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    Default ~How to Survive Being A Younger Sister~ Intro&Chapter1

    Author's Note: It's probaly my last story for the year if it doesn't work out. And I hope you like it. I never really had a younger or older bro/sis. But my friends and everybody in my class have helped me,I'm pretty much the only child in the class. I based it on FR,so,I hope you like it,again!

    ~How to Survive Being A Younger Sister~

    Hi,I'm Christina. But I like Chrissy better. My older brother,Douglas or Doug,is possibly the most annoying brother ever. But then again,I guess it's better then being alone with my pitbull puppy,C.C.,a silly and fat dog. Dad is trying to find a job,Mom sucks at cooking,Laura is always busy,and Doug,I'm working on being okay with him taking my candy. Or possibly the other way around. Heh. But I still need my allowance!

    ~How to Survive Being A Younger Sister~
    Chapter 1

    I woke up to the first morning BEFORE my alarm clock,or Mom's. Rocky was sleeping on my numb feet,it felt like a thousand knives were being fired into my feet when I got out of bed and into the bathroom. The bathroom was sea-styled,like the living room and part of my room. Mom loved the sea,so did I. And boy stuff. I had two G.I. Joe action-figures,a Boom Blaster 5000,and my remote-control trucks and airplanes. I wasn't a big fan of sports,but I did volunteer to play baseball during P.E. and I usually was in the out-field. Wrestling was fun with Doug. But,we were tied for the week.
    "ATTACK!!!" Doug yelled,jumping on me. He grabbed me with his arm around my neck,and since that is his signiture move,mine to help it was biting him.
    "OW!" Doug said,I smiled at that. I jumped on his back and sadly,Mom ended the fun.
    "CHRISTINA! DOUGLAS! STOP RIGHT NOW!" Mom said,and Doug gave me the advantage by going off-guard. He stood there listening to Mom tell him not to do that and this and be a good rolemodel. Meanwhile,I snuck into his room and stole my candy bag back and wrote CHRISSY on it with a black marker. Doug walked into the kitchen and up the stairs to his room,and did my normal thing. Jump over the counter,hide until Doug was gone,and RUN!!! He took his time getting up there while I took some grapes,snuck up to my room,and ate the candy. And a few minutes later he came into my room.
    "DOUG! GET OUT OF MY ROOM!" I said,throwing the candy bag under my pillow.
    "You took my candy. STOP TAKING MY CANDY!" Doug tap,tapping his foot on the door.
    "What candy? I don't know anything about your candy..." I said,scratching my head.
    "Then what's THIS?!" Doug said,pulling my money bag off of my dresser.
    "That's real money I'm saving up for a trip to Seaside Village," I said,raising an eyebrow.
    "Well,I'm taking it to replace the candy you stole from me," he said and walked out of my room. I took a deep breath and yelled,"MOM! DOUG TOOK MY MONEY!",and was followed by my bag of money being given back. I counted it,and I had 1,273 coins. 37 more and I could go to Seaside Village. It was followed by Aunt Daniella's package to Doug and me. She sent us iPads and iPods with cases. Mine was an ocean blue and Doug's was a hot pink. It was suppose to be the other way around,but I wasn't the biggest fan in the middle. And at that,I called Laura with a picture of Aunt Daniella on her trip to Seaside Village. I was so busy texting and calling Laura,Kailey,and my cousin,Alica,that I barely noticed the time. It was 8:546 when I looked at the time and eventually fell asleep.
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    Default Re: ~How to Survive Being A Younger Sister~ Intro&Chapter1

    Awesome ,I can't wait for more

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