Nate. Born in one place for a reason, the one time he leaves his town, is the one time he is put in danger. The one time he needs his friends, is the one time he has been betrayed.

Chapter 1

"Nate, wake up!" demanded Alex, with a yawn. Nate didn't budge. He just groaned. "Ok. How about this? Wake up, or I'm putting ice in your bed!" said Alex, giggling. "I'm up!" yelled Nate as he jumped out of bed. As Nate slowly opened his eyes, he realized it was only 6:30 a.m. "You better sleep with your eyes open, Alex," Nate warned, as both the boys laughed. As Nate got dressed, he planned out the whole day ahead of him. But as he thought of survival class, he asked, "Alex. Where is Dalex?"
"Oh, he is outside making a necklace out of leaves and vines," Alex answered.
"Alright. Hey I'm going for a breakfast run. What do ya' want?" Nate asked.
"Ahh, I'll take a nice spinach and crab omlet with caviar and celery bread," Alex replied, eyes sparkling.
"Ok your getting a nice ham omlet with bacon strips," Nate said, smirking. As Nate walked outside, he smelled cold, crisp waterfall water as it went down the stream. He heard the pine leaves rustle against the tree bark as the birds sang their song. Alex hated nature. All three boys were different. Nate, a boy born and destined for combat, was born in Grayton, the largest town in Blackspore. He had long, shaggy black hair, with deep blue eyes. He was tall, and he lifted weights with his mentor, Zerok, everyday. Nate was 15. Alex, born in Snowpoint, a small town in Snowhill, was a brainiac. He had short, blonde hair with Amethyst color eyes. He wasn't tall, neither short. He was in the middle of average and inaverage height. Alex was 16, the same as his brother. Dalex, his long lost twin brother, looked exactly the same, just having big muscles, and a care-free voice. Dalex was born in Deepsea, Seaside. He was a surfer and a survivalist. When the storm tore Alex and Dalex apart, Dalex learned to fight for himself, along with his friend, Storm. Alex and Dalex had met by the help of Nate's genorous ways. Alex and Dalex moved into Nate's large, luxury hut. Once he snapped out of flashback world, he tripped over something.
"Whoah! Nate! Ya' scared me lil' brah," Dalex said, calmly. He had started a fire a few feet away.
"Whoah sorry. Hey, I'm getting some breakfast from the Black Rock Cafe. Want anything?" Nate asked, checking his coins.
"Nah, I'm good. I just caught a beauty in the lake. It's a pink salmon!" Dalex said, gesturing to the half fish next to him. "I'm cooking some of it now."
Nate stared at Dalex. "You are a strange one. Well, suit yourself," Nate said as he walked away, shaking his head. As Nate walked along the rocky path, he felt a cool breeze, hearing the rustle of the bushes and weeds, looking at the blue, fresh water coming from the lake. He walked past the rocky mountains. As he saw the small shadow of the Black Rock Cafe, he sprinted to the door. As he opened the door, it creaked.
"Hey Louie. I'll have the usual, please," Nate said.
"One breakfast burrito and the Nerd Special coming right up!" yelled Louie, as the sizzle of the grill filled the silence between the two men. As Nate paid for the food, he chewed on his burrito. Nate left the shop, and walked back to his hut.