^Hunter's Paradise^
Chapter 1

Connet Edune stood infront of Daryl the Youngling,who stood 2 feet shorter then her. He was a Human hunter,he perfered hunting and studying boars. Connet Edune stood 7 feet,the average height of a Night Elf. Daryl held a twin-bladed axe,while Connet held a bow and two daggers on her belt.
"Pay up,I got ten boar hides in 5 minutes," Connet said,looking down on Daryl.
"I just got a new record,try and beat it! Then,I'll pay up," Daryl said,sitting back in his chair.
"Which would be? I can beat it," she said,stomping a step closer to Daryl which made him jump.
"Ten...ten...hundred!" Daryl said with a smirk on his face.
"There aren't ten hundred in the Loch,Daryl," Connet said.
"Fine! Take the silver and go bother somebody else!" Daryl said,handing Connet the silver. She walked over to her corner and counted it. 2...4...6...8...10! Perfect,enough for a new dagger! Connet thought.
"Beware of the Stabthistles!" Safety Warden Pipsy said,standing at simply 2 feet as a gnome. Connet watched Dwarves,Gnomes,and Humans pass by,hoping to gain some skill with a bow. Rarely was a Night Elf or Draenei (Dran-i) ever seen. But in Connet's case,it was nice. Draenei and Night Elves rarely made contact with Dwarves,Gnomes,and Humans.
"Connet! It's me,Caliona!" a Draenei said,Connet quickly came up and hugged her.
"How have you been? And Velen?" Connet asked,smiling.
"Father? Oh,he's fine. Rarely talking to anybody," Caliona said.
"So,why did you come?" Connet asked,sitting down.
"I have not seen this part of the Eastern Kingdoms,and I would like to see you and Parvani," Caliona said,counting her silver.
"If you can't pay for a meal tonight,I'd be happy to share my silver with you. Or even buy one,its the least I can do," Connet said,"I recently won a bet with Daryl,and have more then enough."
"No,no. I simply do not know if I can get the gryphon ride back to Stormwind," Caliona said. Connet quickly handed her 5 silver,40 copper. Caliona smiled,thanked Connet,and walked away. The day passed by quickly,and Connet spent most of the time chatting with her friends,reading her book,or carving a new bow.