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    Default The Flames of Disaster ~ [Silver]

    This is based around the events that take place in Silver's storyline in the video game Sonic 06. I made up the character Darken the Blackbird, but just about everything else here belongs to Sega.

    Stuff: [Majah Spoilah Alert!]
    Spoiler: show
    This will contain major spoilers of Sonic 06, so be warned. It's actually based on the entire story.
    Iblis Trigger: This is thought by Silver to be Sonic the Hedgehog, which it indirectly is, as his death causes Elise to cry and thus releasing the flame, allowing Iblis and Mephiles to become one and form Solaris.
    Solaris Project: I myself have no good idea what this is, but it was a project run by the King of Soleanna 10 years before the events of Sonic and Shadow's story, but 210 years before Silver's.
    Iblis: The beast that bought destruction to Soleanna, in Silver's time it's known as Crisis City. He was the power of Solaris.
    Mephiles: Shadow's main rival, who seeks to become one with Iblis and to become Solaris. He was the cunning of Solaris. He is also infamous for being the only villain of the entire series who has ever managed to kill Sonic.

    Crisis City:
    Spoiler: show

    Characters and Places:
    Spoiler: show
    I ask them all what happened to this world. They all point to the flames. They say nothing, but, "The Flames of Disaster."
    He is Iblis. The horrid fiend that was created during the Solaris project, over 200 years ago.
    "He's been seen again!"
    My head snapped left to see Blaze the Cat telling Silver Iblis had been sighted. Silver, who'd been hovering mid-air, also turned to look at Blaze. He nodded, and Blaze jumped over rooftops at surprising speed, Silver hovering behind her.
    Just before Silver turned the first corner, he shouted at me, "Darken, we can't waste time here!"
    I flew off behind him as we headed into the chaos.

    Silver took the lead.
    Iblis creatures were all over the area. Things made purely of molten lava that hurt a lot if you touched them. As if on cue, one of them came diving toward me, only to be killed quickly by a car thrown by Silver.
    "Careful!" Blaze said from behind me, as she leapt up and came crashing down on an Iblis creature as a spinning tornado of fire.
    "We're done here." Silver said, after he'd thrown multiple wooden boxes at a group on creatures gathered in the corner.
    "Where is he?" I asked.
    Blaze, Silver and myself scanned the area for a little while, before Blaze pointed into the distance, "He's right there!" I could see him briefly, the thing that had bought ruin to my future. I longed to destroy him once and for all, but it was impossible. He was...Immortal.

    "We've got to use this loose bit of steel to pack some spring into our jump." Blaze explained, "if Silver used his psychokinesis right on the end and we stood behind him, that should be just enough to get us over there."
    "But couldn't I just fly over?" I asked.
    "Oh, yes, great idea, get over, then." Silver nodded.
    I flapped my wings and was over onto the destination piece of rock, standing facing the others, when Blaze suddenly shouted, "Get down!"
    I didn't have time to think; I just dived down onto the hard floor as a lamp post came whizzing over my head.
    "Whew!" I stood up.
    Blaze and Silver then landed behind me.
    "Close." Silver said, "come on."

    We were then walking on a fallen highway. It didn't take long for us to cross the highway, as it soon gave way to a sturdy foothold.
    As I was jumping the gap, I looked down and saw a great drop into boiling hot lava. I shuddered at the thought, only to look back up to a great Iblis worm looming over me. I yelped, and my leg went flying out, some dark aura surrounding my leg to make it hurt a lot more. The worm gasped and sunk back into the Earth. Silver, meanwhile, was throwing boxes and things at Iblis creatures. When the area was clear, we helped each other up as we scrambled onto a raised piece of rock.
    Iblis was closer. But so were the boatload of creatures that awaited us on the fallen Skyscraper.

    Silver caught the spiked balls of Iblis Bats and threw them back, sending them spinning everywhere. I kicked and punched and sent orbs of Darkness flying in all directions. Blaze seemed to be getting slightly worn down as she spiralled and flew about, leaving trails of flame in her wake.
    "We can't have much fur-" Silver began, only to be interrupted by a rumbling as the Skyscraper ahead of us was torn in two, revealing Iblis.
    "Iblis!" Silver cried, shaking his fist at the beast. Blaze put her left foot forward and shook her head, and I cracked my fingers and made my dark aura visible.
    "We're ready, Iblis!" Silver called, and Iblis roared at the three of us.

    Iblis and Mephiles (Mef-i-lis):
    Spoiler: show
    Iblis then did something that may have been classed as inhuman laughter.
    Silver growled and picked up a car with his psychokinesis.
    "Take this Iblis!" He cried, sending the car flying. Iblis snarled as the car hit is forehead, and reached down into the pool of lava, bringing up an entire building with one of his arms.
    "Oh...Word." I stuttered, running for shelter as quickly as possible. I had to grab Blaze's arm and tug her along a bit.
    I heard a crash! behind me and Silver's eyes gleamed.
    "Thanks, Iblis!" He mocked, picking up a great majority of the building.
    "Silver's in his spirit." Blaze nudged me. I chuckled and nodded. Me and Blaze couldn't do anything here.
    Silver then threw the building. Iblis let out a howl as it crashed against him, shards of rubble and dusty furniture smacking against him.
    "That must've hurt." I said to Blaze.
    Iblis got quite angry, and charged toward our platform.
    "Chuck stuff!" I yelped at Silver, "Lots of stuff!"

    Silver had hurled about everything in sight at Iblis, making him retreat (looking rather worn down) back to where he was in the first place.
    Iblis then picked up two buildings, and smiled.
    "Smash 'em!" I told Silver and Blaze, unleashing a volley of attacks upon the falling buildings. Just enough to break it in half and still have a decent amount of Skyscraper to throw back at Iblis. I smiled at that.

    Silver looked very weary as he picked up the buildings. With a grunt of effort, he threw them at Iblis, who, under the sheer weight of the buildings, was forced against the nearest standing Skyscraper. The Skyscraper collapsed on top of Iblis, as Blaze and Silver cheered quite loudly.
    "Why are you even bothering to celebrate?" I cried. "We'll be doing this forever."
    Both of their joyous faces turned ashen immediately.
    Silver slammed his fist on the wall, "How do we do it? How do we seal Iblis for good?"
    "Calm down, Silver!" Blaze said to him.
    "How!" He cried again.

    "I can show you."
    The voice spoke suddenly.
    It was a black hedgehog. He stood atop a crumbling pillar, tossing in his hand a chaos emerald.
    "I'm Mephiles."
    Silver stepped forward, introducing us all, "I'm Silver. This is Blaze. And that's Darken."
    Mephiles nodded, "Nice to meet you all," he began, "so, follow me, and I can show you, how to defeat Iblis once and for all..."

    The Iblis Trigger:

    Spoiler: show
    We followed Mephiles to an old laboratory.
    Inside, a large screen took up most of one wall and a keyboard protruded from out beneath it. Mephiles walked up to it, turned around and said to Silver, "So, this is the Iblis trigger."
    He turned round again, and began typing at lightning-fast speed, various numbers and possible results flashing across the screen as he typed.
    Finally, he pressed a key and the screen flashed with a, 'please wait' sign.
    After what seemed like an eternity, a picture of a blue hedgehog flickered onto the screen.
    "So...That's the guy who started all of this." Silver mused, taking three steps closer to the screen.
    Mephiles nodded.
    "And, you can remain in this devastated future, or travel back in time to save it."
    I don't think anyone but me caught the slight glint of evil that flashed across his eyes.
    "Should we trust him?" I stepped forward.
    "He's our only chance." Blaze spoke, "it's now or never. And if we do die, then..." She circled about, "what have we got to loose?"
    "I suppose you're right..." I nodded.
    There was then a flash of purple light that I thought might have blinded me.

    When I opened my eyes again, we were standing in a lush green forest. Well, me and Silver were.
    "Blaze?" Silver called out, "Blaze!" He shouted again.
    "Not here." I spoke up.
    "Thank goodness you're here." He smiled, "Goodness knows if I could save the future...On my own." He seemed to look a little sad.
    "How about we track down Blaze first, then save the future?" The idea seemed to cheer Silver up a bit.
    "Great idea! The jungle just past the forest seems like great place to start looking!" He suggested.
    "So it does." I laughed.

    The stroll through the forest may have been the happiest time me and Silver had ever had. There were these pretty things that grew on long green lines that sprouted leaves and smelled lovely. The sky was such a clear blue. I'd never seen blue, except on the peeling paint of old cars that lay abandoned back in Crisis City.
    The place we were heading too looked full of greenery, too, so I couldn't wait to go.

    We had to cross a pond to get there. Clear, safe water that didn't worry you sick every time you drank it; I wish I'd been born in these times.
    Silver and me flew across this pond, marvelling at our reflections. By the time we were across, we wanted to go back again. But duty was duty, and we needed to find Blaze.
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    Default Re: The Flames of Disaster ~ [Silver]

    o_o Yet more wasted life.

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    Default Re: The Flames of Disaster ~ [Silver]

    Quote Originally Posted by ninjablade2000 View Post
    o_o Yet more wasted life.
    No wasted life here, I was going to read it, but I haven't played/hear of that game. xD

    But I like your writing, and if you enjoy writing then no wasted life here.
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    Default Re: The Flames of Disaster ~ [Silver]

    I just like the Sonic franchise...I should've done Shadow first, but I was halfway through anyway. xD

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    Default Re: The Flames of Disaster ~ [Silver]

    No wasted life. But I like the idea,I just don't know what to do. Except say "WHOOOO NICE!!!!" Maybe not in caps but,yeah. I also like the name
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    Default Re: The Flames of Disaster ~ [Silver]

    It's another term for 'Iblis' used in the game.

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    Default Re: The Flames of Disaster ~ [Silver]

    Lol Story Bump...xD I'm gonna continue writing this, because I'm enjoying it (so HECK will I enjoy writing with Shadow. <3) and secondly because the school says I have to write. Being on the Gifted & Talented register for literacy is NOT fun. o_o

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