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    Default ESCAPE by Kiperrr, the first novel in a series

    hey, i have been working on this for a while so i am finally gonna show it off! yay! it isn't done yet, far from it but still here it is feel free to tell me what i should add or what is wrong! btw i know it is long but take your time reading it!

    Table of Contents
    Prologue: Capture..………………………….pg. 3
    PART 1………………………….THE TRAPDOOR
    Chapter 1: Alex……………………………… 8
    Chapter 2: The 14
    Chapter 3: An Unexpected Poem… 21
    Chapter 4: Ransacked……………………pg. 27
    Chapter 5: A Scary Command……… 31
    Chapter 6: Framed……………………… 34
    Chapter 7: Meet Me in St. Louis…….pg. 37
    Chapter 8: Gas Station Troubles…….pg. 43
    Chapter 9: Trapdoors……….………… 47
    Chapter 10: Burning Waves………… 52
    The sun shone brightly on the scenic city of Telecara as Sara strode into the town square. The stucco buildings reflected the light very well and Sara was thinking she was going to be blind after her visit. The brown horse-drawn wagons added to the stunning effect. Telecara was certainly a town for the rich with mansions with turrets and lakefront view of Cara Lake. All of it was like a page jumping out of a storybook.
    Sara was in Telecara for a mission, to seek out and incapacitate Held, the seventh dynasty of thesouth, the desert as it was known. Her employer, mysterious though he was, despised Held, but for the precise reason no one knew. You see, Held’s lifelong work was to see if he could make a better place for the rich and leave the poor like starving animals left on the ground. His slogan was, “best is better than good.” What he meant by that was basically the rich are better than the poor. And he showed it too. Telecara was built on the broken dreams of children, the hatred of the poor, and many, many dead. All of it completely and truly described Held.
    She walked through the streets knowing that guards could be lurking around any corner, as they were. She knew she was taking a risk by coming here, But what she didn’t know is what danger she put herself in when she volunteered to come.
    As Sara crouched behind a horse-drawn wagon, she saw Held’s palace, the majestic pillars, the curved red staircase, the curved lip of the roof edges, and carvings of Held himself under the edge of the roof. All of it, she had to get passed. No doubt there would be guards, in fact, if there weren’t guards, the plan would have been a little out-of-whack and crazy.
    Sara climbed up the stairs like any normal person walking the streets. When she got to the door, she simply opened it and walked right in not bothering to knock. Sara knew the pedestrian routine. One did not get the panther tattoo of a master spy and not try the pedestrian routine at least twenty times.
    If there was one thing more beautiful than the outside of the palace, it was the inside. The dark marble floors matched the grey walls. There were tables next to every pillar with either flowers or various shields of people Held had beaten in combat. Then there were the butlers, running around like scurrying rats with their tails cut off. All of it set one thing in Sara’s mind: Bad.
    The giant banquet that happened every year, when the king of south, the desert, the king of north, the mountains, the king of east, the industrial zones, and the king of west, the plains, met for a nice, fancy dinner, was that night and Sara thought that that would be the best time for the attack. In Sara’s mind it seemed perfect to incapacitate the king of north while he was getting changed and his guards and butlers were off cooking dinner and inviting guests. It would be nice to have a one on one chat with Held.
    The fairly large door to Held’s room was wide open. It was just big enough to allow Sara’s tall frame through. It’s almost too perfect, thought Sara as she cautiously entered the ornate, golden room. The smaller closet door was open, as was the bathroom, but there were no signs of life anywhere in the room even in the fit-for-a-king bed, which it actually had to be if that made sense.
    Suddenly, the ornate front door jerked closed, and one lonely guard blocked the only exit from the room. “You’re not so scary,” said Sara, even though she was really scared since she had been spotted.
    All the guard did in response was nod and motioned for Sara to turn around.
    Sara then saw the twenty guards step out from behind the curtain, along with Held.
    “Well, well, well! Looks like we have another guest for dinner tonight,” was all he said.
    Part One:
    The Trapdoor
    Chapter 1
    Alex stared out of the window of his small bedroom, thinking. Thinking about life, how it is, how it was, how it could have been. This was typical Alex as he thought and thought and thought all day, every day.
    Alex had time for all this thinking because he had no friends. Reasons varied from him being smart and nerdy, to his incredible shyness, or possibly the fact that he was homeschooled. All day his sat in his cramped kitchen at his favorite spot at the dining table listening to his dad ramble on about geometry and things. All of what his dad said he had already learned from his past schools gifted program. So incredibly boring.
    Alex actually did have one friend, but when his friend moved from his home town of New York City to St. Louis, they kind of lost contact. Alex tried to keep in touch with Kevin, his friend, over the internet, but it was a lost cause. With the time changes and having no Wi-Fi in his apartment, Alex found it was more likely that the message wouldn’t be sent than Kevin receiving it.
    Alex’s bedroom was the only getaway for him in the small apartment. His room, small though it was, was just, in Alex’s mind, homey and perfect, and definitely comfortable with the twin size bed and recliner.
    Alex was sitting on his bed as a knock came from the door and the caring face of his mother peeked inside.
    “Morning, sweetie,” said his mom. “Your father is starting school in twenty minutes, a little earlier than usual. Don’t be late!”
    “Mom, dad doesn’t count off for being late for ‘school’ if you call it that. Plus I do well in his ‘class’ anyway.”
    “But you don’t want your father to wait and afterward he has to go to work, and you don’t want me to teach after the last time,” his mom said. It was true, the last time she taught, she forgot to print the papers and she wasn’t even smart enough to know the sixth grade math she was teaching. All of it was not the best thing for Alex’s education. But Alex didn’t really care.
    Alex got out of bed and walked to the door. His class would start at eight o’clock and it was already seven-forty. “Can you please move,” he said as he passed his mom, on his way to get a shower.
    “Please make it quick, your father is waiting,” said his mom.
    Alex didn’t even bother answering. His mom could be so boring.

    “And to multiply fractions, you must . . . ” Alex’s dad was rambling off as usual, not bothering to even listen to his son’s question; he was so intent in teaching. Alex expected this, but kept his hand raised so he could go to the restroom.
    Finally, Alex got the intention he wanted. “Yes, Alex,” he said.
    “Dad, can I go to the bathroom?”
    “Yes, but I am not your dad when I am teaching. I am simply Mr. Carter, and I expect that you will address me as such.”
    “Ok, da . . . er, Mr. Carter, thanks,” Alex said as he ran off to use the restroom.
    Within a minute, the rambling about multiplying fractions continued and Alex sat, nearly asleep. “Alex,” he heard as he woke with a start. “Can you please tell me what three-fifths multiplied by six-ninths is.” Alex’s dad threw as much sarcasm in that one sentence as he could.
    Alex’s reply to the question was a shrug of his shoulders and a quick, “I don’t know.”
    “It’s probably because you were too tired to listen to what I said. There will be a pop quiz tomorrow on exactly this,” his dad said, but still keeping his voice barely higher than normal.
    This was no big surprise. Alex was used to having pop quizzes every time he dozed off while he dad was teaching. But all in all, Alex’s dad’s way of teaching was having an effect on Alex, mainly because he hated quizzes, or tests, or whatever his dad was calling them this week.
    All in all, Alex really hated his family.

    Class had been dismissed an hour earlier, and Alex had told his dad he was going upstairs to do his homework. He wasn’t. He was simply looking out of his window at the world, again thinking.
    “Alex, honey! Dinner’s ready!”
    “Ok, I’ll be down in a minute!” Alex jumped off of his bed and ran down the stairs. “What’re we having for dinner?”
    “Meatloaf. Your father wanted it before he went to work,” his mom called up.
    Alex hated meatloaf, but his dad always got to choose dinner before on his night-shift as a policeman. His mom knew that any night could be his last, so she treated her husband like royalty, which stunk for Alex getting stuck with his least favorite meals every night.
    Alex walked down the staircase to the lower level of the apartment. His dad sat at the head of the table, as usual, while his mom put the finishing touches on the meatloaf, moved it to the table along with the corn, and sat on the opposite side of the table from him. After that they dug into their food without saying a word, too hungry for conversation.
    Alex’s dad broke the silence. “Last night we had several speeders.” Not that anyone was really interested in speeding tickets.
    After his plate was cleared, Alex excused himself to his room. Although it was only seven-thirty, and his dad had just left for the police station, Alex felt his eyelids slowly closing as he lay in his bed. He was out of it in less than a minute.

    Alex was having strange dreams that night. He was at a funeral, and on the grave stone he sat by had the name Robert Allen Carter. His dad’s name! The man speaking was saying how Robert was a great man and he will be missed, but all Alex heard was his name being repeated over and over. Alex, Alex, he heard, said again and again.
    After the man stepped down from the podium, Alex’s vision went blurry and he appeared in the middle of a desert. Sand and more sand were all he could see, except for a large building in the distance. As Alex walked toward the building, he soon realized that it was actually a town, a lakeside town. As the sign said on his way in, “Telecara, land of the rich,” he figured this place was Telecara. Alex still saw a large Chinese-looking building looking regal on the steep hill. In front of the building, a man sat on the steps, a man dressed in elegant robes of purple and gold and a long, grey beard hung from his face. He heard the man whisper, “Come, come.” Just before he reached the man, a scream, loud enough to wake the town rang through the air, and Alex was woken with a start. Before he sat up, he heard the same whisper, this time saying, “We will see a lot more of each other now.”
    Chapter 2
    The Grave

    The scream turned out to be nothing more than his alarm clock. Why didn’t’ his mom wake him up?
    Alex went to search for his family. His dad should’ve been home by now, sorting through papers and such, and his mom should’ve been in his room, waking him up. But where were they?
    Alex searched downstairs, but nobody was there. As he walked back up the stairs, he heard muffled sobs coming from his parents’ room. He didn’t know whether or not to keep his mom’s privacy (it was obviously his mom because his dad rarely cried) or see what was going on. He decided on the latter. He said to himself that on the count of three he would open the door to see what was happening. One, two, three!
    Alex peeked inside the room after he opened the door. There, on his parents’ queen-sized bed, sat his mom, bawling. Alex was lost for words because so rarely had his parents cried. “Mom,” Alex finally said, “Why are you crying?”
    “I . . . your father . . . gun,” his mom mumbled in between sobs.
    “Mom, stop crying for a moment and tell me what happened.”
    “Okay, last night, your father was in a car chase. There was a bank robbery. He and his partner, Larry, almost caught the robber. But it turned out he was a real bad guy. He had an M16 automatic rifle. He shot one round of bullets and one hit,”–at this point his mom stopped briefly. “Your father was a great man. I was told this story by Larry Garrison, who called a little while ago.”
    “Wait, dad is . . . dead?”
    “Honey, I don’t think dead is the right word. Gone is a better word.”
    Alex was still in shock, and the news made it worse. His dad, gone? He was seriously mad at himself for saying he hated his family. But Alex still couldn’t fathom a world without his dad.
    Though Alex had not thought of them all yet, he had a lot of questions. What happens to my schooling? Who was his killer? When is his funeral? Alex thought that now might not be the best time to spring these questions up on his mom.
    “Alex, don’t be mad at your father’s killer. It’s a natural part of life.” But in truth Alex wanted to kill the killer, no matter what his mom said. “Tomorrow is his funeral, I’ve already made the arrangements,” his mom said.
    Alex left his mom’s room and into his own, his head held low. All day Alex sat on his bed, looking out the window, getting madder and madder. It wasn’t until that moment that he realized how much he loved his family, his dad.

    Angelina Carter was driving her and her son to her husband’s funeral. The jam-packed streets of the big city were slowing her down. Ten minutes late, twenty minutes late.
    The light at the intersection turned green. She drove through, but in her blind spot, a black Chrysler Town and Country came out of nowhere, hitting her Honda. Both cars were sent flying. A fire was set in the Honda’s gas tank. With her last sentence, Angelina said, “Go, Alex, go!” sputtering the last word. With her last life, she looked over at the Town and Country. It exploded before her eyes, and she saw that there was no one in the car driving it, nor was the door open. The last sight she saw was her son, running anywhere he could. And then, Angelina Jenifer Carter was sent spiraling into darkness.

    Alex ran, and ran, and ran with adrenaline definitely on his side. The miles stacked up from one to three before he finally stopped.
    He had seen his mom, blood streaming down her face, but a smile still plastered on, at peace. There was no chance she had survived. Alex was lucky to have only slight burns, but the main part of the fire was next to his mom, so he knew that she had fared worse. The only question that kept coming up in his mind was, “Who the heck could have done this? Whoever it is, he will be sorry for messing with me!”
    Alex walked another mile of nothing before making a realization. He was an orphan! He refused to go to an orphanage, so that meant a life on the road, like what happened to fictional characters in books he’d read over the years.
    In another mile he could see what looked like graves in the distance. Then he saw the sign that said he was at the same graveyard his father’s funeral was at! All of a sudden, Alex began to cry. Before he had been thinking too hard to cry, but now it seemed totally appropriate.
    Alex walked until he got to the entrance of the graveyard, where Larry stood, greeting people as they came. Despite Alex’s effort to not get seen by Larry, he spotted him just the same. “Hey, how are you and where is your mom,” he said. Alex’s response was to cry again and run off.
    Once Alex reached his father’s tombstone, Larry was on the podium, saying how Robert was a great man. Alex had a slight sense of Déjà vu, and it took him a minute to realize this was exactly what he had pictured in his dream. Alex, sitting by his father’s tombstone, red eyes from crying. He half expected to get whisked away to an awkward desert, but he knew better.
    Larry stepped down from the podium and walked over to Alex. Larry said, “What’s wrong, son. And where is your mom. I don’t want you crying and running away this time.”
    “Larry, before I tell you, I want to know exactly what happened last night. And don’t leave out anything.”
    “Well,” Larry began, “As you probably already know your father and I were in a car chase. The man, about six feet tall, grey hair with a beard, was driving a Chrysler Town and Country, completely black. The man had stolen ten thousand dollars. During the getaway, the man pulled out an M16 automatic rifle and started firing. He then pulled into an abandoned home, got out and ran to the door. He unlocked it and ran inside. We then got out of the squad car and ran for the door, opened it, and entered cautiously. We searched the house for half an hour, and the only thing of interest in the house was a note that read, ‘You can’t catch me, as no one has before. You will rue the day that you followed me, tried to kill me.’ There were also a lot of little squiggles on the page. As if that were the signal, there was a signal gunshot that hit Robert in the brain, killing him instantly. I was lucky and was never shot. After the traumatic experience, I went and looked around the house for this mysterious killer, but had no luck. I left the house and contacted the police.”
    “Where is the letter now?” asked Alex.
    “The letter? Oh, it’s still at the house. Had to leave it. Boss wouldn’t let me take it to the station. For what reason, I don’t know. Why do you want to know?”
    “Because I think this will help me track down their killer,” Alex replied.
    “Oh. Wait, why did you say, ‘their’ instead of, ‘his’ and speaking of which you never told me where your mother is.”
    “Well, here’s the story,” Alex began. “On our way here we were stuck in traffic. It was finally starting to clear as we passed through a green light. A black Town and country, like the one you described, came out of nowhere and hit us. Our cars were sent flying, and ours busted into fire while theirs exploded. It was obvious my mom was dying, blood running down her face instead of tears. She told me to run and I did. That’s when I looked into the other car’s window. There was no one in there and no one around it. The two stories may have been a coincidence, but I don’t think so. The exact same type of car in which a killer was in, on the same day no less!”
    “I’m sorry for asking,” Larry said in a whisper as though Alex couldn’t hear him.
    “It’s okay just as long as you can show me the letter.”
    “It could get me fired, you know. It may not be a risk for you, but it is to me.”
    “I know and I am sorry, but I need to,” Alex said back.
    “Okay, after the funeral we can go.” Larry felt like he was talking to his son that he never had.
    “That will have to do. When will this be over?”
    “Soon,” Larry replied.
    Chapter 3
    An Unexpected Poem

    Twenty minutes later, Larry and Alex were sitting in a Jeep Grand Cherokee, Larry’s car. Larry drove (Alex couldn’t drive because he was only fourteen) while Alex sat shotgun. The late summer air made it very nice out and the men sat with the windows down, their blonde hair blowing in the breeze, but only just.
    “So, why again am I doing this?” Larry said.
    “To avenge my father’s and mother’s death, of course,” Alex replied matter-of-factly.
    “K just forgot.”
    They sat in silence for another fifteen minutes watching the scenery go by. After that they came to a small suburb. In it they drove for a few more minutes and then pulled into the driveway of a rundown house with boarded-up windows and a knocked-down door. They both opened their doors and stepped out. They walked up toward the knocked-down door with Larry in the lead.
    “Come on and hurry up,” Larry ordered. “We can’t be here all day.”
    They stepped inside the dusty old house. There was not a light on in the house, and immediately they were thankful they didn’t come at night; it was creepy enough in the daylight. They both spotted the bloody spot in the carpet. Alex didn’t need to be told that was where his dad was shot. As if reading his mind, Larry said, “Guess you already realized but that was where your papa was shot.”
    Alex and Larry spotted the letter on the floor after they stopped staring at the blood puddle. Alex picked it up. Alex could clearly make out the part that said, ‘You can’t catch me as no one has before. You will rue the day that you tried to follow me, to kill me.’ Alex also saw them, the, ‘random lines’ as Larry had put it. It took Alex a minute to realize that they were just Japanese characters. He could read most them because his dad made him do a pen-pal thing on his computer as an assignment. His dad also made him type in Japanese characters so that his pen-pal would understand him.
    “Larry, these, ‘random lines’ you saw were actually Japanese characters.”
    “Hey, cool kid, but it doesn’t do us any good if you can’t decipher them. Can you?”
    “Yeah,” was all Alex said because he was already too busy working out the letter to listen.
    Ten minutes later Alex had completely deciphered the characters. The result of them was a poem. It read:

    I wrote in Japanese for a reason,
    As you soon shall see.
    If I did not do this,
    The world may not be.
    The world is not how you know it,
    How it has come to be.
    The world is really flat,
    I live on the other side, you see.
    The world of Aseoa,
    Needs Alex’s help alone.
    You are the one, who will help us,
    The brightest light that has ever shone.
    Your job is to go to the Great Plains,
    To find a wooden door.
    When you open it insanity may strike,
    But all you must do is duck, kneel, or fall to the floor.
    Go inside soon after,
    And press the down button.
    It will take several minutes,
    And the elevator will shake a ton.
    You will enter the world of Aseoa,
    The southern desert no less.
    Why these elevators exists to take you here
    Is anybody’s guess.
    This may be hard to swallow,
    But it is all true
    I have seen the future come to pass,
    And I know you will follow through.
    -Fearn, king of north, the mountains
    Alex was speechless. He had no idea how to respond to the poem. But then he thought it might be nice to let Larry read, so he handed the letter to him.
    Larry read it through and then put it down. “Wow,” he said, “for two reasons: one, I had no clue you knew Japanese; and two, that is a pretty scary and creepy letter. I wonder if I could come with you to the Great Plains.”
    “You seriously believe the letter? I think the guy that wrote it was a little insane. And I know one thing: I am not going to the Great Plains.”
    “Why? It said it is all true. I will believe it. Plus, if you want to, I will take you there since you don’t have any parents.”
    “No, you can’t because if you believe it, then you must believe that only I can come.”
    “Well it says I can’t come to the door, but I still can come with you,” Larry said back to Alex.
    “Fine, I will go to this, ‘door’ and you can come with me, but you have to pay. Hey, why don’t we see if we can stay with my friend in St. Louis? I’m sure his parents won’t mind.”
    “K, but you have to contact him. Hey, where is this, ‘door’ anyway?”
    Alex picked up the paper and read it over again. This time he found a few numbers and letters that read:

    48°16’N, 101°53’W
    “That must be where it is in Latitude and Longitude! And that is right outside of St. Louis if I remember correctly,” said Larry.
    “How did you know that? That it was latitude and longitude? That it was outside of St. Louis?” Alex said.
    “Training taught me well,” was all Larry said.
    Chapter 4
    Alex and Larry left the abandoned home and got in the Jeep. Larry started the car and they were off. Their target destination was Alex’s house.
    Larry drove and Alex sat in shotgun as before. Also, like before they were quiet most of the way, except for the occasional talk about the letter.
    They drove through rural to suburb to the big apple. Traffic was light, but they still watched out for people in cars that were trying to kill them. It was hard because any car could intentionally crash into theirs.
    They made it to Alex’s house without a scratch, much less a crash. When they pulled up to the driveway, Alex noticed a car that he had never seen there before but thought nothing of it. Larry parked the car and then they both got out and walked into the building. They passed the reception desk and went toward the elevator. They both walked in and Alex pressed the button to go up to the fourth floor. They waited for the ding and then walked out when they arrived at the right floor.
    They both walked down the hall to room 4C. They walked up to the door and Alex said, “Wait, it’s locked, I forgot.”
    “No, it’s not,” Larry said as he opened the door.
    “My mom would never leave the door unlocked when she left the house!”
    “Well, this time she did,” Larry replied.
    The two of them walked inside. To Alex his house looked different, and it took him a moment to realize what was wrong. “Larry, every single picture of my parents is missing!” Alex looked down and saw ashes at his feet. “I think whoever did this burned all of them!”
    Larry and Alex looked around the house and found out that every single piece of evidence Alex’s parents’ ever lived were erased, gone. Alex’s parents truly weren’t alive anymore.
    “Don’t move,” said a grouchy voice off to the side. From the shadows the figure of a six-foot tall man stepped out. Alex could see all of the facial features. He looked just like the man in his dream–Chinese-looking face, wrinkles, bald head and the like–but without the long gray beard. He held what looked like a high-tech pistol in his left hand and a fierce-looking knife in his right. The man walked with a hobble that Alex noticed and he noted that he remember that if he lived through this situation.
    “Give me the note,” the man said.
    “What note?” Larry replied.
    “Don’t play smart, just give me the note. I sense its presence. Good tip, if you live through this, mask anything of importance with energy. You can always find it later.”
    Though he didn’t know the first of what the man just said, Alex took note of that, mentally, too. “Where is the note, Larry? Just give it to him. You don’t want to be shot like my father.”
    “Your father, you say? Who is he?”
    “Why should I tell you,” Alex replied. The man’s answer was to point the gun at Alex’s head. “All right. My father was killed on a police mission last night and my mother was killed in a car crash earlier today.”
    “Interesting,” the man said to nobody in particular, very deep in thought. “Now give me the letter!”
    Larry handed over the letter. The man stared at it for five minutes. Neither Larry nor Alex dared move a muscle. At last, the man said, “You found out, and for that I will have to kill you.” The man lifted his gun, cocked it, and then dropped it, somehow.
    The gun hit the floor. When it did so, the gun fired–right at Alex’s feet. When it was two inches away, however, it turned around and shot the man in the leg. The man hobbled in agony for a second and then fell. He was an inch from the ground. He fell the rest of the way–
    –and then disappeared into thin air.
    That second seemed to hang in the air for a moment. Maybe it was the disappearing. Maybe it was the fact that the bullet turned completely around. Or maybe, just maybe, it was what the man had said an inch before never touching the ground.
    As the man fell, the last thing Alex and Larry heard from his mouth was, “The transformation is almost complete! There is no use stopping it!”
    Chapter 5
    A Scary Command
    Alex and Larry didn’t move for minutes. When they finally did move, it was to go to bed. Larry went into his parents’ room to book a flight later that week. Alex went straight to bed. It took over an hour for Alex to go to sleep, but when he did, the strange dreams returned.

    Alex was back in the desert land. He saw Telecara in the distance. He walked toward it as before. This time, however, the sky seemed darker, as if a storm was on the horizon, but there was not a cloud in sight. Alex moved faster. He saw the building the old man sat in front of in his earlier dreams.
    As Alex walked closer, he saw the old man at the top of the concrete staircase, looking down into Alex’s eye. Alex had no choice but to return the contact. Though he was a ways away, he could see the man’s grey eyes, felt them piercing into his soul. Alex looked away, a shiver running down his spine.
    The man hobbled down the staircase. Hobbled, Alex noted. It now seemed to be too much to be a coincidence.
    The man whispered directly into Alex’s head, the same gravelly voice as before. “I am disappointed in you. I had high hopes for you. I suppose it’s not too late. Don’t let me down again.” The man continued to walk down the staircase. “Don’t think I will let this pass again!”
    “Wait are you–”Alex began to say, but was cut off by a hand motion from the man, and Alex was awoken with a start.

    Larry was shaking Alex awake. “Alex, it’s nine-thirty. Did your parents ever let you sleep in this late before?”
    “Larry,” Alex said, groggily. “The man . . . let him down . . . hobbled.”
    “Alex, first of all you make no sense and second you didn’t answer my question.”
    “No,” Alex said, trying to sound awake. “And I think I saw the man that disappeared in my dream.”
    “Alex, you’re not seriously going crazy on me. What is this about the guy?”
    “The man said that I failed, that he would give me another chance and that I shouldn’t let him down again. And he hobbled, just like the other guy!” Alex replied
    “Alex, what man and where?”
    “The man that was shot and disappeared and in my dreams. In the same desert that the poem described. Larry, I think that place is real! Do you have any other explanation for him disappearing and me picturing the same place the poem describes?”
    “Well, it is a lot of truth. But weren’t you the one that didn’t believe the poem?” This was true, so true.
    “Well, now there is too much to ignore. Did you get plane tickets?”
    “Does a fish swim? Duh. Four days from now, on Friday,” Larry said.
    “Ok. What do you want to do now?”
    “I don’t know.”
    Chapter 6
    Alex and Larry were back in the jeep. It was finally Friday, and they were going to the airport.
    Alex had not had any more scary dreams, and for which he was glad. Very glad. The last thing Alex needed was another traumatic experience before a supposedly very traumatic trip.
    “Larry, when is our flight?” Alex asked.
    “Two-thirty,” Larry replied without as much as a glance toward Alex. It was eleven-twenty. They still had plenty of time.
    In another half hour they were at LaGuardia. They both got out of the car, walked into the building, and went through the baggage center without a problem. They didn’t even notice, as no one had, when someone slipped something into both Alex’s and Larry’s backpacks.
    The two of them kept walking. They were almost at security. They kept walking and when they got there they took off their shoes, hats and backpacks and put them in the bins provided. Alex and Larry then walked through the metal detector without a problem.
    When they got to the other side, however, a security guard came up to them and said, “Excuse me, will you please come here,” and led them into a small room with a one-way mirror in it.
    “What is this all about,” Larry said with almost too much complaint.
    “Excuse me, but we found these guns in your bags,” said the officer as he held up two pistols.
    “Where did these come from?” Alex asked with complete sincerity because he had no idea.
    “Perhaps you would like to explain,” told more than asked the security guard.
    “We have no idea, we swear it. Is there any way we can prove we don’t know?” Larry asked.
    “Not that I can think of off of the top of my head. Wait! Maybe I can take fingerprints. It will take a while for a forensic scientist to get here. But if you don’t want to be arrested, you better wait.”
    “Ok, but we have a flight to catch. When is the soonest he will be here?” Larry asked.
    “I don’t know maybe an hour?”
    “That will have to do.”

    An hour and a half later the scientist arrived with a full kit. “It may take me a moment to process these prints,” the scientist said after he had scanned the fingerprints on the gun. “Now I need both of your index fingers, both of you.”
    Alex and Larry did as they were told and the scientist put ink on their fingers and took prints.
    “Well, good news,” the scientist said after he had studied the prints for half an hour, “those definitely were not your prints on the gun, but we still have the problem of who did this.”
    Alex and Larry exchanged a knowing glance that said it was probably the same man that was shot and the same man that was in Alex’s dreams. The glance also said that they should come clean, or mostly anyway.
    “Sir, we have something to tell you,” Alex began. “We think we are being hunted. This is my uncle. A man killed both my mom and dad on the same day within seven hours of each other. Then, the same man broke into my apartment and almost killed me by shooting me. It missed and then he ran off. Do you think you can help?”
    The security guard stood up. “Yes, I think we can if you will supply some information. Where do you live? What does the man look like? What, in detail, happened exactly?”
    Alex and Larry happily supplied this information and were let go, but by the time they left it was already two-ten and they weren’t even close to their gate. They ran to their terminal and asked the lady there if it was too late to still get on.
    “You’re in luck,” the lady said. “Two more minutes and I wouldn’t let you on.”
    Alex and Larry then ran down the path and got on the airplane. The two of them ended up separated on the plane, Alex next to a fat guy and Larry next to a lady that wouldn’t stop chatting about her fancy home in St. Louis.
    For both of them it was a long, long flight.
    Chapter 7
    Meet Me in St. Louis

    Alex and Larry got off of their flight at Lambert Airport and passed the giant crowd all getting off at once. They then went straight to baggage claim, got their bags, and then went to a car renting kiosk and rented a Honda Accord.
    They got out of the airport and into a bus to take them to the car they rented. They then got off when they got there and went to the car. Larry unlocked it and then they both climbed inside. Then he started the car and they were away.
    They drove for about forty-five minutes until finally reaching Kevin’s house. His house was in was on Lake St. Louis. Larry stopped the car after they pulled up to the driveway, unlocked the car, and then they both got out and walked to the door. Then Alex rang the doorbell.
    Kevin appeared at the door, though to Alex he looked like a giant he grew so much over the past two years. “Hey, I was wondering when you were going to come!” Kevin exclaimed. Alex had already made sure it was okay to come two days back so Kevin expected his arrival. “And you look much different, too.”
    “So do you,” Alex replied.
    “Ah, touché. Hey, where are your parents and who is this?”
    “Can we come inside? There is a lot to explain and it may take a while.”
    “Yeah, sure. Come inside.”
    Alex and Larry watched as Kevin walked off and then gave each other eye contact that said, “Can we trust him? Are we going to tell him all of our story?”
    “Yeah,” Alex said out loud and then walked inside.
    They found Kevin sitting on his sofa. “Hey, Kevin? Can we go somewhere a little more private? This is kind of important information and I don’t know that I want everyone to hear,” Alex said quietly, pointing to Kevin’s dad watching baseball and his mom cooking.
    “Yeah, come on, follow me.”
    Kevin took them to his all-out Cardinals themed room. “So, what’s so bad about this news?” Kevin asked once everyone sat down.
    “Well, please don’t laugh at us, first of all, and second this is all true,” said Larry.
    “Ok . . .” Kevin said.
    “Well, both of my parents are dead,” Alex began. “My dad was killed on a police mission. This was his partner that night, Larry. Then, the same day, we went to his funeral and my mom was killed in a car crash.”
    Kevin gasped. How could Mr. and Mrs. Carter be dead?
    Alex continued. “Larry and I went back to the house my dad was killed and found a poem written in Japanese. It said that the world is flat and that they need my help to save Aseoa, the underside.”
    Alex could tell Kevin didn’t believe a word that came out of his mouth. “Also, once we got the letter and got back to my apartment, everything that related to my parents were burned. Then this guy almost shot me, but when the bullet was about to hit me it turned around and shot him. Then, when he fell over, he disappeared, but said, ‘The transformation is almost complete! There is no use stopping it!’ this is no joke. Also, when we were in LaGuardia, someone slipped guns in our backpacks and we were almost arrested.”
    “Do you expect me to believe all of this? I didn’t know that you went crazy recently,” Kevin said.
    “It’s true, all of it,” Larry interjected.
    “Really, old man, did you go crazy, too?”
    “No, I didn’t and I saw my best friend die. Do you think you could handle it if Alex died? That is what may happen if you don’t help us.” Larry hit Kevin’s sweet spot. Kevin and Alex had been best friends when they were one.
    “No, I don’t think I could.”
    “Kevin, I was skeptical at first, too, but now there has been too much to ignore,” Alex said. “Kevin, the poem said that the way to the other side of the world is a trapdoor in the Great Plains at 48°16’ North, 101°53’ West. Do you know where that is, Kevin?”
    “I think so, about an hour from here,” Kevin replied.
    “Kevin, if there really is a trapdoor there, will you believe me?”
    He would. “Yeah.”
    Alex had one more question. “Do you know when we can go?”
    “Tomorrow sound good to you two?” Kevin asked, though he knew the answer.
    “That was just what I was thinking,” Larry and Alex said in unison.

    That night, the strange dreams returned. Alex, again was in the strange desert. The sky told that it was night time, but the sun contradicted. It was still out. Alex, as before, walked toward the palace and, as before, the old man was there.
    “You are still coming strong, yes? That is good. So far you have passed all of my tests, but they still are not over. You shall have two more bumps in the road. Good luck!”
    The man shook his hand and Alex was awake.
    Chapter 8
    Gas Station Troubles

    Larry started the Accord and then all three of them climbed inside.
    “Larry,” Alex said, “I had another one of those dreams.”
    “Well, boy, spit it out!” Larry exclaimed.
    “I was back in the desert and the man was there like before. I don’t know if this is important but it was like it was nighttime but the sun was out. Also, the man said there will be two more obstacles before making it there.”
    “That is not good,” Larry and Kevin both agreed.
    “I know, right?”
    “Alex, you sound almost excited, what’s up?” Larry asked.
    “I don’t know, maybe it’s because I want to teach that guy a lesson.” In truth he was actually scared half to death, wanting his parents to be alive and him with them.
    Larry drove for a while. He was still pretty tired because he woke up at six-thirty and couldn’t go back to sleep. He saw a gas station when they were about five minutes out of their destination. “Hey, kids, there is a gas station up there. We are running low on gas and I want a nap and you need to get some food.”
    “Ok, let’s stop up there,” Alex said pointing at a gas pump.
    Larry drove up next to it and told the kids to go get snacks while he filled up the car and went to sleep. They all got out, the kids going to the convenience store and Larry to fill up the car. Larry did so and then got back in the car and went to bed. He didn’t even notice when the car wobbled a little. But he did, however, when he heard the slight sssstt when the fuse was lit.

    Alex and Kevin were inside the store when the alarms went off. They quickly dropped the things they had and ran outside where explosion after explosion were going off.
    There was a chain fire lit in one of the gas pumps. It exploded, making others explode as well. The pump was still attached to the car which meant that the car was on fire as well. Alex and Kevin couldn’t even think that Larry may have still been in that car, fast asleep. It was too horrifying.
    Alex and Kevin ran. They were afraid that store shoppers and clerks would blame the fire on them as most adults would. They also wanted to keep their heads clear of Larry.
    They ran for a while until they were both wheezing, which was a while for Kevin. “Hey, I forgot, I had the GPS in my pocket. We can still find the trapdoor.”
    “Cool, let’s go.

    Larry ran as well, in the same direction as the kids no less, though he didn’t know it. He walked in the tall grass all around him knowing that even if the kids were this way he probably wouldn’t be able to see them because Larry himself could barely look over the grass, much less some shorter kids.
    Larry called their name but there was no response. He thought, ‘Maybe they just can’t hear me.’ So then he yelled even louder, but didn’t get any response just like his first attempt.
    Larry kept walking. The miles stacked up and he was very tired but he kept going. Without knowing it, he actually passed them.

    The kids heard footsteps but took them as some animal so they kept still. But the, ‘animal’ found them. Through the walls of Alex and Kevin’s hiding place they made, Larry stepped through.
    “Hey, kids! I’m here!”
    Chapter 9

    “Larry!” both Kevin and Alex said in unison. “We thought you died in the fire!”
    “I was asleep but I heard a fuse being lit and woke up then ran. Thanks to myself for being a very, very light sleeper!”
    “Larry, we still have our GPS. We are pretty close to the trapdoor. Within half a mile,” Kevin said.
    Larry was impressed that they were smart enough to keep the GPS with them at all times. “Nice,” he said.
    “We have been here for about ten minutes. We were so tired and we found this little area that was probably an animal den at some point. It was perfect and so we’ve just been resting.”
    “How long do you plan to be here because I’m tired,” Larry asked.
    “We are not quite sure, but probably not too much longer,” replied Kevin.
    “I, for one, either want to rest for a while or go right now,” stated Alex.
    “Well, then, let’s go now,” both Larry and Kevin said and they were off.

    They all walked for about half an hour with Kevin looking at his GPS screen and Alex and Larry looking up ahead. “The trapdoor should be right up here,” said Kevin, pointing up ahead.
    Sure enough there were two doors made completely of wood. As they walked closer, Alex saw another note almost exactly the same to the one he found in the old building his father was killed in. Alex ran forward and picked it up. “Hey, guys! It’s another note like the one we found before, Larry! It’s in Japanese just like the other one,” he said.
    “Cool,” said Kevin. Then he said to Larry, “You know what worries me, we still have one more obstacle to face.”
    “I know,” Larry replied.
    Alex was too busy deciphering to listen to their conversation. In ten minutes he had it written out in plain English. It read:

    You have done well
    In making it here.
    I know of the dreams Alex had and Held’s message,
    But there truly is not much to fear.
    Now to get to Aseoa,
    You have one more task
    Then I will have
    Less to ask.
    One of those doors
    Leads you to Aseoa,
    The other is
    A true faux.
    The wrong door will kill you,
    One hundred percent chance
    The other still may
    But less likely of a chance.
    Good luck,
    Fearn, king of north, the mountains
    Again Alex was speechless. He certainly didn’t want to die. He then brought it over for the others to read. It took them a while to read, but when they did they gasped. They obviously didn’t want to die either.
    “Alex, which door should we pick?” both Larry and Kevin asked.
    “Why do you assume I know the answer? We just have to pick one,” Alex replied.
    “Okay, how about we vote. Who wants to pick the left?” No one raised their hand. “The right?” This time everyone did.
    “Who wants to open it?” Alex asked. No one wanted to. “Fine, I will open it.” Alex walked up to the trapdoor on the right. Both of them seemed to be laughing at him, wanting him to stop and not open them. Alex moved a little more forward, grabbed the surprisingly small handle, and then lifted the lid.
    The result was chaos.
    Chapter 10
    Burning Waves

    Out of the door came a giant, flaming bird that looked like a hawk on fire. Remembering the first note, Alex screamed, at the top of his lungs, “Duck, kneel, or fall to the floor!”
    Larry got the drill. “Duck, Kevin, duck!” Kevin ducked.
    The flaming hawk went way up and then drove down toward the ground, the flammable waves of grain. The good news was it wasn’t killing them right away so it had to be the right door.
    “Kids! The bird is a phoenix! Be careful!” Larry screamed.
    “Alex! I think it’s trying to make a wall of fire between us and the door!” Kevin screamed soon after Larry did. That was exactly what the phoenix was doing, making a wall of fire separating them all.
    “Larry, Kevin, run over here!” Alex cried. They did so and both of them ran faster than ever before. Larry made it over toward Alex. Alex screamed, “Where is Kevin?”
    “I don’t know, he was right behind me!” Larry screamed back
    Kevin however was being carried away in the claws of the phoenix. He cried, “It burns, it burns!”
    Alex and Larry heard these cries and Larry yelled back, “Kevin! Scream more! In Greek mythology the phoenix was scared of loud noises!”
    So all Kevin could do was screaming. Luckily he was close to the ground when the phoenix let go of him because of the loud noises. Alex went to pick him up and bring him over and found him on the ground all bloody. “Kevin, are you all right?”
    He moaned back, “No.”
    In response Alex dragged his friend through the burning waves of grain and over to the trapdoor. When he got back, Larry said, “How is he?”
    “Not good at all,” Alex grunted because he was tired of carrying Kevin.
    Larry took one look at him and said, “Come on, get him in the trapdoor.”
    Alex did so and then they all climbed in. Alex shut the hatch on top after that. Then, Larry pushed the only button in there.
    The down button.

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    Default Re: MY NEW NOVEL

    Whoa, Long........ I will read it, I saw you on Mistys story. and did you read mine?
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    Default Re: MY NEW NOVEL

    no haven't seen it can you post a link so i can?

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    Default Re: MY NEW NOVEL (My Novel - (Needs A Name) - By James Darkshadow)

    This is my first story, and I have only spent an hour writing it, but feel free to Criticize or Comment on it.
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    Icon6 Re: MY NEW NOVEL

    Imma gona read it! This might take me a while! lol
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    Default Re: MY NEW NOVEL

    it's good james! nice topic and idea! and ok inua

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    Default Re: MY NEW NOVEL

    Sara was in Telecara for a mission, to seek out and incapacitate Held, the seventh dynasty of thesouth, the desert as it was known. Her employer, mysterious though he was, despised Held, but for the precise reason no one knew. You see, Held’s lifelong work was

    Ok I just red the first part of it a few mistakes the part dynasty of (thesouth) is suppose to be the south<---
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    Default Re: MY NEW NOVEL

    lol i know just noticed that and you made a mistake, red instead of read (sorry just had to point that out thats just the kind of person i am lol) JKJK

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    Icon6 Re: MY NEW NOVEL

    Oh I see how you are we can play that game lol well you try to spell read in past tense *sticks tongue out at him* lol I red (or as you would read) the Prologue. Very details. Now, I want you to read mine. I would consider it a short story though. I wrote a story called war. Tell me what yall think. I will read the rest it just might take me a while
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    Default Re: MY NEW NOVEL

    ah but inua red is only the color red, (or there are other meanings but none that work here) whereas here read can be pronounced [red] (past tense verb) or [reed] (present tense)

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