Hey,its me again.Ya know like how I wrote about "The Running bunny"?Well this is a true story about my dog (aka casper half maltese half poodle aka maltepoo)Casper.He died in a pet store that caught on fire No one told me until my dad told me and my brother secretly DX I felt like doing suicide.But my bro was like don't worry about it well anyways 'before' casper 'died' he got ran over by a reindeer (aka deer)
How? Well...its sooo funny XD we were out hunting deer...to eat of course.....so casper wasn't a...blood smelling dog type of course but he went into the woods.And this deer with one horn cut off came out of nowhere (aka a huge blue berry bush)and ran over casper who was smelling the blue berry bush out of curiousity he gets a big 'CHRISTMAS SURPIRISE' and i can't beleive i got jealous of a dog XD
my brother was like "omg,the reindeer of santa's sleigh!" he was dishonoring him self he is such a door.Then my dad was like "Casper got Ranover by a reindeer!" (in a sing songy voice) oh plz dear reader do 'you' think reindeers and santa clause are real?? if you do this is what i emote
well thats what happened to Casper who i nick named Casperonie like Pepperoni thx for reading or at least looking at my emotes XD

(plz comment and think of this peice as a present to you)

(for my best buddy everz 'YOU')