As the large burning ball of fire in the sky threw its rays of scorching light through the clouds in the turquoise sky, a young broad shouldered boy ran towards a camp. All the tents were orange and in between them all were two small camp fires. Each tent belonged to someone. Two girls and two boys. There was also another member. Clearly the leader. A picture of his head was on all the tents. However he was neither human or pixy! He was a flying squirrel! Also know as a treeble. His name was Chatty. Chatty was an orange Treeble with a multi-toned blue moheikan. This followed and flattened as it drew closer to the end of his tail.
"When is the competition going to start?" One of the male members asked
"Soon. We are just waiting for Robbie to signal that he is ready" Chatty replied
Robbie was Chatty's rival in contests. He was also of a different species. Robbie was a robgoblin. He wore a metal wrist band on his right hand and a large metal glove on his left. He wore a tutu which had a metal chest plate on top of it. He wore brown tights. He also white boots which both had been sown to red socks, a pearl neclace and a wooden helmet with a single spike on top. Despite his odd dress contex he was not the kind of guy to mess with.
"We are going to beat that treeble this time. We have been beaten every contest but not today! TODAY WE WIN! today I win!" Robbie explained. He picked up his whistle and blew it loud enough so his rival Chatty could here it.
"Ok team good luck!" Chatty said as he shook each of his teams hands.
"We won't let you down Chatty!" His team members smiled
"I know you won't" Chatty smiled back and he returned to his tent.
"Now that we're alone, I think we can have a chat," A voice said.
"Who said that?" Chatty asked
"Don't you recognise this voice?" The voice replied
"Its mine! Did someone record me? Chatty returned and he exited his tent to look for the location of the sound.
"Thats right just follow the voice!" The voice urged
"Who are you?" Chatty questioned. This time slightly shaken
"You shall find out soon enough" The voice replied followed by a little chuckle.
"Are you a robgoblin?" Chatty asked with a little shiver going down his spine as he wondered further into Greenwood forest.
"Nope! That I am not. Now turn to your left!" The voice instructed
Chatty's eyes widened. His expression changed from slight fear into great shock.
"Whats the matter? Scared?" The voice asked. Suddenly a figure appeared from behind a tree.
"How is this possible?" Your me!" Chatty gasped
"Not exactly! I am better than you! I am your inner darkness!" The figure revealed itself completely. He was almost identical to Chatty only he was a dark grey and had burning red eyes. Their light emited from the icy caverns of the sockets in which they were contained.
"If you're trying to persuade me to join the darkness, forget it!" Chatty said.
"It has nothing to do with joining the dark. No matter how much you deny darkness, it will get you! You are no exception! You gave me a life and the best part of my life is that I have a slow but steady grip over your mind…body…and even soul!" Dark Chatty explained.
Chatty ran for his life back towards the camp in sheer terror. Before he had the chance to blink Dark Chatty was upon him.
"Whats the matter? Don't like me?" Dark Chatty cackled
"Get away from me! I have never done anything wrong! How can I possibly have an evil side?" Chatty cried
"Chatty! Every hero has a Dark side! We shall meet again Chatty! We shall meet again very soon!" Dark Chatty hissed and he vanished back into the shadows of Greenwood forest.
Chatty eventually got back to camp and met up with his team.
"Chatty we won again!" everyone said
"That's great guys well done!" Chatty sighed
"Are you ok Chatty?" One of the females asked
"Yeah, yeah I'm fine. Just need some rest" Chatty quickly replied knowing he couldn't tell them. At least not yet anyway. All he could think about was one thing his darker side said to him. "Every hero has a darkside"