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    Default Fight or Flight ~ Story by me!

    Chapter 1 ~ The Beginning of the End
    Atra remained focused on the fire light only 50 yards from where she crouched. A sudden peel of laughter made her eyes flick to one of the longer silhouettes. It was obviously male, a man of power in the group. He murmured something and the rest of the figures laughed. He was the one, her target, Nex. Nex was one of three leaders of the Shadow Vortex, an evil society from the South Kingdom.
    The South Kingdom, an enemy of Atra’s own Gem Kingdom, had been plotting to kidnap the Queen of Sea-Side Kingdom. Nex himself had planned the trap to take place two days from now, and Atra was charged with foiling his plot.
    Atra crept forward, her feet making no noise on the forest floor as she carefully avoided twigs and dry leaves. As she moved closer to the campfire, she pulled her bow from her shoulder, nocking an arrow. Now only thirty feet away from the circle, Atra straightened. She kept one knee on the forest floor, and pulled back on the bowstring till the feathers of the arrow tickled her cheek. Taking aim at the circle, Atra took a calming breath – and let the arrow fly.
    The circle of assassins erupted with screams and shouts of fury as they searched for the hidden attacker.
    Atra was flying across the mossy ground. The camp was a whirl of chaos as their leader lay unconscious on the ground. Atra quickly distanced herself from the group, retreating into the forest until the cries around the campfire were no longer audible. She knew that Nex would need to recover before attempting to get the Queen of Sea-side Kingdom. For now she was safe and the Queen could find a better place to hide from Nex. Atra continued to run, until she reached the coast.
    Ahead of her, the earth dropped away to the sea hundreds of feet below her. She skidded to a stop, slowing to a walk. The moon was full tonight, reflecting on the foaming waves. She turned, following the cliff northward. A mountain rose above her, shielding the moon and throwing her into complete darkness.
    Atra reached up and grabbed onto the rocky surface, pulling herself upward. She climbed for some distance, until she reached a small cave, a perfect circle in the side of the mountain. She crouched and tip-toed softly into the entrance of the cave. The floor quickly dropped away, winding downwards steeply. The cave had been carved long ago by a Beast Mole, a creature that ate rock to survive. They were now long gone, but their cave networks served as perfect hiding places for underground organizations.
    So, let me know what you think! Should I continue?
    (yes this is my second time posting this because I had to edit it some what from the original)

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    Default Re: Fight or Flight ~ Story by me!

    that brilliant!
    loads of adjectives and words that give a clear description of what's happening
    luvz it!

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    Default Re: Fight or Flight ~ Story by me!

    Wow, great job! I always enjoy reading stories like this, stories with action and adventure.


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    Default Re: Fight or Flight ~ Story by me!

    Thanks for the comments! Here is the next part. It is a little slower, but it leads into the rest of the story...

    Atra felt the ground level out. The tunnel widened until she could stand up straight again. She entered a small chamber where hooks hung around the room. On one hook was her usual attire, the traditional floor length gown of a lady of the court in Gem Kingdom.
    Atra changed, pulling on a sky blue dress, her purple eyes flashing with disgust and discomfort at the billowy fabric. She was more used to her tunic trousers she wore on missions. Finally, she hung her bow and quiver on the wall, concealing her dagger in her loosely fitted sleeves.
    Making sure she had forgotten nothing, Atra glided across the room to a flat, circular rock, opposite the tunnel entrance. She stood to one side of it and pushed against it. Slowly, it slid sideways, revealing a hole in the wall. Atra leapt through it, landing in a room three times the size of the great hall in Gem Castle.
    “Atra!” A cry greeted her. Atra glanced up and smiled when her eyes met the golden eyes of Umbra. He stood on a rocky outcrop about 15 feet above Atra, but he quickly descended to the cave floor. Another head that had been facing away from her turned to see what Umbra had yelled at.
    Lara’s long, white hair was plaited tightly behind her head as usual. Atra embraced Umbra quickly and then crossed the room to where the old woman sat. Lara began to rise to greet Atra, but she waved for the woman to remain seated. Atra joined Lara, sitting in one of the ancient, wooden chairs that surrounded the large table. Lara was shuffling through a pile of parchment, the spies’ reports.
    “Where is everyone?” Atra asked as Umbra joined them at the table. Lara sighed in frustration.
    “The South Kingdom has been busy. We have been using all the people we have to keep the other kingdoms safe,” Lara indicated the large stack of reports.
    “I thought we had more than enough people to handle any problems. Our network was overflowing with volunteers.”
    “We have lost many, to both corruption and death,” Umbra answered, patting Atra’s hand. “Only the best, like yourself, remain. At least we still have the advantage of talent.”
    Umbra was a large man, at least a head taller than Atra who was six feet tall herself. He had golden, brown hair that he kept long and tied back with a strip of leather. He was as good with a sword as Atra was with a bow. He was a quick thinker and very strong, one of the few people Atra would trust her life with. She searched his eyes for some reassurance, but none was there as he stared back at her sadly. They were on the losing side of the battle now.

    Again, let me know what you think (give me any tips or advice you think of )
    IGN: Ruby Kayen (<<Suprise, Suprise)

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