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    Default The Eversong Chapter 1

    The Eversong
    Chapter 1

    The rain came down heavily,pelting my face. Auntie Liroa seemed ever so calm,where as I,Sylvanaria Windrunner,was scared more than ever. Ashenvale was home to the Night Elves,our ancestors. We were High Elves,and I felt like an arrow was going to come out of nowhere and pierce my heart.
    "Aria,hand me my scope," Auntie Liroa said,pushing a strand of her red hair back. I reached in one of the bags on the packwolves and pulled out one then handed it to her. Auntie Liroa attatched it to her gun and looked into it. I thought she saw an army of Night Elves marching towards us,but instead she just whispered,"Spies. And alot of them."
    "H-how many?" I whispered back,afraid of not returning to my beloved Undercity.
    "10,20 at most..." Auntie Liroa answered,ever so quietly. I took the food and weapon packs off the wolves and waved them back to the Mor'shan Rampart. Auntie Liroa looked down and pulled one of her arrows out of the ground.
    "Auntie,I-I'm scared. What if I never see Undercity? Or Mommy?" I cried,but very quietly so the Night Elves wouldn't hear us.
    "Don't worry,sweetie,we'll be back in Undercity before you know it," Auntie Liroa replied,pushing my dark blue hair back. I suddenly heard the sound of leaves rustling and turned around,aiming my daggersnd the shadowy figure.
    "Get out! Ashenvale is ours!" the figure hissed,jumping on me. Auntie Liroa quickly aimed 2 arrows at the figure and released them,both hitting the figure's left shoulder. It fell back,pulling the arrows out. I quickly got behind the figure and cut the figure's leg. My daggers were imbued with poison,and would kill the target within a week unless it was treated. Auntie Liroa quickly pulled it's arms behind its back and wrapping her leg around its leg.
    "Speak!" Auntie Liroa demanded,wrapping her arm around its neck.
    "I.. was sent.. by Malfurion... to defeat you and... take you prisoner," the spy said,appearing to be a Night Elf with purple skin and white hair. I looked in a bit closer.
    "Druidess Jaunela?" I asked,she nodded slightly. Auntie Liroa removed her arm from around her neck.
    "I simply do not wish to lose my home. I was born and raised in these forests," Druidess Jaunela said,a single tear rolling down her check and smearing her leaf tatto on her face.
    "I know how it feels," I said quietly. My small home had been taken when I wasn't born,and I never knew where Mommy grew up.
    "Please do not kill me!" Druidess Jaunela pleaded and begged,crying.
    "Take this medicine to cure the poison,I hope to see you in the future," I said,handing her the cure for the poison. Auntie Liroa let her go,bowing slightly.
    "Thank you ever so much!" she answered,her face bcoming cat like and her body became covered with fur,then her hands became paws and she was soon on all-fours. She ran off in the woods without a trace.
    "You did a good thing,saving an important person. If she had died,a war would have surely came into view and added,"Now get some sleep,sun lily." I looked at the packs and pulled a blanket out and made myself a leaf bed,then quickly fell asleep.
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