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    Icon6 Drops of the Moon

    Sorry, this probably isn't very good, I just needed to get it out of me (:

    A tear splashed down my cheek as I kneeled over the body of my dead older brother. The one who gave up everything for me. The one who protected me, whether the shadows of the cottage, or the soldiers who have a life goal of killing the Snowblade’s. The one who lay dead before me, a small smile on his face. I took his jacket, wrapping it around me. His warm forest scent still lingered on it, causing another tear to slither down my face. I stood up, soaked with rain and mud, covered with blades of grass, and my jet black hair tangled with leaves and dirt.
    I trampled slowly to the cottage, watching the lightning strike around me. The small wooded cottage came into view, getting closer. I began to jog, feeling watched. I finally couldn’t help but spin around, awaiting emptiness. I ran, more tears gushing down my face. I raced in, slamming the door behind me. I slid down my body pressed against the door. My younger sister, Amanda, walked slowly out of the kitchen, “Where is Peter?”
    My breath shook as I grabbed her and pulled the 13 year old into a hug, “Peter is gone.” I whispered, a tear sliding off my face and into her hair. Amanda nodded, and I wondered if she understood. Amanda’s beautiful luminous light blue eyes were lifeless and empty, and looked hypnotized. She turned around walking into the bedroom. I sighed, starting a fire in the fireplace. I paced as the warmth spread throughout the house. Finally, Amanda came out from the bedroom a bewildered look on her face, “Amber! Come quick!”
    I ran into the room, worried, “Mandy, What is it?”
    Amanda was shaking as she pointed to a slight tear in the wallpaper. I was confused as I peeled a bit off, revealing a blinding golden glow. I narrowed my eyes to see a small compartment in the wall. A scraggly brown notebook with a soft leather cover sat in the gray cube shaped hole. I warily touched it, feeling as if it might try to shock me at any moment. I picked it up, gingerly opening it. A piece of notebook paper fell out and fluttered to the floor. I picked it up, struggling distinguish the letters. I squinted, and finally made out the words under a light.

    Dearest Amber + Mandy
    If you are reading this, they must’ve gotten me. Don’t be scared, you hold the power of the stars and the moon in your hands. The journal tells you everything you need to know. It’s the only way to save me. Find the stone of moon drops, and wish on it to bring me back alive. You’re my only hope. I love you both.


    I breathed slowly, warily opening the journal again. A flash of gold and light blue blinded me temporarily, and I felt a cold metal on my neck. I looked down to see a beautiful silver necklace, and a golden star over a silver moon hooked to it. I shivered, looking at Amanda. She had the same one of her neck, “ Well Am, guess we better start packing.”

    "Know therefore that the LORD your God is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments..." -Deuteronomy 7:9

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    Default Re: Drops of the Moon

    Great story!

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