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    Default Druid's Words Chapter 1

    Druid's Words
    Chapter 1

    As the rain fell from the sky above,I was in my room. Messager Starryheart rushed in my room,with 2 letters and a package.
    "Druidess Jaunela,package and 2 letters for you," she said. I looked up from my book.
    "From who?" I asked,and went back to my book.
    "Huntress Parvani Edune,Paio,and a package from Warrior Tenok in Gilneas," Messager Starryheart said. I put my book down,got up,and took them from her.
    "Thank you,Messager," I said as she walked away. I opened the package,which was a purple and green lantern with a card that read "Hope this didn't break, your friend Tenok". I smiled,how sweet. I always wanted a green and purple lantern for my room. I opened the letter from Parvani.

    Dear Jaunie,
    how's Darnassuss? I hope your studies are going well. And your mother? I don't have
    much time to write this,and Connet needs help. I hope this reaches you soon.
    Your friend,
    Parvani Edune
    Parvani's letters always were short,and Ashenvale was infested with orcs and goblins. I could understand why it was that short. Paio's letter would be a report about the orcs and goblins.

    Druidess Jaunela,

    The orc commander was defeated and captured. Goblins are cutting more wood then they need,letting it rot. Gnarl,an Ancient of War,is helping us drive the orcs and goblins out. We have gotten 2 forward bases in Azshara.
    Report 3
    -Commander Paio
    Well,that was one of the reports I didn't need to know about.

    Well,sorry for such a short story. Doubt anybody's going to comment. Well,I'm going to sleep.
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