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    Default The Evesong Chapter 2

    The Eversong
    Chapter 2

    I stared as 7 Night Elf sentinels passed the tree we were hiding in. Auntie Liroa had masked out scent with mud,leaves,and tree bark we found lying around.
    "Check the bushes,these High Elves are masters of stealth!" one called,maybe she was the commander. I looked over at Auntie Liroa,who now had a vine. She made a loop,put it down,carefully put it around one of the sentinel's ankles,and pulled her up. She made an "EEP!" sound and we quickly tied her to the branch. We heard a creaking sound and move to the opposite side of the tree where sentinels had already searched. The leaves rustled on the other side and we heard a crashing. Auntie Liroa grabbed me and ran back to Splintertree Post,avoiding the attackers of course.
    "Report,Elves!" Gorak said to us,I was too startled to speak.
    "They're advancing and trying to send us back into the Barrens," Auntie Liroa reported. I mumbled to myself,"I'd be happy to see Undercity..."
    "Argh,go see the Innkeeper for a bed,you have earned it," Gorak told us,I was already going.

    Sorry for short chapter. I strongly doubt anybody cares enough to post,but I never cared anyways.
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