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Title: The Gloam Invasion (A Free Realms What-If Fantasy)

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    Default The Gloam Invasion (A Free Realms What-If Fantasy)

    This is the story follows the perilous quest of five, ordinary teens who live in a distant realm, known as Sacred Grove, that gets invaded by mysterious evil creatures from an unknown land. Their world has been changed forever due to the arrival of these creatures. Now together they embark on a journey to fight for their world and hopefully return to their normal lives. Our story begins in the small peaceful town of Stillwater Crossing...

    Chapter 1: A Place Called Simplicity
    Spoiler: show
    Stillwater Crossing is a quiet town in the southeast of Sacred Grove. The town lies alongside a huge river that separates the two larger cities of Sanctuary, in the west, and Briarwood, in the east. It is the tranquil home of many warm-hearted, hospital people and is often the choice place for many travelling adventurers to stop and rest; the latest being famous adventurer extraordinaire, the beautiful Miss Stella Greenfield.
    Into town, she rides her trotting cocoa brown stallion. The townspeople murmur amongst themselves. "It's Stella Greenfield!" one says. "Who?" says another. "She's an amazing adventurer how don't you know about her? She's was last month's cover girl for Journeymen's Weekly!" "She's that great?" "Even better!"
    Out of the still growing crowd, walks a friendly face with thick, black, curly hair and grassy green eyes. To Stella Greenfield the cheerful woman says "Welcome to Stillwater Crossing adventurer! My name is Valerie and I'll be more than glad to assist you in any way I can to make your stay here a good one. Is there anything I can help you with?"
    Stella looked down upon her from atop her horse (in more ways than one). Very condescendingly she replies "Sorry but I don't have time to waste here I have more important things to do."
    Her words immediately set in with the large crowd that had gathered causing a series of scornful whispers and comments. "Are you sure you don't want to stay for a while?" asked Valerie. "Both you and your horse look a bit tired. We have cottages open for adventurers who stop by. You can stay the night there and leave in the morning. What do you say?" The crowd’s murmurs became louder as they awaited Stella's reply.
    "I guess a bit of rest could do me some good..." Stella answered. "Alright, I'll stay for tonight but, I have to leave at sunrise."
    "Of course." said Valerie.
    As Valerie left to show Stella to her cottage, a young woman came running and yelling "Waaaaaaait!" The girl had long, wavy blonde hair with rainbow highlights and bright azure eyes that resembled the sky. She wore a beautiful white blouse under a velvety crimson vest with a pair of red plaid punker pants to match as well as red hightops.
    The girl stopped in front of Stella panting for breath. "Ohhhh..." she said starstruck, "Stella Greenfield! It really is you! I've read all of your adventurer logs since your very first journey to the Blackspore Swamps! Please can I get your autograph?!"
    Stella was creeped while at the same time annoyed and it showed in her expression. She sighed saying "What am I signing it?"
    The girl suddenly froze and began frantically searching herself for something to write on. "Welly well well..." she said emberassed, "Looks like I left my autograph book at home."
    "Then what am I supposed to sign then?!" Stella scolded angrily. "You should've come prepared!"
    The girl looked around hoping to find a scrap or piece of paper. After not finding anything she looked back to Stella and said "How about you just sign my arm!" She rolled up her sleeve and patted her arm as if to signify which area she wanted signed.
    "You're serious?" The girl nodded enthusiastically. Stella sighed and pulled out a pen from her backpack pocket. "What's your name, you irksome little troublemaker?" she asked as she signed the girl's arm.
    "Lyla. Lyla Moondale!"
    "Well, Lyla," she said as she finished signing her arm "I'm going to need a lot of rest so don't disturb me when I get to my cottage."
    "I understand!" Lyla said jauntily. "Thank you!"
    She ran off happily. Stella sighed "What a tiresome child..."
    Valerie giggled "Yeah, Lyla is quite the handful but, she looks up to you. That whole exchange was probably the biggest moment of her life."
    Stella thought nothing of it. Valerie showed her to the cottage and Stella unpacked and settled herself in. She made herself a cup of tea then sat at a table near one of the cottage's two windows. She looked outside and was able to see the sunset beyond the distant mountains giving a beautiful orange and gold reflection on the river. She thought to herself "This place may not be half bad..." Suddenly, a knock came at the door. She rose from her seat and answerred the door finding Lyla standing on the porch in wait for her.
    "Miss Greenfield!" she said.
    "I thought I told you not to disturb me?" Stella answered angrily.
    "Really? I don't remember anything of the sort!" (Of course, Lyla was only pretending not to remember.)
    Stella sighed. "Well, what do you want?"
    Lyla began to blush saying "I was just wonderring where you were going for your next adventure.."
    "Not that it's any of your business," Stella replied. "but I'm heading back to Pixiewood so I can get another job from the request board."
    "Oh! So you're going to Sanctuary? Will you take me with you?"
    "What a quick response! Why not?"
    "My last job ran far over and I'm already late to check back with my client as it is; you would only slow me down. Do you even have any adventuring experience?"
    "Well no… But that's why I wanna go to Sanctuary with you! I'll be able to find a guild and become a full-fledged adventurer like you! Then I'll prove to my parents that I'm not as helpless as they think."
    “She has the motivation for it but is she as ready as she thinks?” Stella contemplated to herself. Stella sighs then looks to the bright-eyed Lyla saying “Fine. Pack yourself up tonight, gets lots of rest, and at sunrise meet me outside of town. If you’re late, I’m leaving without you, understand?”
    Lyla couldn’t hold her excitement as she squealed “Of course! Thank you so much Miss Greenfield; you’re the greatest!” She hugged Stella tightly and ran off just as quickly as she did when they had first met.
    “What have I gotten myself into?” thought Stella. She took a deep breath and stepped back into the cottage. At this point the sun, had disappeared beyond the mountains only giving a faint, dark orange from where it had once peeked. The crescent moon shone brightly and the stars twinkled. Stella took the last sip of the tea she had brewed. She then got up, turned out the lights, and went to bed.
    The next morning, Stella cleaned the cottage quickly leaving a note of thanks for Valerie and the generous townsfolk. She took her horse by the reins and led it to the outskirts of Stillwater. “I wonder if Lyla remembered to meet me…” she said to herself, “she probably isn’t even awake yet.” Stella chuckled.
    “About time you got here!” Lyla called out to Stella’s surprise. “And you were warning me about being late!”
    “Hmph, congratulations you woke up early but news flash rookie: the adventure has only just begun.”
    “Well let’s get going then! No time to waste, right?!” Lyla sped ahead hastily.
    Stella climbed onto her horse and rode slowly after her. “Maybe I misjudged this girl.” Stella thought to herself. “I guess we’ll see soon.”

    Chapter 2: Guild Search
    Spoiler: show
    It had been nearly 3 days since Stella and Lyla’s departure from Stillwater Crossing and finally they had arrived at their destination: Sanctuary, the center of Sacred Grove and commerce capital of the realms. It is also home of the queen of Sacred Grove, Queen Valerian as well as many famous adventurer guilds.
    Lyla gawked all around as they walked through Queensfield, an area outside of Sanctuary where people farm exotic fruits and vegetables and the more wealthy people of Sanctuary reside. Queensfield is also home to the human-like insects, the Bixies who more or less live peacefully without bothering the people in Sanctuary.
    Lyla and Stella continued to walk as they crossed the seemingly natural stone bridge. “Wait, Stella!” said Lyla. “Is anything beneath this bridge? The water from the two waterfalls flow under it so it got me wondering.”
    Stella kept walking as she replied “Not anymore; it used to be the entrance to the Royal Vault but one day a whole slew of vines sprouted and tangled the door shut. People tried cutting them but they grew back the next day double as strong and three times longer.”
    Lyla jogged to catch up with Stella asking “And you don’t know why?”
    “No one does. Not me. Not the queen. Not even the druids could figure out their origin or how to get rid of them. It will remain a mystery.” Lyla peered over the springwood rail so she could see into the cave below the bridge; it was just as Stella said.
    Both walked into the busiest part of Sanctuary known as Pixiewood. Though only one long street in both directions, it seemed to her like that one street was the whole city.
    “Soooo many people!” she exclaimed. She sniffed the air and surveyed her surroundings. “I can smell fresh strong arm stew… Oh! That girl’s midriff is so cute! But how could she afford it? It costs like 50,000 veniis! Is everyone here rich? Stella?”
    Stella looked back to Lyla “This is where we part ways, Lyla.”
    “What?!” Lyla shouted appalled. “After all we’ve been through you’re just gonna leave me here by myself?”
    “And what have we been through exactly?”
    “Don’t pretend like you forgot that time we… ohh… right we didn’t go through much together did we…”
    Stella sighed, shaking her head. “Look. I have to report back to my client. You have to find a guild, remember? That’s why you came with me in the first place.”
    “But how am I supposed to find one?”
    “That’s not my problem. I’ve gotta go.” Stella hopped onto her horse. “See you some other time.”
    “Waaaaait!” Lyla called out as Stella rode off. “Awww… Well I guess I’d better start looking but where?”
    Lyla began strolling through Pixiewood. Even though her main objective was to look for a guild she tended to find herself getting distracting by many different things including celebrities, clothes, and, most often, food. She passed by the renowned Chef Bordon Cloo’s cooking station five times every time staring as he cooked. The sixth time she repented Bordon’s patience had worn thin.
    “Is there anything I can help you with, miss?” he said.
    “Who me?” Lyla inquired. Bordon nodded. “Oh! No… I’m fine…”
    “Are you sure? You sound very uncertain and not only that but this will be the sixth time you’ve passed by here.”
    “Well… Do you mind telling me what you’re cooking?”
    “Oh, this? I’m preparing one of my favorite delicacies, Royal Stew Du Jour.”
    “Aaah… Sounds delicious… Maybe I could have a sample taste?”
    Bordon looked up to see Lyla looking desperately at the pot. It was obvious to him now that she was famished. His conscience now at work her spoons a bit of his soup and gives it to Lyla.
    She gave a huge grin, took the spoon, and said “Thank you Mister Cloo!” And with that she slurped in the sample. Almost instantly, she purred like a cat in heavenly satisfaction. “Oh… Oh… Oh… Soooooo good…” Bordon was disturbed by her noises and leaned as far away as he could as he continued to prepare his meal.
    “Mister Cloo… How much might a bowl of that stuff cost?”
    “Hmmm…” Bordon thought as he looked down into the pot. “How about 5000 zeniis.”
    “5000?!” Lyla’s jaw dropped in utter shock. She check her money bag and was able to get a few of her coins out and count them. “Uhhh… It looks like I only have 200 zeniis… Could you maybe make a special exception?”
    “Or better yet.” A joyful voice from behind said. “How about I pick up the tab?”
    Lyla turned around to find a handsome young lad with brunette hair that covered one of his orangish-brown eyes. He wore a dark blue short-sleeve plaid shirt, baggy blue jeans to match, and was shoeless.
    The boy put money on Bordon’s counter and winked at him.
    “Thank you, sir!” Bordon said brightfully as he ladled some of his soup into a bowl.
    “No, no, no. Thank you!” the boy handed Lyla the bowl, smiling at her gently.
    “Th-thanks…” she stuttered. She could feel her face turning red and looked away as she took the bowl.
    “No problem.”
    Bordon waved as the two walked away from his station calling out “Have a nice day!”
    “So you seem pretty new around here.” The boy said as he casually put his hands behind his head.
    “Yeah, I just got here today. Everything’s going so fast – I didn’t know it was so easy to get lost.” Lyla replied.
    “Yeah, it’s always been that way in Sanctuary. What made you wanna come here?”
    “I’m looking for a guild, so I can become an adventurer!” Lyla exclaimed as if she were a turtle coming out of its shell.
    “A guild, huh? Well, y’know, I’m in a guild.”
    “Whoa! Really? Which one are you in? Nexus? Insiders? Mystic Mayhem? The Amazing Jumping Beans??”
    “Nope. Nope. And Nope. The guild I’m in is better than all of them.”
    “Oh, really? And what’s the name of this great guild? Speaking of which, what’s your name?”
    “Oh! Sorry how rude of me! My name is Dalton Gold and you are?”
    “Lyla Moondale. Now about this guild…”
    “Just follow me, M’Lady.”
    Lyla giggles and followed him back out to Queensfield. They walked passed a ranch, a wacky compilation of blocks that look out of place, a mansion, and the harvesting area. They then crossed a wooden bridge to another mansion. It stood tall with 3 stories and a huge door.

    “Is this it?” Lyla asked.
    "Indeed it is princess! Welcome to...

    Chapter 3: The Adventure Begins
    Dalton opened the door wide and yelled “Dragon Wing!” Lyla walked in, stepping onto a brown, fuzzy welcome mat with a dragon insignia on it. The hardwood floors were a sturdy, dark brown, the walls were well-painted in a dark scarlet color, and the opening room was pleasantly, quaint while at the same time chic and modern. A beautiful gold and crystal chandelier hung high in the ceiling and a professionally stuffed dragon head was mounted on the wall separating two wall lamps. In the corner to her right, was a small area with a team of chefs and a few people sitting at the counter. The smell of sweet gummyfruit wafted through her nose as she turned to look the opposite direction. To her left, were two stairways-one going up and one going down.
    “Wow…” Lyla stated in awe “This place is huge!”
    “Yeah,” said Dalton as he stood in the threshold of the door to the next room, “and you’ve still got lots more of it to see.”
    Lyla steadily strode to the following room to find a bar installed in the distant back wall and many people sitting at the various tables that filled the room. The floor in this room was a bright almost yellow hue and the walls were a clean beige color. The room was permeated with the various conversations and laughs of the people that sat inside at the tables.
    “Oh wow…” Lyla said without breath “So many people…”
    “Are you gonna be this awestruck the whole time?” Dalton commented.
    “It’s my first time in a guild gimme a break!”
    “Excuse me.” a familiar voice from behind said.
    Lyla turned around and dropped her jaw at what appeared to be an exact clone of herself. Her shock kept her from saying any understandable words instead she uttered quiet verbalizations.
    “I haven’t seen your face before.” The clone said. “Are you a new guild member?”
    “Wh-why do you look like me?” Lyla said completely perplexed.
    “I don’t look like you; you look like me!” The clone snickered.
    “Knock it off, Hapete!” Dalton scolded. He walked over and then proceeded to harshly hit the Lyla clone over the head, knocking it to the ground.
    “Dalton!” Lyla shouted. “I didn’t know you hated me that much!”
    Dalton burst loudly in laughter. “I don’t hate you Lyla,” he said after regaining his composure “You don’t understand what’s going on is all.”
    “Well…” Lyla said impatiently. “Explain!”
    “I can do that for ya!” The clone suddenly said in a shrill high voice. Suddenly a poof of smoke popped and out of it the clone revealed its true self as a small fairy whose whole body barely reached up to Lyla’s kneecaps. Its skin was a pale blue, its face was similar to that of a young boy, its choice hairstyle was a green mohawk, and it had golden eyes. The small creature wore a long sleeve white shirt with a red stripe lining the shoulders and both sleeves, a tan pair of cargo shorts, and small, white sneakers. The fairy fluttered around Lyla happily giggling at the prank it pulled. “My name is Hapete and I’m a fairy!”
    “Awww, adorable!” Lyla said holding the thing close to her body. “I get it now, Dalton. You’re a majickster, aren’t you?”
    “Certified majickster, yes, indeed.” He replied proudly.
    “And I’m his transforming fairy!” Hapete said brightfully. “I can change into any weapon he wants me to at any time. All majicksters have one!”
    “I know, mister prankster.” Lyla said, “That’s pretty impressive; not a lot of people are capable of being a majickster. You must be really strong.”
    Dalton chuckled as he casually raised his hands behind his head again. “Yep, I know. I’m just awesome like that.”
    “Hey! I’m awesome, too!” Hapete interjected.
    “Yeah, but awesome people don’t prank me.” Lyla replied.
    “Okay, enough chat you gotta meet our leader so you can be an official member.” Dalton said advancing forward.
    “I thought I already was a member?”
    “Nope. Right now you’re just a recruit.”
    Dalton approached a gorgeous woman with straight, long, silver locks and a single pink bang that had been combed and gelled back. She wore a burgundy mini-dress over well-stitched, snow white capris that had been rolled up just below her knees and black strapped shoes with heels. She sat on the table of the bar chatting with one of the other guild members.
    “Is that the guild leader?” Lyla whispered to Dalton.
    “No, she’s one of our officers.” He replied.
    The woman noticed them coming close and turned their direction. “Dalton,” she said “you’ve brought a new recruit?”
    “Yep! This is Lyla Moondale.”
    Lyla curtsied. “Good day… Miss..?”
    “Felicia Whitemist. It’s great to meet you.”
    Lyla stared openly at Felicia and waved her hand in front of her face. “Miss Whitemist,” she said. “are you blind?”
    Dalton was shocked by her straightforwardness. “Lyla!”
    “No, Dalton, it’s fine. And yes, Miss Moondale, I am.”
    “It’s alright. It’s not a sensitive topic.”
    Dalton cleared his throat saying “Well, now that we’ve all gotten to know each other. Lici, where’s the old man?”
    “He went to an emergency guild masters’ conference in Seaside.”
    “Whaaat? Wasn’t there one last week?”
    “Apparently, this is about some very urgent matter regarding the safety of Sacred Grove.”
    “Since he isn’t here I can do the initiat—“
    “NO way!” Dalton interrupted. “C’mon, Lyla. We’re goin’ to Seaside!”
    “But wouldn’t it be easier to have Felicia do the initiation?” Lyla inquired.
    “Sure but, it wouldn’t be as fun. Besides, I have a request from someone in Seaside.” Dalton ran outside and yelled behind him “I’ll be waiting outside of town when you’re ready!”
    “Are you going with him?” Felicia asked.
    “Well, I’ve always wanted to go to Seaside and if I’m gonna be initiated I guess it should be legit.”
    Felicia smiled tenderly. “I was hoping you would say that.” She got down from the table and walked away. “Wait here; I have something you’ll need.”
    Felicia strolled to a different and just as quickly as she left she came back with a backpack, a small brown sack that had been tied shut, and a dagger inside of a decorative red and gold bejeweled sheath. “You can pack all your essentials in the backpack. The brown sack has 100,000 zeniis and the dagger is just in case you guys run into trouble. I already packed 3 elixirs in your backpack in case you get injured. Be careful out there.”
    “Wow, Miss Whitemist! Thanks so much!”
    “Please, just call me Felicia.”
    “Lylaaaaa!” Hapete whined. “What’s taking so long? C’mon let’s go!”
    “Oh, sorry! I forgot you guys were waiting! I’ll be right out!” Hapete fluttered off and Lyla began transferring some of her clothes and essentials into her backpack then ran after Hapete after she was finished. “Thanks again, Felicia!”

    Stella progressed atop her horse to the Royal Palace door. The royal guards manning the entrance took the horse by the reins as she got off and walked inside. The walls were similar to the outside of the tree, there were smaller trees decorating the room and an elegant rug on the floor. The room was lightened by resplendent wall lamps and the smell of animals wafted through the air as dogs and cats laid around.
    Stella walked up the stairs to Queen Valerian and bowed. “Greetings, your majesty. You sent for me?”
    “Yes, Stella. I have a request and I trust only you to fulfill it properly.”
    “And your request, your majesty?”
    Valerian paused and floated away from her throne. “Sacred Grove may be in trouble. I have been having a reoccurring nightmare that tells of a very bleak future.”
    “What do you need me to do?” Stella asked.
    “First… I need you to find a friend of mine.”
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    Default Re: The Gloam Invasion (A Free Realms What-If Fantasy)

    Editted for grammar and punctuation.

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    Default Re: The Gloam Invasion (A Free Realms What-If Fantasy)

    I like it? Sorry,it's a bit confusing. But it's a good story. (:
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    Default Re: The Gloam Invasion (A Free Realms What-If Fantasy)

    Quote Originally Posted by chase123456tan View Post
    I like it? Sorry,it's a bit confusing. But it's a good story. (:
    No need for apologies any feedback that might help is appreciated. What makes it confusing for you?

    Chapter 2 has been added

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    Default Re: The Gloam Invasion (A Free Realms What-If Fantasy)

    Nevermind,I usually get confused. I like chapter 2!
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    Default Re: The Gloam Invasion (A Free Realms What-If Fantasy)

    Chapter 3 added

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    Default Re: The Gloam Invasion (A Free Realms What-If Fantasy)

    Still a good story. Love it.
    I'm taking the Timeless Isle for the GEAR!
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    Default Re: The Gloam Invasion (A Free Realms What-If Fantasy)

    Thanks chase. It seems you're the only one who thinks so besides a few people on the official forums.
    Anyways Chapter 3 was editted for G.U.M.

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    Default Re: The Gloam Invasion (A Free Realms What-If Fantasy)

    I like it (:
    It's a bit hard to read because of spacing,but still a lovely idea. Good luck continuing it!

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    Default Re: The Gloam Invasion (A Free Realms What-If Fantasy)

    Thanks. And by spacing do you mean the breaks in paragraphs?

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