Well, I talked about this a while back. I plan on writing a book. A full-fledged, one-of-a-kind, amazing novel. So here goes nothing. Or maybe it's something. I can never tell the difference.

Describing the story is somewhat difficult. It's full of action and adventure, it does have some romance in it but it doesn't go into much detail, and it takes place in a fantasy world. The world itself is similar to ours--they have the same gravity, water, oxygen, etc. But the world is full of magic. Different species, such as Magic-Users, Humans, Dryads, Sanquis (kind of like a shapeshifter, only a tad bit different), wolves, vampires (with my own special twist) and a few others live in this make-believe world of mine. I'd say more, but I don't want to give it all away.

Grace is used to living her life in a crumbling building. She owns few things, and her most prized possession is a simple notebook. That all changes one day when her uncle shows up, dragging her away to the Academy. It's a place for royalty and nobility, or kids who's parents are involved in the military. The academic standards are high, the expectations of her are through the roof, and she doesn't even have her best friends there to help her.

She expects the rest of her schooling to go according to her uncle's plans, but things take an unexpected twist with the arrival of her brother, who she didn't even know existed. Other than that, everything is entirely normal right? Hardly. And that's not even scratching the surface.

Grace Prologue - Wattpad

Click the link above if you are interested in reading it. I appreciate any comments you have on the book. I hope one day to be published. Until then, I'll be lost in my own fantasy world.