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    Default Guardians of the South

    I felt like writing. Don't ask. Don't bother commenting. Just wanted to write.

    1. To The Southern Lands of Arcodias

    Spoiler: show
    The wind whipped in my face, the snow froze my hands and feet, and the moans coming from behind me were discouraging. But if I looked down...Then I'd be dead before I knew what hit me. It was agreed that if one of us were to fall, we killed ourselves before we hit the floor. It was a strange agreement, but it was one that we all agreed with. So, I kept pushing, one hand in front of the other, trying to ignore the gripping cold and pain all over.
    After a short while, I did look down. The height was dizzying. The boy below me, -We were climbing completely vertically now.- was looking a little gaunt. His teeth were chattering and if not for his scruffy brown jacket he'd be completely camouflaged in the snow. I vaguely remembered his name to be Rowan. His snow caked Light Brown hair blew through his hood, green eyes fixed on what lay ahead. He was normally tan skinned, but he was so cold his skin was almost the same colour as the icy way up. -and down- He was only wearing very thin gloves, but his hands seemed more controllable than mine. I blew some long, blonde hair out of my face and kept climbing, desperation to reach the top channelling the energy of the mountain into me, pushing me forwards, keeping me alive.

    I don't know how long it took. Days, maybe. Fatigue was beginning to settle in, sweeping like a giant wave over me. I couldn't let it take hold, it would mean certain death. At least I'd be asleep, if not awoken by the flow of air, the nothingness below me. I'd kept myself hydrated by licking a little snow off the side of the mountain and melting it in my mouth. Other men and women followed this example, some not being cautious enough as to what snow they ate. Surely enough, Paco, a boy who I'd known well, began to feel a bit weird. He told me it was okay, we didn't need to find a ledge. But half an hour later, he couldn't keep going. He fell, plunging, before any of us could give him the mercy of having it done the quick way. We heard his screams for ages down, before they silenced.

    So many died that day. Four, including Paco. There was Nessa, a middle aged woman who bought many stories of her home place, India, to soggy old England. That was before Everest, before our climb. I liked Nessa very much. I'd miss her. Lots. There was Gareth, a paper boy I knew briefly, and someone who I didn't know who threw himself down after Gareth, trying to get him before the impact. He lost his grip -Saul, I think he was- and none of us got there in time. He lost his grip and fell. That left about twenty of us. Fifteen gone in only a week.

    But then, then we saw it. What we'd been looking for. The passage to Arcodias. Our freedom, our new life. But suddenly...Something pulsed through the sky. Everyone fell. Everyone.
    Many other people who'd I'd known, people who'd show up with the milk, the newspaper, who'd always smile as she stamped my new library book.
    Not everyone. Rowan. And some other girl. She was quiet. I knew her name. Olivia. She was hanging onto the edge, even after me and Rowan managed to climb up. We gave a silent cheer each, and we hauled Olivia over the edge. She was not very well dressed. Her jacket was not thermal, but a thin fleece underneath was. She wore that coat, another craggy old thing, and her fleece.
    "C-ccccccold!" She chattered.
    "Warm!" She shouted, striding towards the portal. "Need...Warm! There! In get!" She snapped, pointing at the blue, glowing sphere of light. Oh, yes. Olivia was a rather loopy girl. She was normal, then she just went insane. One day, she just showed up insane. Don't ask how, I have no idea.
    "In get!" Olivia snapped again. "In get or in I push!" Olivia glared. I didn't know about doing this...
    But Olivia was stronger than she looked.
    "I warn, listen no." She said. "In get, I push in." She smiled, before giving me one last shove, and pushing Rowan in behind me. Then, she jumped in herself, and we fell. So, it happened one way or the other, then.

    Just tell me if you want me to write more. I have no life, so plenty of time to write more. ^^

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    Default Re: Guardians of the South

    Ninja Blade,
    That Was Great! Your Writing Flows Evenly and Comes all Together! (: I Love Reading
    People's Storys! Keep Up The GREAT, Heck AWESOME Work You are Doing!
    And I Am Pretty Sure You have a Life! Maybe You Just Need To Search More To Find What
    Fits You Best In This World? Writing Could Be It! (:
    Hope To See More!

    "Always Be Yourself, Because The people Who Mind Don't Matter and The People Who Matter Don't Mind."
    Dr. Seuss.

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