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    Default Faith ~ Chapter 2

    I was violently awakened when i felt a smack across my left cheek and my named being screamed. Well not violently, the smack was more like a feather being placed on my face. "Ethan! I know your awake, answer me!" I opened my eyes and looked at my roommate. "Susie, we're vampires. You might as well have hit me with a hammer." She narrowed her eyes and said "Whatever Ethan. As long as you're awake. So, who is she?" I sat up from my bed and looked at her like she was insane, "What are you talking about? She?" "Yes, She! I woke you up because you were yelling "No! They're coming. I will not let them have her, I can't afford to lose her again! Why wont she listen to me"?" I stared at her and thought, was I really saying that or is she playing around with me? "Nothing, will you get out my business?" She growled at me and disappeared. She is so annoying. I got up from my bed and walked to the door when i heard the noise. I looked out the window beside Susie's bed and saw somebody throwing rocks at the window. Matt Woods. I opened the window and yelled "Hey Matt, Whats up with the rocks? You could have just came up." He looked up and said with a grin on his face "Yeah well last time I went in your room without knocking, you weren't there but Susie was. She was naked too, just got out the shower I guess. She screamed and literally tried ripping my eyes out, but hold on a second." He disappeared and knocked on the door but came in without me opening it. "Yo, Ethan, did the potion help you get into your mystery girls dreams?" "Yeah, and thanks again for the potion. I just need to know who she is." He punched me in the shoulder and said "No problem man, and well, You didn't ask her? I mean, what kind of guy goes in a girls dream, a girl he doesn't even know, and doesn't ask her about herself? How are you going to get this girl if she thinks your a jerk? You don't even have to listen! Just letting her think you care and -" I hit him on the head with one of Susies book. I never liked reading but i guess they can come in handy sometimes. "Matt, shut up. I was distracted. She is beautiful, I mean she has a heart shaped face with long burgundy hair and light green eyes. Those girls eyes looked wide and frightened like a deers." He looked past me with blank eyes, "Still could have asked her what her name was and I'm guessing you're going to need to go back inside her dreams tonight, again?" Did I want to go into her dreams again? She might have not been her, the girl my souls been chasing since the beginning of times, the one the witches keep trying to convince me is my soulmate. The girl the werewolves keep killing everytime I find her again. I looked at him, sighed, and said, "Yeah and I'm sorry if you get in any trouble for sneaking in and borrowing Mrs. Wiley's potions . . ." He looked at me and smiled, "Man, I'd steal something for you everyday if it just gave me the chance to steal something! I hate that lady anyways, and besides, She is old and wouldn't notice a couple potions missing." I rolled my eyes at him, "Thanks. I'm sure she will notice, she is a witch after all. Also you might want to get out before Susie -" and then Matt fell on the floor. I looked up from him to the open door and saw Susie holding a hammer. I bent down to try and put Matt on my bed while yelling at Susie, "What the heck Susie? You could have killed him!" She looked at me with a look that said she didn't care and then she said in a quite voice, "I told him if I ever saw him in this room again, he was going to regret it. IT'S NOT MY FAULT HE DOESN'T LISTEN! And I was getting this hammer for YOU! Remember this? "Susie we're vampires. You might as well hit me with a hammer." I want to know who she is and do you know how long it took me to find this hammer? I HAD TO RUN TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SCHOOL TO GET IT! I hate you." She droped the hammer and walked out the room again like nothing happened. I walked over to the door, shut it, and turned around to look at Matt. Who was sitting up on the bed, smiling. "Dude, really? You said that? If you want some pain get hit by the wood on that there hammer on the floor and let it get rammed into your chest. Yes we're vampires but the hammer head didn't hurt at all. I just faked getting knocked out with it so she would get the heck out of here." Matt was as dumb as a rock when it came to grades but he was smart enough to pull of every prank in the book, win over girls and steal from witches, vampires, shapeshifters, and maybe even the werewolfs.

    [Mystery guy from Chapter one is Ethan btw o.e] and please tell me if I worded wrong, bad grammar or if it needs some changes..

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    Default Re: Faith ~ Chapter 2

    LOL Matt Entertains Me ! & Thank You For Letting Me Know You Posted Chapter 2(: When You Post 3 ( SOON C; ) Please VM Me Again ! Your Grammar Seems Just Fine To Me . After All I Capitalize Everything , Noticing A Mistake In Text Really Isn't My Thing LOL . But No Really , It Looks Just Fine(: - Waits For Maor o:

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    Default Re: Faith ~ Chapter 2

    "She dropped the hammer and walked out the room again like nothing happened."

    Only mistake I found . . . .Tink chu for posting the second chapter! ^-^
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    Default Re: Faith ~ Chapter 2

    I loved it!
    Thanks Jaiyden & Lindei for avvie & siggie.

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