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Brooke's face as she shut the door behind her was dirty and shocked, bieng teenaged, she would of shut it misrably, like she did the day before, as nobody was in, nieghbours nor family, she ran into the sitting room, and dumped herself on the sofa, niped herself as hard as possible, thinking it was all a dream, she opened up her eyes, and screamed, as she was still on the sofa. next thing she was in the shower, nearly giving herself pnemonia, as the shower was as cold as it got, witch was freezing, about -10, like getting dumped face-first in some snow, naked. as she sat over-dressed in her room, she was starting to think this was'nt a dream after all, and just as she was weeping in shock, at how close to death she had been, the doorbell rang, as she opened it, she realised why nobody was home.....

the hole in time

The winds blew at her face, in a vortex of time and space, and to Brookes shock, she realised she was just in a dirty old towel from her shower. What Brooke did'nt realise was that this was a duplicate of her house, not everything inside it too, so when she walked inside the house she was shocked to see everything missing, but managed to find a one-shoulder shirt and a pair of tights, as well as a very short skirt. she slowly put them on, and when she finished, she took the biggest chance ever. she looked into the vortex and did what no other human would ever do. She jumped. She fell. She landed. "OUCH" she shouted out, as a group of nearby girls spotted her, each carrying some kind of weapon. One carried a large sword, another held a heavy-looking staff, and another had iron claws attached to her wrist. "W-w-w-What do you want with me?" Brooke stammered, the strong-looking girl holding the sword answered "We never wanted a thing with you, untill you landed here, DUH"

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