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    Icon12 How my life changed on July 14th Chapter 2

    Chapter 2
    "WHERES MY SISTER!!!" I screamed and hollered at the ferocious beast.
    The beast was growling at me as if trying to communicate, i was in tears just trying to figure it all out. "How could this happen in five minutes?" I mumbled with tears. I sat down on the toilet threw me head on my lap and cried and just let all my tears come out of its shell. '' Crying doesn't solve anything" I remember my mom saying when i was younger. I got up stared the beast dead in the eye and asked it what it was and what it did with my sister and the beast just gave a a howl and i had just realized the beast was a werewolf and it was my sister! I had to do something quick I didn't know what to do i never read about this situation and i am only nine! All i wanted to do was sit down and cry. My wolf sister nudged me at my knee as if saying follow so i followed her out the bathroom down the steps and to my mom and the teenage vampire, the vampire looked at my sister and she hissed a feirce hiss and shaowed her fangs and got closer to biting my mom my sister attacked the teenager. Veronica pushed my mom over towards me i grabbed her and untied her and ripped the duck tape off her mouth she screamed cause it hurt. My mom looked at me with her eyes full of pain then she fainted i screamed and screamed i was scared so so scared i looked at my sister and she didn't see me staring at her my sister had overpowered the vampire and i tied her up we were going to do questioning as soon as we got the chance. We took our mom to her bed room and placed her on her bed and put a cold washcloth on her face. We went back to the dining room to get the vampire we shoved her in Veronica's closet and shut the door and locked it and waited for dad to return home.

    Ok that was chapter two chapter three will be posted soon thanks for reading
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