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    Default Faith's Lullaby

    This is a lullaby I wrote for the kiddo a little while ago when she had a bad night. Its pretty corny and not very good but she seemed to like it, so I guess that's all what matters.

    Come dreaming with me, sweet child of mine
    To a place between tonight and tomorrow
    Where the world is much softer and calmer and slow
    And the crickets sing along with the swallow

    Together we’ll gather the stars from the night
    And bundle them up with a string
    Or soar through a sky of sapphire blue
    On our own glistening butterfly wings

    We’ll slide down the rainbows and chase rays of sun
    Then talk with the swift summer breeze
    And sit down to tea with the man in the moon
    Up high past the tops of the trees

    So close now your eyes of chocolate brown
    And your lips of light cherubim pink
    On your pillow of clouds and your bed made of roses
    With a smile, a nod and a wink

    Come dreaming with me, sweet child of mine
    As I sing you to sleep with my song
    I’ll rock back and forth and cradle you close
    And stay by your side all night long

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    Default Re: Faith's Lullaby

    awwwwwwww thats so sweet kaden lol good job

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    Default Re: Faith's Lullaby

    Kayden, i love it! You've done a beautiful job. it's wonderful

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    Default Re: Faith's Lullaby

    Just beautiful!

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    Default Re: Faith's Lullaby

    Awww, that's so sweet!!

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