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    Cheeky Sam Guest

    Default The diary of a webkinz Pegasus

    Dear Diary,

    YAY! I got my first diary. And look, my handwriting has gotten better. Mom would be really happy.
    It use to be all over the place, well until my mom changed me to private school.
    Well, ya, today was my bday. I just turned 7. That's old enough to learn to fly.
    Mother keeps saying Im too young to fly. But that was when I was 6.
    . . .
    . . .
    OH NO! This can't be happening to me! NO!1111

    You see, along time ago when I was 3 years old, my daddy died.
    He was flying to the store to get me a new doll for my 3rd birthday, he just got there, in and out.
    He was almost home when a BIG monster came out of nowhere!
    We don't know what the monster did, but we do know it got on PegTv.

    So the point is, we are moving to Pegamil. It's this new town in UniLot.
    I am going to have to say goodbye to all of my friends and my grandfather.
    He is staying. Mother, Spim [My little brother], and I are leaving.
    Oh yes! I forgot to tell you my name. It is Starr.

    My mother says she named me after a star in the sky. Both my mother and father treasure it.
    To Pegasus' stars are like flowers. We take care of them. Each and everyone of them. Each family has their own stars. 1 from the mother, and 1 from the father. That's why they have to have 2 kids. I have my father's star.

    Well good night. Its my bedtime now.


    - - -

    Does anyone like my story?
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    rosepedal10 Guest

    Default Re: The diary of a webkinz Pegasus

    i love it !!! i am a webbie fan !

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