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    INstance Book#1


    Chapter#1 - Discovery
    Chapter#2 - The Liars
    Chapter#3 - What?
    Chapter#4 - The Evil Stranger
    Chapter#5 - Meet Truth
    Chapter#6 - Race & Time
    Chapter#7 - Love Cease to Exist


    To know that things weren't going to be right actually felt abnormal. My name is Jennifer Taylor, I'm a straight A+ student that street races at night. I've always known that some day I'll be able to know what my true purpose on Earth, but to know that I have to be engaged is the worst. It all started on my first day of school in Bellantive High School. Since I'm the new kid I knew that something awful would happen, usually it's at lunch since it seems convenient, but this time it was actually during school hours. I was in my math class which I had for fifth period and it seems that the bell won't ring at all. I discovered that everyone was wearing a uniform, that literally ticked me off and of course people made fun of me during lunch time. I felt irritated and a girl with geeky glasses, long auburn colored hair, deep violet eyes appeared. If she took off her geeky glasses and wore the school uniform in a non-geekish way, I'd say she actually would look cute. "I'm Alice Vivianne." The geekish girl said warmly. "Jen." I replied absentmindley. I tried ignoring Alice the geek but it seems she is use to being ignored and kept on asking me questions. "What do you think of Bellantive?" Alice asked breathlessly. Finally I replied tiredly, "It seems ok, 'cept for some people." Alice smirked before stating, "Well of course you would like Bellantive, it's the most organized and hardest school to attend to, only the smart people are able to enter unless your rich." I felt irritated when she began to start talking like she knew everything, "I wonder why your talking ("Geek_Girl123")." I muttered before dumping my trash from my lunch try in the trash can, then of course the barbie girls appeared flanked by twins. "Hi there, "I was just wondering if you would like to join us at our slumber party?" Asked what must've been the barbie leader. She tossed her golden hair behind her shoulders and stood there like a super model. I felt comical while she was in front of me, I literally ran away from her and grabbed Alice's hand and dragged her to the girls' bathroom. "Ow! You didn't have to drag me." Alice cried out. I glared at her before combing my hair and explained casually about what happened with me and the barbie girls. "Wow, I really was thinking that the wicked witches would ask you to hangout with them, but in front of people? Crazy!" Alice gushed. I frowned and waved my hand in front of her, "Hey earth to Alice, I'm not going to hangout with them and to settle things straight, you shouldn't wear those geeky old school glasses."

    Alice rolled her eyes and explained to me that they aren't real, "Besides I want you to meet my brother Carlos." I nodded and followed Alice outside of the school building to a guy who looked about 21 years old. "Alice!" Cheered the guy before hugging her. "Hey Carlos! Meet my new friend Jen." Alice replied with a goofy grin on her face. "Hola senorita, it's good to know that my sister is making new friends with new people." Carlos greeted me warmly. "Hi." I mumbled, I didn't do too well when it came to saying hi. Alice and I said goodbye to Carlos before heading back to class. "Bye Jen, hope you had a good day!" Alice cried out before leaving me. "Bye!" I yelled back before entering my classroom. To be exact this happened last week, right now I'm in the woods wandering around when it happened.

    The Liars

    I woke up to the sound of a low growl coming from a nearby cave when it came out. The werewolf stared at me coldly before howling to the stars, I heard the bushes make loud noises by the werewolves that were arriving. "What shall we do with the scum?" Asked a she-wolf, her voice sounded old and weary. A loud deep dark voice spoke, "She is of no use if she can't complete the tasks in store for her, the legion of rome is going to conquer our kind. If she resists she is of no use to us and can be sacraficed to our patron." I groaned out loud, and looked at all of the werewolves surrounding me before a hand grabbed my arm roughly helping me stand up. "Ow..." I muttered before being escorted inside a cave. I was forced to sit by the fire with other werewolves that seemed to be in charge by the looks of it. "You are a very stubborn human that needs to know its place. We might even torture you till you submit." The she wolf said in her old and weary voice. I stared in fear for her eyes are so black that I can see the emptiness in them. "Stop it Yarmile, your scaring the scummy human. I've seen you street race." Spoke the deep voice. I stared at him, he has electric blue eyes that seem so hypnotizing. "My name is Jennifer not scum, human, or scummy human. What in the world am I doing here and how did I get here?" Jen said defiantly. That's when Alice appeared, her deep violet eyes seemed to be saying "soooo sorry." I glared at her before asking, "Alice? What are you doing here?!" Alice stared at me uncomfortably before replying, "This is my pack and we really need someone like you to defeat the Legion of Rome." Jennifer stared at Alice confused before she demanded her release. "You can't leave Jennifer Taylor, our kind will need your help to defeat the Legion of Rome unfortunately." Said the old she-wolf. Jennifer frowned then gasped, "What about my parents? What about school?" "Your parents' mind has been erased to the point where they never had you." Yarmile spoke with a slight smirk.

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