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    Icon12 How my life changed on July 14th chapter three

    Chapter 3
    The door knob turned and dad popped out of no where. Me and Veronica ran up to him just yelling out everything that had happened. "Settle down one at a time please," Dad said. When dad had understood what we said he said " Thats nonsense, you should stop reading those books before you go to bed." '' Dad its true!" I yelled. Veronica tryed to calm me down saying "It's all right just calm down.'' I ran up to my room along with Veronica. As soon i slammed the door closed i heard my dad screaming, me and Veronica exchanged glances then ran downstairs as fast as possible. When me and Veronica got sight of dad we saw he was being bit by the teenage vampire we had captive. "She must have escaped" said Veronica
    "Uh oh" i said. Me and Veronica exchanged fearful glances and I had tears of terror running down my face. I was frozen i stood there with my chin on the ground i was so shocked.

    Ok that was chapter three hope you like it chapter four will be coming later
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