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Title: Daedalus, The Return of Icarus

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    Default Daedalus, The Return of Icarus

    This is an Amberknight Studios (Amberknight Studios©) production.

    Daedalus, The Return Of Icarus
    ( Δαίδαλος, ο Επιστροφή του Ίκαρος )

    Daedalus, The Return Of Icarus.jpg

    After King Minos died, Daedalus returned to his labyrinth. At his labyrinth Daedalus meet a hero, a son of Hades named Hegaraw. When Hegaraw ran into Daedalus they decided to become friends and meet together many times. After Hegaraw heard how Daedalus’s son had died many years ago he showed Daedalus how to contact dead spirits from the underworld. Daedalus was very happy and pleased, in fact he introduced his son to Hegaraw many times. One time though when he was talking to his son alone.

    “Hello dad!” Icarus said.

    “Son!” Daedalus replied happily, “You must listen to me better, this is why you are dead.” Daedalus finished that thought aloud angrily.

    Icarus replied sadly, “I’m sorry father, I was bewitched by my scene of freedom.”

    Daedalus was now displeased, “You need to listen more!”

    Daedalus loved his son and was shocked and sad at how quickly this re-meeting his son had turned around quite quickly. Daedalus though knew that this was improper behaviour for a boy of his sons age. He was raising his hand to hit him, the proper punishment for this when, “Rawwwr!” Icarus thought that was a peculiar noise for a slap. He didn’t feel the slap although he got used to not feeling mortals when they reach towards him or attempt to hand him something , they usually go through him. Icarus then realized that his father was frozen in place, frozen with fear. he could see it in his fathers old wise eyes.

    “Father!” Icarus shouted.

    Another roar. Icarus was scared of the noise and finally turned around deciding even if it was a monster it couldn’t hurt him and he would try to help his dad as best as he could. When he turned around he saw a large bull standing on it’s hind legs. The Minotaur! The minotaur is a monster that Minos created and put into the labyrinth that Daedalus created. Icarus instantly noticed the creature when he turned around. The father, son duo instantly appeared in the labyrinth somehow.

    “Pan,” Icarus said to himself, “He’s my only hope to get out of here other then my dad if he ever recovers his consciousness.”

    Pan is the God of the wild and all Satyrs. Many people believe he died in the labyrinth somehow, Satyrs believe though that he is alive and in hiding.
    Icarus called three more times “Pan! Pan! Pan?”

    “Are you there?” Icarus asked. I can’t leave my dad here to get Pan can I, He thought in his head. “I must go,” Icarus Whispered to himself, “It’s the only way.” Icarus wailed and moaned through the tunnels of hallways and the corridors of deep darkness.

    “Rowrrrrrrrr!” the Minotaur grouched after one of Icarus’s turns into an opening.

    Icarus then realized that the Minotaur was five dark tunnels back. He entered the opening. It smelled like that of a deep, large, huge forest. Icarus instantly knew that if he could smell something like this when he was dead,

    “Pan!” Pan was on a large throne made out of vines, fungi, and ferns. Pan shook his head in approval to his name. “My father, Daedalus I need to get hi out of here,” Icarus told Pan the god of the wilderness, “He’s an alive mortal and the creator of this maze but has fallen unconscious! If you could please just help show me the way out I can get help,” Pan looked like he disregarded him and didn’t even care or notice that he was there.

    “Please,” Icarus pleaded, “I need you to help.”

    Pan did nothing. Icarus knew not to mess with a god (even a dead one) because something terrible could happen to you. Icarus turned away moping and crying to himself. Pan snapped his fingers and a huge tremor went about the labyrinth. Daedalus (still unconscious) and Icarus where instantly at the front door of the labyrinth with the transportation of Pan, who was still there with them.

    “Thank you Pan,” Icarus said and bowed to the deceased god.

    “Your welcome,” Pan said, “Now leave!”

    You just saved my dad and you start being harsh to me! Why is this Pan?” Icarus questioned.

    “The tremor is because when I transport myself from place to place the Minotaur shall know where I’m going to, therefor the tremor was actually here although you fell it every inside of this.. This... This Labyrinth.” Pan answered, “I was saying go so that your dad would not be eaten by the time you come back with help.”

    Icarus bowed again, “Thank you Pan. I just thought you were not happy.”

    Icarus then started to run. Who to? Who to? Hegaraw! He went straight to Hegaraw and told him the following, “Hegaraw!”

    “What is it young boy?’

    “My father! He’s at the... I’m starting to fade!”

    “My dad Hades doesn’t like people gone for to long! He’s calling you back! Tell me quick!” Hegaraw said.

    “He’s at the labyrin-” Icarus faded.

    “No!” Hegaraw shouted, “I must go now.” Hegaraw said while running from the alley he was talking to Icarus at.

    Hegaraw run to the labyrinth and when he was behind it complete opposite side he was getting a large headache.

    “Many People have died here,” Hegaraw said, “How could Minos stand this? Oh no! I’m too late!”

    Hegaraw sensed from the side now that Daedalus is dead. Should I go, he thought to himself. I’ll be alone.... I won’t have any help.. I must. Hegaraw walked up to the front door slowly to see a few organs and Daedalus’s robe left on the entrance. He stood frozen.

    “Icarus and his dad are reunited at last. I’ll stay in contact with them,” Hegaraw finished, hearing the roar of the minotaur in the background walking into the labyrinth.

    The End
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    Spoiler: show
    Actually wrapped in a spoiler but still awesome!

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    Default Re: Daedalus, The Return of Icarus

    Midas, The Return Of The GOLDEN TOUCH
    ( Μίδας, ο Επιστροφή του ο Χρυσή Αγγίξτε )

    Midas, The Return Of The Golden Touch.jpg

    After 3 hours after Midas got his gift (the golden touch A.K.A Midas touch) He beseeches Dionysus (the wine god) to remove the gift he received from the wine god for taking care of Dionysus’s friend Silenus (A Satyr).Dionysus agreed to remove the golden touch.
    Midas had decided to keep the apple he turned to gold, but he actually had touched two apples. He kept both the apples. After two weeks of Dionysus taking away the golden touch, Midas wanted to see if the apples were safe to eat. He had a slave eat the first apple.
    “Master! This apple! It tastes as if if....” He trailed off in wonderment.
    “WHAT?! Tell me you unworthy slave mutt!” Midas commanded, “Or else! I’ll put you in the dungeon!”
    “It tastes like love, undesirable goodness! As if eating a divine fruit from the gods!” The slave finished.
    “Very well.” Midas snorted upon the slave. “I’ll take the other apple now.”
    Midas left the courtyard to get the apple from the kitchen. They had the apple in a container that they thought would completely keep anything from turning to gold if the apple had such an ability. Although, we now know it doesn’t as the slave thought it was entirely divine, it never turned the slave to gold so it is to be eaten by the king himself!

    A Few Minutes Later, After Eating The Apple

    “I...I....I!!!!!” Midas couldn’t speak ever since eating the apple “I need more!!! Get ME MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    “Master,” The same slave who ate the first apple asked,” Where could I get something so divine for your tastes?”
    “Olympus! Go get Dionysus! He must return here with many apples! The whole village must have them! I can’t just share all the excitement with one worthless slave!” Midas told him, “Now go!”

    At Olympus

    “May I get Dionysus,” The slave asked Zeus.
    “Get out of here! You aren’t worthy of being here!! If you seek Dionysus, you must find him, if you want him to return to your king you must ask him if he will. If he refuses, I don’t care and life will continue as we know it.”
    The slave was angry yet he did as Zeus said and went to find Dionysus who was probably with Silenus.

    At A favorite bar of

    “Man this is one of the best spot in Greece to get wine!” Dionysus
    “I must agree,” Silenus replied
    At the floor above them they started to hear the door swish closed and the slave say, “Has anyone seen Silenus or Dionysus?”
    “Yes slave who was NEVER had WINE!!!” Dionysus shouted
    “I come from Midas! He requests your presence!” The slave shouted scared of death. Dionysus snapped his fingers and they were at Midas’s palace.
    “Now slave, why are we here?” Silenus asked for his friend Dionysus.
    “My master wants golden apples. He made two apples gold when you gave him the golden touch power. He says he needs more,” the slave answered.
    “Here I have no use,” Dionysus said
    “Here are some more!” Silenus took some out of a bag he had, following Dionysus’ lead.
    “Thank you! God, and Satyr,” the slave replied.
    The slave headed to the king's room and gave him the bag.
    “Slave! You took too long!” Midas said.
    “But sir I got you a whole bag!” The slave pleaded and Midas stopped before he whipped the slave.
    “Very well,” He replied, “Go on before I change my mind!!”
    The slave ran off and started planning an escape plot with his friends. The king took the apple and ate it. He went to his vanity took off his crown and then fell asleep.... Never to wake up again!

    The Next

    The slave came to the king's room and placed a cup of wine and a bowl of fruits. He noticed the king asleep and came to wake him.
    Odd, the slave thought, he’s normally up by now.
    The slave shook Midas awake. Nothing. He then took the covers off to reveal a detailed golden statue of Midas.
    “Ahhh!!!” The slave yelled.
    He then ran out the room and told his friends and family. He finally told the princess. His family and friends he plotted with then meet him right outside the kings room before the princess came reviewed the escape plan then put it in action. they went told the security guards protecting slaves from running off and then the security ran to the kings room. The slaves ran.
    “We are no longer property of Midas!” The freedman yelled after running half a mile, “We are people!”
    His friends and family yelled and cheered and celebrated like there was no tomorrow! They had a picnic after going half a mile. Then they went to the closests mountains. They slaves built their home and lived there for many years. Midas on the other hand, his whole kingdom turned into gold, his castle, his slaves, his family, and citizens. The slave who had gotten the apples was turned to gold as well for eating an apple, but he got it reversed and he owned nothing at the time so nothing turned to gold that was his.

    THE END.
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    Spoiler: show
    Actually wrapped in a spoiler but still awesome!

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