since i'm planning on bieng a author when i grow up, i'm making names up for my stories, heres a little of the beggining of Erithine
The destruction of shkellig way woods

Brooke was on her way back from school, in the shkellig way woods, when she turned round a tree and saw a mushroom, around 10 feet tall. This, as you could of guessed, was'nt normal at all, so she went up, and out of curiosity, taped a particular spotty patch, and wierdly, she was blown off her feet and a gigantic hole opened in the ground, and the mushroom fell through the ground, and with the mushroom went a few trees, and the hole got bigger and bigger, and as the hole got bigger, the faster Brooke ran....

Hope you enjoyed it, if i get to make the book, it probably wont look like this, so class this is a kinda...unique preview?