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    Default Kayla Kaya's back! With another quote:D

    Now, I've looked through my journal of writings (Yes, I have a journal of my own writings o-o Aren't I, like, so aweshum like that?:-D)
    Anyways, I want you to give me your TRUE opinion about this one. Because lately all i've been hearing is "Beautiful" or "NICE!" (I mean, it's nice and all, and it really means a lot to me, but that doesn't really seem like a great answer. Pretend that this is a essay of how you like something, only the essay is only 5+ words o-o)
    Soooo, yeah. But, still though, i'm not going to be bossy, so, you don't have to listen to me =P
    Anyways, tell me if you liked it!-

    "I love you" doesn't fit it. Its not the right way to explain it. If there was any word beyond love, I would use it. I doubt that could even fit it though. Because everytime I see you, the light inside me glows like a million fireworks fired at the same time. You create me a smile that this whole world never seened before. But when you leave, no matter how long it takes, I want to scream and yell inside my very heart. And let it beat and bleed until every second in the world's lifetime has passed. I feel empty. But whenever you return, the joy and happiness of every enternal memory was not mentioned, because the only memory I need, is the one i'm living now.

    Hehe, yeah, it needs more passion o-o. I don't know if "somehow" someone else copied that one in less than a second and pretended it was theirs, so i'm going to create another one. Just in case you think I copied that one.

    This one was mentioned at my FR FB, so I have at least SOME Proof. Here it goes:

    A person is not judged by their appearance, or their act. They are not judged by words, or mistakes. And, they are not judged by people. Everyone’s mind acts differently. It could tell you to save someone, or save yourself. It c...ould tell you to sleep, or stay awake. It could tell you anything. But, sometimes, listening to yourself isn’t always going to solve things. A conflict between others isn’t going to make things better. Don’t judge others for the way they act, or the person they’ve become. They will face their own consequences. Just as you will face yours. –Kayla Kaya

    There we go

    You know what, what the heck =P I'm posting another one:

    Life is like a dictionary; It gives you the meaning of each word, but it never forms a story. But Love is different; It can never be defined. It creates the most dramantic, amazing, story that you wished would just come to life. But Life and Love Together, is something that is almost impossible; No relationship is perfect. No heartbreak could be taken care of alone. But Love is still holding all the wonders out there, someone is always looking for you; Just as you're looking for them. You will find them, just make sure you found the right one. ~Kayla Kaya

    Alright, I won't bore you with more o.o Sheesh =P Tell me what you think with either one* of those

    *Or more


    Its not working.

    Remember those things you said?
    About my hair, my clothes, and my personality?
    You insult me each day, and I was too much of a nice, senestive, and dumb person to realize it.
    But, now, it's not working.
    Remember how you lied?
    Every single day?
    You lied until you were finally broke loose. You can't even control yourself.
    Who knows how you even recieved friends in this world.
    Remember how you said you were popular/nice/awesome?
    Ha! What a bragger, you always acted like you were a popular movie star.
    Stop it. It's not working.
    All those lies
    All those endless trails of forgotten tears.
    Invisable drops that eventually dies.
    And all those groundless fears.
    Just stop with your bragging
    stop everything single thing you're doing.
    It's not working.
    Simple as that, no need to rush
    No need to answer
    No need to create a fuss.
    Stop everything you're doing and listen for once.
    Stop acting weird, or physco, or crazy
    You're acting liek a dunce.
    Mean, selfish, lazy.
    Just stop with your bragging.
    Just stop every single thing you're doing.
    It's not working.
    Its never going to.
    Its not working.
    Never meant to be.
    It's not working.
    If you could only see.
    It's not working.
    So stop insulting,
    stop bragging,
    stop everything.
    You were created a person, so act like one.
    Stop being some lazy moran following everyone else. Express yourself.
    Stop being mean and hateful,
    have some respect.
    This is not a video, it's reality.
    You can't go back in time or any of that c--
    So pay attendtion to what you're doing,
    before I become a dirty mouth teacher.
    THAT POEM WAS NOT CREATED FOR ANY OF THE FRI MEMBERS OR STAFF, NO ONE FROM THE FR GAME, AND NO ONE IN PERSON. It was created for a person who always seemed to be my friend, but never acted like one. Its personal.
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    Forget your past. Right now, You're in the future. You may feel pain, or hurt, or suffering, but you should never go down. Unless you allow yourself to. ~K.K.

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    Default Re: Kayla Kaya's back! With another quote:D

    I absolutely love the first line of the second one. Can I use it as my siggie if I credit you?

    "Know therefore that the LORD your God is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments..." -Deuteronomy 7:9

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    Default Re: Kayla Kaya's back! With another quote:D

    You may I'm glad you enjoyed it! ^-^
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    Forget your past. Right now, You're in the future. You may feel pain, or hurt, or suffering, but you should never go down. Unless you allow yourself to. ~K.K.

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