Hey there! This is a small story, or soon big... story, which means that Jamie has days that she can't hear too much, so she goes "What?!" in any moment. That will cause some troubles!
Part 1:
So, at a great day, Jamie woke up in the morning, she didn't noticed Mia, her dalmatian, was outside, suffering from cold in the morning rain. She gasped. "Mia! Come in!" she yelled. Mia came and shaked her fur, giving Jamie a wet bath. So both took their breakfast. "Woof woof." Mia said. "Oh you really need to go to the potty?" Jamie said. She walked to the bathroom and waited for Mia to finish. Later, Jamie took a bath, Mia aswell. Jamie jumped on her horse, Mia on her boots. Both ran to Sanctuary to finish Mia's training. "So, do you really like training?" Jamie asks Mia. "Woof..." Mia nods. They reach the training zone. "I will come for you at lunch, ok?" Jamie said running to Queen Valerian's castle.
She entered. "You must give me your indentification card." a guard said. "What?!" Jamie yelled. Both guards pointed at her with the swords. Jamie gasped.

To be continued...