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Title: Elements chapter 1:

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    Default Elements chapter 1:

    Elements Chapter 1

    "Ugh! Can't we just take a little rest?" Sonji wined, she covered her eyes and moaned
    "No Sonji... We have to deliver this to Master spikosu, before he gets angry!" Dante exclaimed and opened up his
    old leather bag, it was passed from generation to generation of his family.
    "OH come on Dante! We have been traveling for a long time... I'm even starting to get tired!"
    Jonki admitted. They were walking in the thick grass to the castle on which they had never visited before, they had everything they needed to survive on their way to the castle.
    "Hey wheres Azuri?" Dante asked looking around. He called out for Azuri
    but heard no answer.
    "Where could he be now?" Dante moaned.


    huh? Azuri tilted his head listening for the cry of his name again. He dipped his hands in the cold refreshing lake whipping them on his face.
    "Aw..." Azuri said closing his eyes and falling into the long tall grass. Dante came running up behind him.
    "AZURI! There you are!" Dante shouted with glee. Azuri opened his eyes to be finding Dante peering over him smiling
    "Okay... Lets go" Azuri spoke in a sudden voice and got up. They walked along the river on their way to the castle.
    Taking frequent rests for Sonji.
    "Hey! How about we camp right here?!" Spikosu said, pointing to a tree that had been hollowed out and made into a home but then abandoned.
    "Alright... But we bust just stay for the night" Spikosu said gentling setting down his stuff inside.

    <········>"Night Guys" Azuri said hushing asleep. Dante heard a faint sound...
    He looked out side and saw a joki demon, they were black pure black he had gripping fangs and fearsome sharp claws.
    Dante picked up his sword, he shouted "Get away!" The demon did not listen he charged toward Dante, he gripped his sword tight and....

    <too be continued chapter 2 coming soon>

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    Default Re: Elements chapter 1:

    Nice story

    Now I must go and write mahn...
    I'm taking the Timeless Isle for the GEAR!
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