room!" Sam called.
    "Cover your eyes!" Thunder said.
    Once Percy pulled away he grinned, "I missed you."
    "So what now?" Anna asked before I could say something.
    "Find the guy that put us threw pain, get Percy able to feel, and find our parents." I answered. Then Percy screamed in pain and held his hands that were still bleeding.
    "It hurts!" he yelled.
    "Late reaction?" I wondered looking at Roxie who shrugged.
    We landed and Roxie and I carried him down. He stopped yelling and swearing. I ran my fingers threw his hair trying to comfort him. Roxie bandaged his knuckles and frowned.
    "Why did he have a late reaction to the pain?" I asked.
    "Well when I touched his cuts before it felt like nothing was there now these were some bad cuts." Roxie explained, "So someone or something was messing with our heads."
    "So I could feel all along?" Percy asked.
    Roxie nodded stiffly.
    Then I saw him again. The guy who put us threw pain. I held onto Percy tightly but nothing happened and the guy advanced.
    "I think we have met before." the guy said once he reached us. I still wasn't feeling anything but Percy looked uneasy.
    "Who are you?" I asked my voice cold and harsh.
    "Black Hand." he answered, "Yes, I can make people feel pain. Or in his case" -he jerked his head to Percy who flinched- "not feel pain."
    "Black Hand?" I asked, "Why?'
    Black Hand rolled up his left sleeve showing a pitch black hand with tons of scars."
    I gasped and froze.
    "Come with me and nothing bad will happen." Black Hand explained.

    Chapter 35
    The Black Hand scared me. I asked him if I could call him Blacky and he didn't answer, so I thought it was alright. I stayed next to Percy like we were glued together. Blacky got us into a huge black truck.
    Percy's eyes darted around. No doubt looking exits like we learned to. He squeezed my hand and I returned the pressure. Sam and Thunder were placing bet to see if we were gonna kiss or not. Anna was watching us like a romantic movie. I trued to block them from my head.
    You shouldn't do that. You might forget about them and never remember. Voice barked in my head. Voice sounded like a man. A very familiar man. I couldn't place him.
    I will remember them. They are family. I just don't want them making faces and placing bets. I thought back bitterly.
    "It will be okay Bree. There is an exit right above us." Percy whispered in my ear.
    I looked around trying not to make it obvious and spotted the roof exit escape right above Percy's dark head.
    "Give me and boost." I whispered. Percy cupped his hands and lifted me up. I punched it open and the flock jumped up.
    "Everyone be quite." Percy said in a hushed voice. Everyone nodded and shut their mouth.
    First Thunder was out and army crawling on the roof trying to not get blown off. Sam was next and narrating everything that was happening. Anna wasn't so good with this idea. Blacky terrified her and she didn't want to get caught. Finally Sam used his mind control to get her to listen to us. Roxie was harder. Maybe because she was heavier. Percy had to get her up and Roxie nearly fell off the truck. Once everyone was onto of the truck we extended our wings and glided off.
    "We're free!" Sam yelled punching the air.
    "Bree!" called a voice. Andrew.
    I kept flying and the flocked turned.
    "Hi Andrew!" Anna said waving.
    "Bree! I know your mad but please listen." Andrew said.
    "It would be a good idea, he could use mind control." Sam muttered.
    "Fine." I said coldly.

    "Thanks. Please hear me out." Andrew began. "I can't control minds anymore. I can't even fly right. We are all gonna die."
    "How do you know?" I asked.
    "I worked for them remember." Andrew said.
    "Where do we go?" Anna asked.

    Dear Fans,
    We know someone is after us so we can't tell you where we are going.
    Fly on, Percy.
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