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    Default Druid's Words Intro

    Druid's Words

    Well,what do you think us druids do? Not like the realm of Sacred Grove- the Pixies only know a half of what we know. Or,thats how I think about it. Pixies are auctually neat. Humans? Yes,yes we have those. But the Humans here think the Worgen were a bad choice to bring into the Alliance. Even though the were Humans or Gilneans. To get to the point,I am Druidess Jaunela,but you can call me Jaunie or Jeanie. I like Nature,Magic,bows,staffs,and a bunch of other stuff. My hair is Aqua and used to be white. I believe in Elune,the Moon Goddess. Like all the Night Elves. The females stand 6-7 feet,and the males stand 8-9 feet. I take many different classes,my mai class is as a Druid,but my favorites are Huntress and Priestess. I normally wear cloth,leather,or plate armor. Well,enough about me. I'll get on with the story.
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