Note from Author:
Hello! I've made this book to show you how books would be the class clowns if they could talk. Each chapter there will be a different book/book series with their author.

Chapter 1: Harry Potter
Spoiler: show

"Why is J.K. Rowling writing in Nuela?" Asked the Deathly Hallows. All seven books started, their eyes WIDE open. "I don't know." Replied the Socerer's Stone. "What are you all staring at?" Asked J.K. Rowling. "Well, you're writing in our friend, Nuela." Answered the Goblet of Fire. "The newspaper? It's supposed to be wrote in. And how is this your friend, Nuela?" Questioned J.K. Rowling. "Excuse me, Ms. Rowling. You're hurting me. Oww!!!" Said Nuela. "I went to the library and I found a vampire. He was looking at a drawing book. You know, to learn how to DRAW blood." Said the Chamber of Secrets laughing. All of the books and J.K. Rowling looked at him. "What was that?" Asked J.K. Rowling. "A joke. It was a joke. Do... you... get it?" Said the Chamber of Secrets. They all started laughing. "Ha ha ha! You CRACK me up!" said the Half Blood Prince showing him his spine. "At least you don't have Harry Potter tickling your nose." said the Prisoner of Azkaban crossed-eyed. Everybody including Nuela was laughing to death! "How's that funny? Seriously? He's been doing that since 1999!" Yelled the Prisoner of Azkaban. "Really?