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    Default Druid of the Wild (Chapter 1-3)

    Druid of the Wild
    Chapter 1

    Venia stood by the other Wilder druids while the General inspected them,looking for something. Finally,the General looked at Venia. Venia's light blue hair was down to her waist,freely whipping in the wind. Her skin was a metallic silver,very uncommon among Elves. She was dressed in rubbish- a muddy shirt and some dirty pants and no shoes. Venia's staff was plain oak with a vine wrapped around it and blooming flowers. The General nodded. She bowed and walked back to the ramp. The sentinels remained motionless and expressionless- like always. Venia sat down. The room had a bed,two dressers,an armoire,a mirror,and a desk with some ink and a piece of paper. After being bored for about an hour,a sentinel came in and handed Venia a letter with a wax seal. Tearing off the seal and reading the paper.
    "Dear Venia,you've been accepted to become Malfurion Stormrage's apprentice... Please pack your things and go to flight area..." Venia shrieked.
    "OH MY,ELUNE! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!" The sentinels looked at each other and tried not to giggle. Venia grabbed her leather bags and stuffed in her robes and clothes,blankets,star-jewel necklace,books,herbs,and spell reagents. Venia walked out of her room,down the ran,and ran down to the flight area.
    "Elune-Adore,are you Venia?" the flight master asked.
    "Yes,I am Venia," she answered. The flight master got a hippogryph put on the saddle.
    "Let me take your your bags... Aha,now please get on and hold on tight," the flight master clicked his tongue and the hippogryph flew off.


    The hippogryph rounded the Temple of the Moon and flew down to the next flight master. She got off and untied her bags,thanked the flight master,and walked up to the Temple of the Moon. The Temple was made of stone with vines creeping around the cracks. The sentinels bowed to Venia. She gazed at the Moon Well. Shaking her head,she walked up the stone ramp and saw Tyrande Whisperwind and Malfurion Stormrage. Taking a deep breath,she collected herself,and walked over to them.
    "Uh,I'm Venia,and I was chosen to be your apprentice-" Venia said,trying not to sound dumb.
    "I'm so pleased to meet you,Venia," Tyrande said,smiling.
    "One of the sentinels will escort you to your room," Malfurion said as one of the sentinels walked over,bowed,and led her to her room.
    "Did you see her skin,Mal? She must be Elune's chosen one! I can feel-" And that was all Venia heard.

    Chapter 2
    Venia's entire bedroom consisted of a bathroom,bedroom,and sitting room. She had a giant room,consisting of items that revolved around nature. The sitting room was filled with books- all of interest to her. The bathroom had a marble tub,stone shower,sink,and toilet. During the hour that the sentinel gave her,scrubbed the dirt completely off,she had brushed her hair and put it in a braid,chosen a new robe that was designed with leaves and vines,and she had taken some dirt from one of the planters to make herself look natural.
    "Apprentice Venia,it is time for dinner. Come with me," the sentinel said,walking Venia over to a set of oak doors. The sentinel pushed open the door and showed her into,what looked like,a sitting room. There were three deep purple cushions around a dark oak table. Tyrande sat next to Malfurion,her aqua hair cascaded down her back and her white dress was beautiful. Malfurion looked like when she had first saw him,a night elf half-animal-everything. Venia bowed and sat down. Tyrande smiled.
    "Do you like your bedroom,Venia?" Tyrande asked.
    "Yes. I am simply amazed that you found all the books that catch my attention. And I simply love the plants," Venia smiled.
    "I'd hope so. Wild elves hate being in cities," Malfurion said.
    "Yes,of course," Venia replied. A night elf sentinel brought in three drinks. It looked like a pink juice.
    "What kind of drink is this?" Venia asked.
    "Pomegranate and cherries. They were transported from Elwynn," Malfurion answered. Venia sipped a little bit of it. It was bitter-sweet and smelled like strawberries. Venia tried not to pucker her lips. Another sentinel brought in 3 plates of pork,fruit,and some bread. Venia stabbed her fork into the pork and took a bite. It tasted great. Probaly seasoned with spices.
    "Do you like it?" Tyrande asked Venia.
    "Of course! The pork must've been seasoned..." Venia said,taking a bite of the fruit.
    "The fruit is the best fruit I've ever tasted!" Venia continued on. She took a bite of the bread.
    "And the bread is so sweet..." Venia said. She finished the bread then continued to eat the pork,taking a bite of fruit every now and then. She'd take a drink of the pink juice then a bite of the fruit. Venia finished first.
    "I suppose I will leave,if that is fine with you..." Venia said,standing up.
    "Venia,I will be stopping by your room tomorrow at noon.. I'd like to learn a bit more about you," Tyrande smiled. Venia smiled,got up,and walked back to her room. Pulling off the robe and throwing on something that looked like a shirt and pants,she fell onto her bed.


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