Chatper. 1

When I discovered -just last night- my parents had been slaughtered by demons, I could hardly belive myself. I had escaped, lived, and come out alive.
I had to give a description and names of the 'demons' (nobody belived me, but they asked me to give them it anyways, to shut me up) here is excacally what it looked like:

head of a small whale, but a body of a lion. I could see it's brain in several places.
war marks, most likely.
It likes to attack with it's claws, know..

a unicorn-like creature, but with horns all over, not just on on it's head.
had small crocodile like teeth, aswell as a spined tail-ball.
Likes to make it's eyes glow bright and blind you, then attack in anywhich painfull way it can.

Moltenne (the master-like one):
deep red eyes. Looked like a girl. It would be pretty cool if it was. We could have been friends.
cracks in the skin. lava, or..umm...a word I wont mention.
Sprays molten lava out of mouths in its hands. To mention it, it was 8 arms.
Only 5 hands, though.

When I put this in, I was a freak at school. Not even my best friends would go near me. I had no body to go home to. That changed one sunday afternoon. My uncle, Fersh Kern, came to see me in my hospital (I was there because I had nightmares, and had harmed people in my sleep.)
I had used magic before. I had raised my mug in the air, full of water (and spilled it) and picked up a knife to cut my sandwich (but I cut the whole chopping board in half as well..)

-done for the mo.
yea, im in the middle of reading a horror series, so i fancied doing this o.o