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Title: Father's day

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    Default Father's day

    On one day
    was a little girl rushing to go to school
    her mother said maybe you should not go today

    she said no
    it is okay i am fine
    just please let me go.

    they finally went off to school
    in a red colored minivan
    and the mother
    was driving in sadness

    the little girl waited for her turn
    quietly on her desk,
    until finally she heard her name

    the little boy in a dad said where is your daddy
    with no fear at all

    the mother looked at her daughter
    and her daughter looked back.
    all the fathers were in the room staring at them

    then finally the little girl began to speak
    my father is not here
    she said putting her little hand to her heart

    but he was the best daddy ever she said
    i can tell you many things about him
    like his favorite color is red,
    she stopped speaking

    she finally started to speak again,
    my father was a fire fighter
    and died on the day when two towers collapsed
    it was on september 7, 2001

    i love him very much,
    but i know he is now in a better place
    he is in heaven with all the angels

    but i know i can still see him
    when i close my eyes
    he is standing right next to me

    everybody started to close their eyes
    and the little girl did too,
    for on that day,
    when everybody closed their eyes,
    they saw a small shadow
    standing right next to the little girl,
    holding her hand.

    by: zashley624

    i accidently put little boy in dad i meant
    a little boy said
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    Default Re: Father's day

    0_o Thanks for sharing that with us .-.

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    Default Re: Father's day

    That's cool!
    Anyone need anything Boys Only, Combat or anything else except Girls Only PM me

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    Default Re: Father's day

    nICE poem very touching!
    After the Sharp Eyed Jay and The Roaring Lion,Peace Will Come On Dove's Gentle Wing.

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    Default Re: Father's day

    that was really moving, you r a great poetry man! and the end was the best ; )

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    Default Re: Father's day

    This is a beautiful piece

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    Default Re: Father's day

    Aw :..( But don't you mean September 9, 2001? P.S. I love the poem.

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    Default Re: Father's day

    srry i think i was thinking of 7/11 instead of 9/11 lol

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    Default Re: Father's day

    Nice Poem

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