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    Default A Dark Revenge [Sequel to the Phoenix Feather]

    I decided the Phoenix Feather couldn't go without a sequel. So here it is...NOTE: Read the first book first! This way, you'll save some confusion.


    I didn't know where I was when I awoke.

    "You're awake." Said a voice. It was Brightmore.
    "Where am I?" I asked, before remembering what had happened last. "Am I...Dead?"
    Brightmore looked off into something distant, a look of sorrow caught in his eyes.
    "Yes." He said. I could simply sigh.
    "I guess doing something like that didn't go without a price." I said, shrugging."No." Brightmore shook his head.
    "I am sorry, but the cruel world wouldn't allow something a legend as you live on. It couldn't afford to give one of it's many beings such glory. In such a place as Earth, nothing so great would be allowed."
    I nodded, acknowledging the wisdom of this phoenix.
    "So, what happens next?" I ask.
    "That is a secret we shall never know. A human cannot die, experience the process of death, then return to the mortal world to share with others him discovery. Death is a one way barrier, once you've passed through it, you can't get out again. Plus, you have no choice in death. I have pondered many a time what is strong enough to force you into such a power." Brightmore mused. He said more, but he pondered too much on unimportant subjects.
    "Am I never to return to the world?" I asked.
    "No. As I said, it's a one way barrier. You're going to be pushed through more one way barriers." Brightmore muttered.
    "And you?" I wondered aloud.
    "I have no idea," said Brightmore, shuffling about to find a more suitable position, "but I think we will both share a similar fate."
    I could only nod mutely."What do we do?" I questioned.
    "You ask many questions, child, but I am a species who are good in answering any question," Brightmore gave what I think may have been a smile, even though he had a beak, "so I shall tell you that we wait."
    "And finally," I say, "Where are we?" Brightmore gave another beak-smile.
    "We are everywhere. It doesn't matter where we go, our environment right now stays the same, so you may walk a million miles, but you will still be where you started." My eyebrows furrowed.
    "We can't be everywhere at once?" I said.
    "You said, 'finally' when you asked your next question. That means you cannot ask me another question. For now." Chuckled Brightmore.I buried my head in my hands and waited. Waited for so long. Slept for hours, waited for hours, I even walked to test what Brightmore had claimed as the truth. I waited until the day came.


    As I came back to Brightmore from another nowhere-walk, his first words to me were,
    I opened my mouth to say, "Why?" but something had spoken first.
    "Lord of all Death, Dark master over all, do you claim these souls a pass into your lands, to serve you in all honour?" The thing said. Then a deeper voice, a voice that sounded like many more voices were speaking in unison with it, said,
    "I claim these...Souls...As my rightful own, to serve me for all eternity. Until..." The voice died out, and started coughing and wheezing. Then a female voice spoke,
    "Uhm, Mr. Death, are you, ahh, OK?" Mr. Death must have nodded or done some silent gesture, as the female voice spoke,
    "Ah, lovely."
    My head shot round to glance at Brightmore. As if on cue, the Mr. Death person said,
    "Is that the phoenix that killed my general, Sir Oniel Yetifey?" Mr. Death asked. Many voices said, "Think so."
    Mr. Death roared. It was an inhuman roar, so from then on, I called him Death Thing. Then he snarled. Then a clawed hand seemed to appear from nowhere, that was so huge it just grabbed me and Brightmore and dragged us inside the scene. Then, the hand grew smaller, so it was about three times the size of Brightmore's...Feet things. We were then dropped on the floor.
    "Never will I allow these abominations to tread on my land! Never!" Death Thing shrieked. "But, they're dead?" Said a dragon. Yes, they were all dragons. Death Thing was a rather large red one. His eyes glowed an orange-yellow fire like colour and his ears were stretched yellow skin that were huge and covered both sides of his face. His two black horns grew from just above his eyes and twisted in spirals. Most noticeably, though, was the very angry look on his face.
    "I know they're dead!" Screamed Death Thing.
    "But, Bazalru, you can't just banish them."
    "Yes, I can! I rule here! I do!" He moaned. "Get rid of them now!"
    Bazalru's (I was glad I knew his name now) tail swung round in the air and smashed the wall behind him."The wall is you." Bazalru whispered, his eyes widening.
    "Alright! They're going." A dragon wearing a weird hat decided, walking up and grabbing me. A large dragon grabbed Brightmore.
    "Just get rid of them!" Bazalru screamed, "Kill them! Just make them go!" And then things flashed blue. A dragon, not very far away from me, muttered,
    "Sorry...He has suffered..." And then we were gone.


    Pain took my body over. I discovered this was because I was on fire. Brightmore was too, but he was flame resistant.
    "Rialo, get in the water!" He shouted at me.
    I hadn't noticed the sea for the incredible burning sensation I was experiencing.
    I lay down on the floor, and rolled to the sea. As soon as I entered the water, I said,
    "Ah..." And lay there rolling in the sea for a while.
    Minutes later, Brightmore walked over.
    "Your burns are like scars, child." He said grimly. I'd never thought about scars.
    I looked at my reflection in the sea. Blue eyes. Brown, tangled hair. A burned and torn yellow T-Shirt and baggy leggings that had suffered the same fate as my T-Shirt. Now, a large burn marked the left side of my face, travelling down to my neck and disappearing under the remains of the T-Shirt. Rolling up my trousers, I discovered both my legs had nasty burns. So did my arms.
    I kicked the nearest rock and shouted out many bad words.
    "Calm, child." Brightmore said, "You were burned by fires of the dead. The fire is not deadly, it cannot kill a being. The scars it leaves are not to worry about."
    I tried to think of something witty to say, but I just got, "Uhm..."
    "Bazalru is more to worry about. He will try to claim his revenge on you." Brightmore said.
    "Because I killed Oniel?" I asked.
    "Yes, but that's his humanoid name. The name he rightfully has in his real form is Bazalraugh. Yes, he is Bazalru's own brother."
    I nodded my head.
    "So, how're we supposed to get back to Bazalru?" I asked, my eyebrows rising.
    Brightmore turned his head and winced at the sun.
    "I may have been born alongside time, but there are things even I cannot know. Things that I cannot understand."
    "Then it's hopeless?" I sat down at the nearest rock, looking at a scar on my hand. It seemed to have died down a bit. I thought the marks would've been permanent.
    "Not entirely."
    "There are three rumors. These rumors were from the Symni-ovelyne Tru, translating to, 'First-born Three' in your tounge." Brightmore's eyes closed momentarily.
    "And?" I said impatiently.
    "They were the three first dragons, consisting of Ruiscife Ferali, Ghettnir Oppi'sturr and Quaarsic Nobliddern. Ruiscife, in the before age of Ryn, found a key lying in the desert of Appli-Terse. He didn't know what the key was for, so he got rid of it. That bit's certain. Then rumor goes on to say he got rid of it in the Mangistred Marsh, which is too far away for us too consider. Then, truth tells that Quaarsic then set out to track down Ruiscife's key, intending to find it's purpose. He found no key, but as he flew back over the Hills of Quaar, as it's now called, he found a key on the tip of the mountain. Being a clumsy old oaf, Quaarsic dropped it into the ocean as he flew home. We're never getting that one. The last one is entirely rumor, but is our best lead. Ghettnir, thinking she could prove herself to be better than both males were, tried looking in the ocean for Quaarsic's key, never found it, then looked in the marsh for Ruiscife's, but never found either. She was meant to have been killed on the way home, but the God of Effort and Hard Work turned her body into a key. The key is meant to lye in the Farbeloss Woods, only in this reality when it is the darkest hour."
    "Well?" I said, "let's go find ourselves some key!"

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    Default Re: A Dark Revenge [Sequel to the Phoenix Feather]

    *Claps* Write more! O.O
    Spoiler: show
    Check out my poems thread. And no link o.o Find it yourself under the creative writing section o.o

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    Default Re: A Dark Revenge [Sequel to the Phoenix Feather]

    -Bow- xD I will write the second chapter.

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