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Title: Gaze

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    Default Gaze

    I honestly can't be bothered to finish anything else off. Chances are this won't be finished either. xD But, oh well.


    Spoiler: show
    Ernestine Aribane strode through the dark backstreets of Bristol, ignoring the chilly air and the fatigue that was begining to catch up with her. The rain lashed down across her black leather coat. She was in a foul mood and was deeply worried, as she had forgotten where she had parked her motorbike. Ernestine turned a few corners, speedwalking through backally after backally, until finally she said under her breath, "Ahh, there you are, my darling. Now, take me to her. Or shall I say, them."
    Ernestine swiftly got onto the bike, one that had been spotless and black for close to five hundred years.

    It took her two hours to get to Dorset, and another hour to find the building.
    When she found it, her heart was beating so fast.
    "Finally..." Her voice was a raised whisper.
    At the door, she was hurried in by a flustered maid.
    "The child is here!" The maid grabbed Ernestine's arm and dragged her into a room, before pulling on her own coat and abruptly leaving.

    In the room, Marguerite Aribane lay, her breath thin, on a large, fit-for-a-queen medieval style bed, cradling in her arms a newborn baby girl.
    "Stay away...from my child...mother." Marguerite hissed at Ernestine, hugging her child closer.
    "What if I do not? What can you do about it; you are a criminal in this world, and many others. The police will not help you. Nor will any of the Forsense."
    The baby's eyes started to dart about, settling on Ernestine.
    "She has it. She has the Gaze..." Ernestine smiled, walking forward.
    Marguerite glared, "They may me, Ernestine, but... they will help... my child..."
    "And by the time you have called a Forsense, I will be gone with your child." Ernestine's hands reached out for the child, and it began to cry.

    Ernestine was suddenly pulled back.
    "You will not take our Gaze."
    The Forsense was tall and had tanned skin. His eyes were black and only black. No whites. and remained focused on Ernestine as he held her collar.
    "You will go back to the Lowerworld. You will not return."
    And suddenly, a pitch black hole appeared, letting out a gentle breeze.
    Ernestine did not fight. She willingly walked to the portal; the Spacetear, as the Forsense called it.

    And at the same time Marguerite's body went limp, the child started to cry, and the Forsense took the baby from it's dead mother's arms, Ernestine was gone.


    Spoiler: show
    "Elspeth! Wake up already!"
    My eyes slowly open and the sight of my annoying sister Khloe drifts into view.
    "This is my room, and for your information, it's a Sunday and it's only seven."
    I stuff my head back under my pillow, expecting her to leave, but I only get shaken again.
    "Go away!" The threat in my voice in drowned out by the pillow.
    "Aren't you forgetting something, Elspeth?" Khloe's eyebrows raise, "Like something to do with a parent...?"
    "Oh, darn it!" I start trying to do multiple things at one, which only results in me rolling off the bed.
    "Dad's birthday!" I wipe my hair out of my face and Khloe nods.

    "Hairbrush! Hairbrush!" I shout, flinging open the doors of my oak wooden wardrobe, pulling out my new pair of black leggings and a navy blue tank-top. I throw my pajamas onto the floor and pull on my clothes, taking the hairbrush out of Khloe's hand and quickly combing my hair.
    I then dash into the bathroom, and brush my teeth for all of thirty seconds before spitting the used paste back into the sink and then doing whatever else I needed to do in there.

    It was ten minutes before I was entirely ready.
    Dad was in the sitting room, with a tray on his knee. When he saw me, he laughed.
    "So, Elspeth, you decided to show up?" He chuckled, his eyes darting to my empty hands.
    "El, honey, you forgot to buy your father something, did you?" My Mum says from behind me.
    "Uh, no, it's upstairs!"
    I run back up to my room, and crash on the bed.

    It's hard, sometimes, to call them Mum and Dad. That's because they aren't.
    My real Mum died in childbirth fifteen years ago and I have no idea who my dad is. I'm told my Mum's name was Marguerite. It's much more unique than Elspeth; I envy her for that name, even though even popular girls at school say they adore my name, I honestly don't. I find myself wondering what I'd be called if my Mum - my real Mum - was still alive.

    "Elspeth! You shouldn't have!" Dad pulls out the two new T-Shirts and pair of sweatpants I bought him. I picked the T-Shirts in his favorite colours, Red and Lime. The sweatpants are plain Black. And in his card, one with a rude joke on the front, is the rather pathetic gift of five Pounds.
    Then he reaches out for a hug. I know I shouldn't, but I feel very awkward hugging him, knowing he's not my real Dad.
    "Now you go and get that lye-in you deserve!" He ruffles the hair I took no time to brush, and I'm relived to be able to walk out of that room.

    I sleep in til ten thirty, when I'm woken up by mum and told to get some breakfast. Dad is already in his new gear, wearing the red top and black sweatpants, and I must say I'm rather proud of myself for it looks very good on him. Khloe has gotten him a new bike helmet; he likes cycling alot but fell off his bike the other day and broke his helmet. She also found the money somewhere to buy him a lime Super-dry hoodie. Khloe normally spends her money on clothes, but I suppose my theory on her keeping a secret stash of money could be correct.

    The day of Dad's birthday is a long one. 'Aunt' Deborah and 'Uncle' Ewan come for a visit, but that's it from relatives; Mum's parents are away in Spain and Dad has no parents (which is why I sometimes feel I can relate better to him than I can Mum) and after that people are either on holiday, doing something or are too lazy to stop off and just write and post a card.

    By the time I've dropped myself into bed, I'm relieved, and in minutes I am asleep, ready for the nightmare that will be Monday.


    Spoiler: show
    I was woken up in the morning by my cat, Nibella, licking my nose.
    Nibella is my very white, very fluffy Maine Coon cat who I love very dearly. Her clear blue eyes stare into mine, and instantly all plans of pushing her off my bed like I'm meant to go up in flames.
    "Aww!" I coo, burying my face in her fur, picking her up and setting her down gently beside my bed, picking up my hairbrush, combing my hair with one hand and scratching Nibella behind the ear with the other.

    After I've done with everything such as brushing my hair, teeth and eating breakfast, I hurry upstairs and open my wardrobe doors, swapping my Spongebob PJ's for a white T-shirt with a rainbow Ice-Lolly, my favorite pair of skinny leggings and a pair of white slip-on shoes, before hurrying to school.

    I'm met there by my best friends, Lilo and Saturn.
    "Anything cool happen last night?" Lilo asks me, smiling and optimistic as usual.
    "No. But it was my Dad's birthday on Sunday. Of course I totally forgot at first." I laugh.
    "Well, it's just you to forget." Saturn wedges himself between me and Lilo, wiping some chocolate brown hair out of his eyes.

    By lunch I'm already bored to death with school.
    "Why don't the NSPCC do something about school?" I groan, plonking myself down at a table with all my friends at it; Lilo, Saturn, Ashleigh, Cera and Noel.
    "I totally agree." Ashleigh mutters from behind a mouthful of sandwich.
    Cera looks at her, disgusted. "Clear your mouth before you speak!"
    "Sorry." Ashleigh says, her mouth still crammed with sandwich.
    I just look at Lilo and giggle.

    I exit school like a person who's been deprived from air all day long.
    "It's not that bad." Lilo giggles.
    "It is! Did you know I stopped going to church because the priests invented school?" I take a step back.
    "You told me you stopped going because 'it's the same darn thing every freaking week'."
    "Well, partly that and partly the entire school thing."
    "Right." Lilo scoffs.
    Saturn suddenly appears behind us, followed by Cera who I know has a massive crush on him. Behind Cera is Ashleigh, who just worships Cera like a goddess. Behind all of them is Noel, who follows us silently anywhere.
    "I hear church and school...What's up?" Saturn grins.
    "Woah...What up with the followers?" Lilo's eyes run across Cera, Ashleigh and Noel.
    "I believe, Lilo, that they are called 'friends'."
    "Whatevs, I'm totally just leaving now. Coming, Els?" She begins walking away, and I catch up with her, smiling and waving bye to Saturn and his worshipers.


    Spoiler: show

    "So, Els, are you coming round to the den tomorrow?" Lilo asks me as we approach the school gate.
    "Yes. I have dinner with my parents at four though. So try to arrange a time that will actually work this time?" I respond, laughing slightly.
    "Yes, being able to meet there would be nice. How about just you and me? None of whiny old Saturn or his WC?"
    WC is her new name for 'followers'. Apparently, it stands for 'worship club'. And when I consider it, it sounds good. None of Saturn pointing out all pros and cons, Cera backing him up, Ashleigh agreeing with everything Cera says, and Noel sitting uncomfortably with us.
    Just (slightly) normal, calm me and eccentric yet certainly sane Lilo.
    "I think we should go for twelve." I say.
    "That, madame, is a plan that works." She winks.

    Saturday morning goes slowly. Too slowly for me to like it.
    I spend most of it with Nibella, but she disappears at half eleven. Which I honestly don't care about, as I leave slightly later.
    I haven't been to the den in about two months now. I always think someone will end up finding it, and destroy it.
    Lilo, however, is sure that nobody will ever found it. And still, seven years later, it is still exactly the way we made it.
    Not one twig out of place.

    I begin the ten minute trek to the forest at thirty-five past eleven.
    When we were little, very little, me and Lilo used to go fairy-hunting in the wood. Normally, it would go okay, but our last fairy-hunt went disastrously wrong.
    Lilo got lost. Normally, we just used to go about the entrance to the forest, but Lilo went further. And before long, I'd lost her.

    Ten minutes later, she ran back, her hair a mess, screaming and crying.
    "A man!" She screamed. "He was dressed all weird! In robes! His eyes were weird...They were black...just black, no white bits!" She looked over her shoulder. "Just go, Elsy! Run and run and promise me you'll never let me go off again!"

    I don't know how we ever worked up the nerve to come back again.
    Lilo suggested building the den, to keep out the 'spirits'.
    So we made the pathway along which I now walk. And in the clearing that's coming soon...

    I drop my bag full of cookies and cupcakes as my knees tremble.
    A man stands, holding Nibella in his arms. His eyes are black. Just black.
    Just like the man Lilo described.
    "Now, you'll be a good girl. And you won't run."
    His voice booms, loud yet unheard. And even though I try to run, I find that I can't.
    "You're special, Elspeth." He takes two steps forward, his hand stroking Nibella.
    "You're special, just like your friend here."
    He puts Nibella down.
    "What do you mean, shes just a-"
    But I'm wrong. Nibella isn't just a cat.
    Because standing right here before me, is the girl with the platinum blonde hair, held back with a hair band.
    The eccentric yet sane girl who I have known for most of my life.
    "Lilo?" I ask.
    She nods, and it's the last thing I see before I pass out onto the forest floor.


    Spoiler: show

    I woke up in the same spot, with Nibella on top of me.
    "Oh, hello there...Why are you here, Nibe-" I begin, before everything dawns on me. I pick Lilo up and throw her off of me. She doesn't expect this, and transforms into a human and crashes straights into a tree.
    "Ouch!" She cries.
    My head spins again when I see Saturn sitting on one of the logs, nibbling through a Mars Bar.
    "You, too?" I ask.
    "Yep." Saturn says, his mouth full of Mars Bar.
    "Cera, Ashleigh and Noel?" I brace myself.
    "Nope." Lilo speaks up, still rubbing her head.
    "I don't understand any of this." I say, trying not to black out again.
    "You don't have to yet." Says Saturn.
    "We certainly didn't at first." Lilo half says and half hums.
    "For how long?" I ask, my head still very, very fuzzy.
    "Fairy Hunt." Lilo shuffles about.
    "Beach." Saturns eyes dart.
    "You know I feel really left out now?" I struggle onto my feet and collapse onto a nearby log.
    "That's only 'cause you're special." Lilo says. She instantly clamps her hand over her mouth.
    I black out again, and Saturn only just catches me before I land and break my neck.

    When I wake up for the second time, I'm still in the forest.
    Just Lilo and Saturn aren't there. But that man is.
    "It is nice to meet you. My name is Silas. And don't faint again. Your friends did not. The Gaze can not be puny." Silas said. His voice was deep and miserable sounding.
    "Where are they - Lilo and Saturn?"
    "In the Otherworld." He paused, then saw the look of confusion on my face. "Things like Magic and Handsome Princes don't exist on Earth."
    My face lit up.
    "Neither does Nyolak or his keeper."
    My face sunk.
    "W-wait? What's Nyolak?" I asked, feeling a bit dizzy again. Mainly because of the pure black in Silas' eyes.
    "He's a dragon. A right bugger of a dragon." Silas shuffled about.
    "The...Keeper?" I asked.
    "She is just known as the Keeper. But between you and me, she is Ernestine Aribane.
    She was there on the night you were born."

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    Default Re: Gaze

    No comentzzz how suprizzing.

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    Default Re: Gaze

    noice =)

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    Default Re: Gaze

    Yai. A comment.

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    Default Re: Gaze

    Nice (:
    Chances are I'll never finish my stories
    I'm taking the Timeless Isle for the GEAR!
    Beware, Thunder King, nobody is safe from my monk.

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    Default Re: Gaze

    Nobody leikz eit! T_T

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    Quote Originally Posted by ninjablade2000 View Post
    Nobody leikz eit! T_T
    I like it.

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    Default Re: Gaze

    Thank you dearesttt.

    Added chapter three for no reason whatsoever. >.>

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    Default Re: Gaze

    Love it ;3

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    Meep, short 4th chapter. >.>

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