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    Default ^Hunter's Paradise^

    Hunter's Paradise
    Chapter 2

    Connet walked out of her room,still in her pj's. She looked over to see Daryl,panicing. Eh,I'll ask later. I should really wake up at night... it's in my race's name. Night elf... hehe.. Connet thought.
    "CONNET! YOU HALF TO HELP ME!" Daryl said,running up to her.
    "Why?" She said,yawning.
    "My,uh,crush is coming," Daryl said,Connet suddenly woke up.
    "Really? What's her name? How is she interested in you?" Connet said,grabbing a paper and pencil.
    "Annetta Stonefield," Daryl said,and quickly added," and she isn't interested in me." Connet sat down on the stone bench and sighed.
    "Take her out for dinner or something," she said,looked down and wrote on her pad Daryl is horrible with the ladies. Connet walked back into her room and fell asleep.
    Connet woke up at around 9,and looked over. She pulled on her black shorts and black tube top. Hooking her Blackwater Cutlass and dagger to her belt,she grabbed her bow and ran our of her room to find Daryl and two girls.
    "Hey,Connet. This is Love," Daryl said,and the girl with black hair waved,then he added,"and this is Annetta." The girl with blonde hair bowed. Connet walked back into her room and picked up baby ghostwolf,Snow. Ice,her pet cat,was asleep. Looking over her shoulder,she jumped off the balcony. Swiftly landing on her feet,she looked over her shoulder and saw some hunters look down and try to figure out what creature it was. She looked up and saw Love,aiming a bow at the bush. Okay,so she's either an archer or hunter... Connet thought. Love was an odd name for a Human girl. She could even be a Hunter of Love,or the Goddess of Love,Lovettana Ishala. Or her name was just Love. Connet quickly marked a bobcat,and pointed Snow over to it. Dashing over to it,Snow bit the creature's back,subdueing it. Connet quickly picked it up and studied the Bobcat. Suddenly,a low growl came from around the corner. She dropped the cub,and set several freezing traps on the ground to get away. Quickly grabbing Snow,she ducted pass the large vines hanging from a tree and looked back. She looked around and grabbed the vines and got up on a branch. Snow moved around in her lap,being only a puppy and very small,she found a warm place. Connet quickly fell asleep.

    Chapter 3

    Back at the Farstrider Lodge (thats aucutally the name IG)

    Love walked up to Connet's room and knocked. Not knowing much about Night Elves,so she opened the door slightly. Looking in,the room was completely empty. The curtains were open,4 other bows were on the ground near her dresser and a skinning knife,fishing pole,hook dagger,and dwarven axe. Love walked out of the room and ran over to Daryl.
    "I think Connet is missing,there are signs of a struggle in her room," Love said.
    "Ah,don't worry. Connet is out there somewhere," Daryl said,and quickly added,"besides,I'm going on a horseback ride with Annetta!" Love squinted,and looked plain mad.
    "THIS IS YOUR FRIEND WE'RE TALKING ABOUT!!!" Love said. A small gnome walked up and observed their coversation.
    "What has she ever done for me?!" Daryl said,pulling on leather boots.
    "SHE HELPED YOU GET ANNETTA!" Love said,slapping Daryl.
    "Fine,fine. The horseback ride isn't until 9... we got 2 hours," he said. The small gnome giggled.
    "Hi!" the small gnome said. Love looked down to find a gnome with brown hair wearing mail armor.
    "Can we help you?" they said at the same time.
    "No,I just like making friends!" the small gnome said.
    "Who are you?" Love asked.
    "I'm Persepina!" she replied.
    "She's Love and I'm Daryl," Daryl said.
    "She's in love?! WITH YOU?! WOW!" Persepina said.
    "EWWWW NOOO!!!!!" Love said,looking like she was going to puke.
    "Well,we need to find our friend,see ya later,Persepina," Love said,waving. Slinging her backpack over her shoulder,Love and Daryl set off.


    Connet looked around and looked down,Snow was huddled up in her lap. She looked around for her weapons,her bow was slung over her back and her Blackwater Cutlass and dagger were still hooked to her belt.
    "Oochhh... hurts too much to move," Connet said aloud. She leaned back against the tree and closed her eyes. Opening her eyes,she looked down. Snow climbed up onto her shoulder and clung to her clothing,while Connet ambushed the creature. ******* it with her bow,she knocked it out long enough to make a run for it. She continued to run,scared and lost.
    "I am Connet,Moon Huntress and commander of Tyrande's first sentinel army... I am unstoppable," Connet said,taking a deep breath. Bringing out her bow,she ran into Love and Daryl. Connet bcame paler in the sun,and quickly ran back to the lodge. Falling on her bed with a smile,she curled up with Ice and Snow.
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