Chapter 6
"Well what are they Kayleigh spit out your questions" grandma gave a look of frustration at me. "I think you know why Veronica is a werewolf, don't you grandma?" Veronica looked at me with a you-shouldn't-have-asked-that-face. Grandma looked up and down and she looked all around. Grandma stood up and started pacing. "Grandma answer me" I blurted.out loud in frustration. "Ok fine dear, I don't honestly know why she is a werewolf....but I have some ideas....but i don't know if there true." grandma looked at Veronica with beaming blue eyes "Veronica you know when you stayed home all by yourself?" asked grandma. "Yes why wouldn't I" Veronica replied. "Well did anyone ever come in the house anyone...please tell the truth don't lie this is important." said grandma sternly. "Ok yes some weird hairy guy came in the house one day he was growling he had really sharp finger nails and i was kinda freaked out." Veronica said shakily. "Ugh Veronica sweety hate to admit it but that was Kyle Wolf the leader of the wolves." Said grandma. "Really how do you know grandma" I said butting in to their conversation. "Well Kayleigh, I am the co leader of vampires and we have get togethers with the leaders of witches, werewolves, wizards and zombies. So i know most leaders, Kyle is no regular werewolf hes...hes....hes...." Grandma looked like she was gonna pass out. "Grandma are you ok??" I asked frightfully. Just like that it was total darkness.

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