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Title: Demigod

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    Default Demigod

    (Attention!: This is a fanfiction, meaning broadly-defined term for fan labor regarding stories about characters or settings written by fans of the original work, rather than by the original creator. This story will be based off of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series.)

    Chapter 1
    I'm Ariana Mason. Most people call me Ari. I live with my mom, step dad and his two sons in Santa Monica, California. Before I begin I must worn you, I never asked to be who I am or what I am. If you find yourself living my life, close this book and believe whatever lie your parents told you about your birth and try to live a normal life. If not, I envy you.

    I awoke with sweat pouring down my face and I was breathing hard. The dream. I've been having the same nightmare ever since I could talk. Carefully I glanced at the clock, it was seven o'clock. I slipped out of bed and packed my bag. I quickly shouldered my bad and ran downstairs.
    "What are you doing?" Mitch asked. Mitch was only six, but he was a total brat. His black hair was messy and his green eyes glared at me.
    I shrugged. "Nothing. Now leave me alone."
    I walked away from him as he turned to turn the TV on full blast. If I ever did that, I would get kicked out but if Mitch did it, everyone would laugh and call him cute.
    "Mitch!" Aaron yelled. Aaron's brown hair was covering his eyes like usual. He ran down the stairs and turned the volume down. "People are trying to sleep." Aaron was fifteen, only a year older then me, and acted like he owned the place. Aaron's calm blue eyes saw me.
    "What?" I asked. "I get yelled at if I touch him, or you, or the TV."
    Aaron shrugged. "Sorry about that."
    I grabbed a hairbrush from the bathroom and began brushing my sandy blonde hair. "Yeah, whatever. If you were actually sorry you would speak up when I get yelled at for the monsters. But no, instead you laugh."
    Aaron didn't answer, he was probably asleep on the couch. I looked at myself in the mirror. Sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. I touched the mirror like I was scared it might not be real. My vision start to get hazy and I realized I was crying. I tried to blink back the tears but it only made it worse. I wrote a note to my mother and grabbed some food from the fridge, then I walked out the door. I opened a map and began walking in the direction of New York.

    Four days passed. I smelled gross and I felt weak, tons of monsters had attacked me and I was all alone. I was still barely out of California. I sat up and began crying.
    "Need help?" a voice said behind me. I turned. There was a young man standing behind me. He has sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. He was wearing cut off shorts, orange t-shirt, and sandals.
    "Who are you?" I asked. My voice was rough and weak. I felt like crying more.
    The man smiled. "Call me Adam. I can give you a ride as far to Dayton, Ohio. Also, take this." Adam held out an iPod and headphones. I paused. This was to easy, way to easy. I looked into his eyes. He looked kind, but also had a self centered part about him. For some odd reason, I trusted him. I took the iPod and stood.
    Adam pulled out car keys and smiled. "Get in."
    My jaw dropped. He had a red sports car that I've only seen in movies.
    "Are you scared? There is nothing to fear, for fearless Ap-Adam, is here." Adam said. "Sounds awesome, don't you think."
    I nodded slowly and climbed into his car. Adam brought the car to life and we were off. Within minutes we were racing down the road, no cops tried to stop us. I fell asleep in the back seat smiling.

    Chapter 2
    I woke up under a tree in a park. There was no sign of Adam or his car. I looked around, trying to figure out where I was. Adam said he was bringing me to Dayton, but this didn't look like Dayton. In fact, this place didn't even look like I was in Ohio. I pulled my sword out of my backpack and it began to grow to full size.
    No one was around, the sun wasn't even up yet. I wished I knew what time it was, but of course I didn't bring a watch. Suddenly my hand shot to my sweat shirt pocket. The iPod. I turned it on and showed the time, four in the morning. I put the headphones in and instead of listening to music my body disappeared. I smiled to myself, then paused. Tons of questions were running through my head all at once. I began feeling dizzy and sick to my stomach. I throw the iPod on the ground and I felt better. I picked up the iPod and continued walking while eating a poptart. I spotted a ign that said Welcome to Quincy, Illinois. Terrific! Adam is going to make me walk a whole state that he said he would drive through. I punched the nearest thing to me which happened to be a tree. Pain shot up my arm and blood oozed to the surface. Also, leaving blood on the tree. I continued walking slowly, but surely.

    Sleeping, walking, and fighting. That's all I've been doing for the past week. I wasn't even through Illinois yet. I laid on my back looking at the stars when I head a loud Crack! I jumped up sword in hand, ready to attack.
    "Whoa!" a voice yelled. "Don't attack."
    I looked around. "Who are you?"
    The person stepped closer. A boy with light blonde hair and storm cloud gray eyes appeared. A smile danced across his lips. "I'm Miles. You are?"
    "Ar-Ariana. You can call me Ari." I stuttered. My cheeks felt hot. Hopefully Miles didn't notice.
    Miles sat down. He was wearing jean shorts, a red t-shirt and sneakers. A sweatshirt was slung around his shoulders.
    "Live with mom or dad?" Miles asked looking at me.
    "Mom and stepdad." I answered quietly. "What about you?"
    Miles smirked. "Dad. You are runaway?"
    I nodded. "My stepdad isn't the nicest person and his kids and total brats. My mom doesn't care what they do to me. Somehow it's my fault for all the monsters." I quickly knew I shouldn't have said that, Miles might not be like me.
    To my surprise he just nodded. "My dad wants me gone. Like I was the worst thing that ever happened. For fifteen years he's been saying it."
    I looked down. "You're fifteen?"
    Miles nodded. "And you?"
    "Fourteen." I barely whispered. Miles seemed to have caught it because he just nodded, then smiled.
    "Well, Ari. You going to Camp Half-Blood?" Miles asked standing.
    I looked up. "Yeah. Are you?"
    Miles laughed. "Where else would I be safe?"
    I paused for a moment, next I shrugged.
    "Exactly." Miles said with a grin. We began walking and talking. The more Miles talked the more safer I felt. Like knowing he was here, made everything go away. I loved it. Sure he was a year older, but that doesn't mean nothing could happen. Bad or good, hopefully good. Miles knew exactly how I felt about everything, school, home, monsters, and the dreams. I told him things I haven't told anyone, or even thought about telling anyone. He listened to everything I said and he actually cared.
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    Default Re: Demigod: Chapter 1

    Oh wow! Really good, can't wait for the next chapter!
    Signature credit goes to: Stephanie Stonyray (Thanks Stephanie)

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    Default Re: Demigod: Chapter 1

    That's awesome Alix.
    You caught me off guard now I'm runnin' and screamin'. I feel like a hero and you are my hero*ne. And I feel a weakness comin' on never felt so good to be so wrong. Had my heart on lockdown!

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