Issue #1

Hello Readers! This is the first issue of Free Realms Weekly, the newpaper that tells you the what's what on Free Realms and Free Realms Insider!


Alexis Glowingpaw joined Free Realms a few days ago. Alexis is a close friend of mine outside of Free Realms, and I'm glad to say she's up and running all around Free Realms. If you see her, tell her hi! She's a funny, random person and she'd be glad to hang out.

Free Realms has accidentally given Members the Fan Faire pack. Inside contained 200,000 coins, a Laketree Lot, a Fan Faire 2011 shirt, and a Fire Pegasus Pet and Ride. Fortunately, SOE is not going to revoke the packs from the members. And for Fan Faire attendees, they will get an exclusive item in the future.

What's Popular this Week:

Mazes and Lot Challenges. Creating a challenge that requires you to jump from a slop bowl to an empty mine cart is growing more and more popular. They're even more fun with a reward at the end, such as a cool building picture or a jackpot plant.

Vaultberry and Weeding Items. People will offer quite a bit of coins for a pair of Sick Kicks or a pair of Honeydew Strapped Shoes.

This Week's Do's and Don'ts:

DO: Be polite. If someone wants your shirt, but you don't want to trade, say, NTY, and if they keep bugging you, ignore them.

DON'T: Scream at your Best Friend or Ex-Best Friend. Even if she steals your goals and your ideas, it's best not to talk to her at all.

Things of the Week:

Song of the Week:

Make It Shine by Victoria Justice. It's Inspirational, and upbeat.

Food of the Week:

Donut Holes. For the partially full Donut Fan.

Cheese of the Week:

Gouda. It's tangy.

O.o That's Random!:

This week's That's Random thing is... CHEESE WHIZ!!! On FR you say Cheese Wh Iz.

Featured Free Realms and Free Realms Insider Members:

This week, I will be featuring my friend and my sister as the Members of the Week.

Free Realms Member of the Week:

Give it up for none other than, Alexis Glowingpaw!!!

Me: So, Alexis, how do you like Free Realms so far?
Alexis: I like it.
Me: Just like?
Alexis: Well first I need stuff because I seriously don't know what I'm doing so far. SO GIVE ME STUFF!!
Me: Okay, so what's your favorite thing to do in Free Realms?
Alexis: I like to vote on the houses and hang out with Ashley Girl and Rebekah Bailey.
Me: What would you do if a random person on Free Realms said, 'Hey kid wanna buy a bagel?'
Alexis: I'd walk away, thinking, 'Freak.'
Me: Do you have plans on becoming a Free Realms Member?
Alexis: I want to.
Me: So anything you wanna say to the readers?
Alexis: Nope.
Me: Ya sure?
Alexis: Yep.

Annnnddd... Free Realms Insider Member of the Week:

Ashley Ryan

Me: So, Ashley, how do you like FRI so far?
Ashley Ryan: I like buying stuff on it, except I hate when I lose an auction.
Me: And what is it you like to buy?
Ashley: Capris, Strapped shoes, Cardigan. I'm trying to get a Cowboy hat that's not red.
Me: Sushi huh?
Ashley: What about it?
Me: Why are you eatin' it in my room?
Ash: 'Cuz. I need food. *pats tummy* Hear that? Hollow stomach.
Me: Anyway... You've recently submitted your house in the Housing Directory, correct?
Ash: Yep, I'm gonna submit them all... except my apartment.
Me: I heard you're a Legend of the Seeker fan.
Me: Okay, I think we're done.
Ash: Yay... (Man voice) Fake Crab meat. Mmm...
Me: Okay get out of my room.
Ash: (reading interview) Man voice?
Me: Mhm.

If you like this, DO IT!!!:

If ya like: Sprayable Cheese.
Try: Randomly saying CHEESE WHIZ!!!! (Put a space between the H and the I so it'll show up.)

This Week's Favorited Roleplay Moment:

Half and Dark: The Heart of a Warrior Never Stops Beating: When Sapphire the kit sand Make It Shine by Victoria Justice. (Hope it's okay I put this here Sparkles.)

Help MEEEE!!!!!

Dear Skylär,
What do I do when I'm constantly fighting with my friend? I tell her something I'm doing, then she goes behind my back and copies me! Also, when I say something, like, 'I hurt myself (somewhere cool) today', she says, 'Stop bragging!' And, when I was in Briarwood, where everyone parties, she walks up to me and goes, 'Go away please.' In a rude way!
-Robbed by Räin

Dear Robbed,
I would suggest not telling your friend things like that. And when she says things like, 'Go Away,' I would either leave, or calmly tell her that since it is a public place, it is not her duty to tell you whether to leave or not. I would also either try to make up with her or ignore her.

Featured Artwork:


For Sale:


And... This Week's Poll!!

What would you randomly scream in-game?
A. Cheese Whiz!
B. I like to ride Gorillas!
C. Woah, They're Purple!
D. A random Song Lyric
E. I'm not random. O.o

That's all for this issue. Feel free to PM or VM me about anything in the issue, or contact me In-game.


This Issue is possible thanks to Skyär51/Rebekah Bailey, Alexis Glowingpaw, and Ashley Girl/Ashley Ryan.