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    Default Friendship is Never Here ~ Story by Trish19~!

    Hey I want to make another story But you can see my Latest book "The Girl"
    Its pretty awesome.. Speaking of Awesome this is a story That whom i want to give to you all <3 ~! ♥
    ~!♥ Friendship is Never Here ♥!~
    By: Trish
    I walk into the hallway of my school with my best friend. Our friendship bracelet dangled as we walk. People notice it a lot. It was the new luck in school. Everybody knows that friendship is important and it might never ever break.
    And I know it is important too.... Well maybe after family. I laughed inside my head. My friend saw me dazing in my mind. Then she snapped her fingers in front of my face and I woke up. "Are you there? Earth to Trish" she said feeling important. "Well my fashion show is held tomarrow at the stage in the cafeteria. Wanna join? There is two spots left. You know i always save you a spot." She said laughing. The crowd of teen looked at us. "Its nothing! It's just bestie friend stuff~!" I said. they all turned around. This school is ALL about friendship.
    What can i say? Its AWESOME! Nobody is mean!
    My friend said "Earth to Trish!" and I was sorry that i dazed again.
    "Well, sure I will join your fashion show. You know I have great clothes and have great designing skills"
    "Oh okay!" She said as she writes my name on her paper.
    "See you in class Trish!"
    "Bye~! meet in Cafeteria? TABLE 7!"
    "Okay! Wait I thought table 10 today..."
    "Hmm Lets just change for today! Cya Tina!"
    Yes, her name is Tina. Awesome name don' ya think? She can go by Chris, Christina, TehPower, Tootsie ,or TT (Thats our Friendship name~!)
    "Okay Bye Tutu!"
    Thats my nickname. You like? Well, I can go by Tutu, Toot, Tran, Wish ,or TT~!
    I walked into English. Room 2-B
    "Today Class we are learning about.." The teacher said.
    Hmm this part might get boring so letta me introduce you to the classroom!
    There are 4 Tables for our class. 16 students in the class.
    Lets start with table one.
    Tasha: Blonde short hair with light grey streaks. Graphic T-shirts all the time. Capris on hot days and in winter baggy jeans. Always Leather Boots or Flats.
    Kendall: Pitch Black Emo-ish hair with dark blue highlights. Dark plaid shirt. Bright skinny jeans. Low converse.
    Brad: Dark brown short hair. White T-shirt with black vest. Ripped jeans. Cheackered Basketball shoes.
    Cartheryn: Dyed red hair Long. Any color blank top. Short plaid skirt. Flip Flops (Not during P.E)

    Now on to TABLE 2!
    Jace: Buzzcut. Anything to do with music top. Shorts. Soccer shoes.
    Pam: Yellow pigtails. Emotional top. Skirt. High Heels (At this school its Almost forbidden)
    Darl: Dark pink emo-ish hair. Vest. Super skinny jeans. Converse. Tiger tattoo on side. (Girls <3 Him. Not Me.)
    Timmy: Blonde short hair. Anything funny.. Top.. EVERYTHING~!) (He is a funny guy but i am more funnier Just kidding.)

    Table 3~!♥ Where i sit!
    Me:........ Just Style (: with Dark Purple Streakz!
    Jessica: Brown ponytail. Long sleeved hoodie. Denim capris. Long converse.
    Riku: (Boy) Short sleeved hoodie. Super skinny jeans in Dark purple. Basketball shoes.
    James: Dark green hair with bright blue highlights. V-Neck T-shirt dark colors. Skinny light grey jeans. Low Toppies (Low Converse)

    Table 4 (: Woot.
    JayJeers: (Girl) (I would say she's my sister. And her real name is Jayleen) Brown pigtails. Long sleeved grafic T-shirts. Denim Jeans. Boots. (I am not like her. And we also don't talk in school.)
    Ben A.k.a Birdman~! Blonde hair. He wears anything he could find.
    Celes: Blonde hair in pigtails. Blouse Vest. Trendy super skinny jeans in Denim. Bright Converse.
    Beck: (Girl) Pitch black emo-ish hair. Black clothes no girly-ish. all Goth/Emo.

    Thats all! Now I just need to finish this class!
    Like it =D?
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    Default Re: Friendship is Never Here ~ Novel i think... by Trish19~!

    I love it Trish your great at these!
    After the Sharp Eyed Jay and The Roaring Lion,Peace Will Come On Dove's Gentle Wing.

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    Default Re: Friendship is Never Here ~ Novel i think... by Trish19~!

    yea i love it also. and how long did it take you to come up with the other people? it would of taken me a second with their outfits but their names would take me longer.

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    Default Re: Friendship is Never Here ~ Novel i think... by Trish19~!

    @PenguinMaster Oh Tyvm!

    @Misty Lol yea I agree!

    Chapter 2: The Cafeteria

    English was out! Now its Lunch time. Where my bestie sits. We go to the cafe earlier then other school because we get to decorate tables! I am the one who manages what table me and my bestie should eat on. And todays clean table is Table 7! I am always correct. Now to DECORATE!
    My bestie and I always have great ideas and plan it out just right! When the timer started the music next to the stage hits a beat. I danced while making the perfect table. There are 20 tables. 5 table only fits for 2.
    5 other tables fit for 10 teens. The other 10 is 15. Its small because the elderly come out after us. No messy fights or "WHHOOO HOO I CAN GRADUTE!" Seriously. It happens. I mean a lot.Yea.
    I stand there thinking but i am not decorating. Tina snapped at me and i woke up. "I am so sorry" I said. She said, "Its okay! There's 5 minutes left come on!". Then we start decorating.
    The minutes dahshd away as fast as it could. My hand moved and moved, hurting I tryed.
    After the time disapeared to dust, I was done. Everybody was done. Boys have bloody, deadly tables. Girls h prety shimerin' diamonds, except. Us. We were the ones who have imagination.
    Other people have Lagination on their thoughts. The whole cafeteria sat down looking at the menue just like they are in a resturant. Awesome huh?! I picked Hot cocoa, Mac and cheese, hashbrowns with a touch of french fries, and ordered a rainbow sherbert ice cream at the end.
    When we were waiting for the meal, Tina and me talked about the fashionista runway. "The fashion show will be held on Thursday. And Oooh! There will be a secret prom with a "Slow Dance!" on Friday!!" Tina said.
    Yes. Thats my Tina. She is the Prez of the Counsil Of The School~.
    "OH EM GEE!!!"
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    Default Re: Friendship is Never Here ~ Story by Trish19~!

    kool =D,
    =O Rainbow sherbert ice-creamm..yummy wish i could eat it T.T
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    And i <3CANADA
    (even tho i'm not canadian)
    I <3 This Crossover Couple

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    Default Re: Friendship is Never Here ~ Story by Trish19~!

    Lol I know right .. -gives shelby ice cream-
    Chapter 3 Our Dorm.
    I forgot it was my first day as a sopohomore (I think i spelled it right...) AND WE GET A DORM!!! YES! A DORM! Freshmen dont get it only Sopohomores-College~!
    Awesome! I went to my second class. Spanish. AP. Spanish AP. Hard as a ROCK! I ain't mexican so it would be super hard. I sighed. Went to class with Tina. We sat together. And stick together as glue when we could. "Holas mis amigos~! Como estas?" Senorita Covarrubias asked. The whole class replied, "Hola Senora Covvarrubias. You soy bien Gracias." ((Translate: Senora: Hello my friends. How are you?
    Class: hello senora covarrubias. I am good Thanks.))
    Well this class Might Be The Borrin'est~! So see you later WHEN WE MEET MY NEW DORM!!!!


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