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Title: The Hunger Games: The Unthinkable

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    Icon1 The Hunger Games: The Unthinkable

    The Hunger Games: The Unthinkable

    A bit of info: In this, Prim is picked for the Games, like in the book and movie, BUT Katniss doesn't volunteer for her.


    It's the day of the 74th Annual Hunger Games' Reaping, and Primrose is now old enough to be picked.
    She's had nightmares since she was old enough to know about the Games, and they became more frequent as Reaping Day after Reaping Day came closer, as her sister Katniss could be picked when Prim was only 4 years old.

    Chapter 1: The Nightmare

    Spoiler: show

    I stand alone, in a crowd of girls my age, and we watch as Haymitch Abernathy, our only living Victor, walks on stage and tries to say a few words to us, to the people who are waiting to see if they are the unlucky person, but ends up falling off from how drunk he is, and we see the Capitol Escort shake her head in disgust. As Effie Trinket comes up in front of the Justice Building, she shows the video and then picks the tributes. She goes to the girls' bowl of names first, and digs for a second, and pulls out a slip of paper. It is perfectly folded, closed with a little black strip keeping it closed. My heart is beating fast, and I'm worried for who she has picked out. As she arrives at the mic and opens the paper, I hold my breathe. "Primrose Everdeen!" She says in her Capitol accent. I stand there, half-bewildered, half-scared, thinking she didn't even say my name, but read it wrong and it should be someone else's name. It's when the girls around me start to part, that I know this is not true. It is me that she picked. Not someone else, she didn't say the name wrong, but she called my name. I slowly make way through the parted girls, and into the isle, and head to the Justice Building steps and I take my hands and tuck the back of my shirt into my skirt. Peacekeepers surround me, escorting me to the Justice Building. I try looking frantically around for Katniss, but I don't see her. It is when I am up the steps, and Effie is walking me across the stage to the microphone that I know, Katniss isn't coming, she isn't coming to volunteer... The scene suddenly changes, and I'm in an unknown arena, dressed in some outfit, and I'm in the Games. I'm trying to run from a Career, one who loves to use poison darts. I'm trying my best to dodge them, but they're just barely missing me. I trip and she gets closer to me, and shoots a dart right at my chest, where my heart is, and it penetrates my skin and I feel a painful jab as it does so, and just as I am about to die, as the poison in the dart and the dart itself are about to penetrate my heart, everything goes black...

    I wake up abruptly to find myself sweating and shaking, Buttercup is curled up under my arm, now, not at my feet, like he normally would be, and he's staring at me with his big, pretty brown eyes. I look at Katniss' sleeping form beside me, and I pick Buttercup up, and carefully, so as to not wake my sister up, get out of our bed and I go lay with our mom, she seems to have not been in a very deep sleep, because she turns and looks at me when she feels me get into her bed, and she sighs, knowing what woke me, and she puts her arm around me, and holds me close. Buttercup goes and lays down by my feet, and I fall back to sleep in my mother's arms, glad to know I wasn't really in the Games, I was at home all along, safe and sound..

    Chapter 2: The Reaping

    When I wake up, my mom is already up and my sister has already left to go hunting. I get up, get dressed slowly, but leave my hair down, I then go outside and milk my goat, Lady, then go inside and start making more goat cheese, seeing the one I set out for Katniss on the mint leaf that I always give her on Reaping Day she's taken. My mother is cleaning around the house, I'm scared for today, as I always have been, and I hope neither Katniss or I am picked. Before long, I've made a pretty good size round of goat cheese, and I wrap it up and put it where it'll stay fresh, then rinse the bucket that had the milk for the cheese in it out, and my mother walks up beside me. "It's time you should be getting ready for the Reaping.." She says, half-heartedly. I nod, "O-Okay.." I know I'm shaking, as I don't want it to be Reaping Day, but I follow my mom without question to get ready. She lays out a frilly like shirt with a skirt and some dress shoes for me to put on, she gives me a few minutes and I change into them, making sure to tuck in the back of my shirt into the skirt, and then she comes back in, braiding my hair into it's normal two braids down my back, which I throw over my shoulders, right as my sister walks in. "Well, look at you!" She says, coming over to me after hanging up her hunting jacket. "You look beautiful, but you better tuck in that tail, little duck." She tucks in my shirt tail as she says the last part. I can't help but smile at her, and she grins back. "I layed something out for you, too." Our mother tells her, and she stops grinning and just has this weird look on her face. "Okay.." My sister says, and she gives me a smile, but I know it's fake, then she goes to get ready.
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