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    Soccerchamp098 Guest

    Default The diary of a flea

    Hey everybody! I know, I have tons of different diaries!!! But here is one that you wouldn't think of ..... one of those little pesky things that get all over your dogs and cats! Fleas!
    Dear Diary,
    I just got medicated off of a yorkie. That medicine stuff ...... it hurts man, it hurts. Let me intruduce myself. I am Flea van Pesk, I am a flea who is 32 years old and has been bitting and getting medicated off animals for 15 years now. My momma bought me this diary, since I live with her and all. I don't have a mate, and I'm not ready for one. I mean, I can barely survive on my own! Much less with over 500 kids and my wife!!! Got to go, momma is expecting me for din-din.
    -Flea van Pest $

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    Default Re: The diary of a flea

    LOL cool! I like it!
    Welcome to the Wonderful land of Narnia! Only a wardrobe away! Please visit my blog! It needs cool peeps like you! LOL Here is a link:

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    Soccerchamp098 Guest

    Default Re: The diary of a flea

    Tanks!! I will write more when I get home from school ...... I know this sounds weird, but I write stories best when I am tired and grumpy =]

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    Default Re: The diary of a flea

    Great job soccerchamp! I really enjoyed it!

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    Soccerchamp098 Guest

    Default Re: The diary of a flea

    Cool, thanks!
    Dear Diary,
    I am still searching for a new host ..... it brings me joy. Did you notice the sarcasim in my tone as I wrote that? I hope you did, because it was intended. Momma kicked me out of the house for a while ..... so I'm just living on the streets of New Yourk FleeVille. I guess I need to find a host .... and quick. Tomorrow I'm going out in the big city to see what kind of dogs are there. Have to go, somebody's looking at me.
    - Flea van Pest $

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