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    Default Cloverfang's Scar ~ HD&E Fanfic :D

    A little Fanfic I wrote xD

    The Ash River outside the barn flowed gently making soft rippling
    noises. Bird cried in the empty blue skies, looking for prey. I crept
    down the river banks, my paws struggling to keep grip on the
    unsturdy soil. When I was halfway down, the soil I was standing
    on broke away and I fell tummy-first into the river. Cool water
    splurted up around me and I meowed in annoyance. Like most
    cats, I didn't like water at all. I splashed helplessly about before
    finding earth. I patted around a bit before climbing out, shaking
    all the dirty water out of my fur.
    Half an hour later, after standing by the river bank, I saw a fish
    dart past. I dived in and grabbed it between my sharp teeth. It
    wriggled in my mouth for a bit before going still. For the second
    time in the day, I clambered out of the Ash River. I had breakfast!
    I didn't like diving into the water at all, but it was either that or
    starve. I prefered diving in the water by one hundred per cent.
    Then I patrolled my territory. That barn was my own as it was
    deserted. I'd been sleeping on the same mucky straw for years
    now. Suddenly something darted between the trees. At first, I
    thought it was another cat. I waited to see if it was, but I saw
    nothing more. I went to check, just in case. When I turned around
    to come out the little section of trees, there was a grey cat with
    yellow eyes and a horrific smile. (( I plan to make this one later,
    xD)) "I am Horizon," Cloverfang made out from his voice that he
    was from Russia and he was male.
    "What are you doing here? This is my territory!"
    "You are a Darkclan Warrior, aren't you? Shouldn't you be with
    them?" Horizon asked.
    "This is Darkclan territory. I am a warrior, yes, but I patrol the
    Horizon smirked. "Sounds like you're an outcast." All of his teeth
    showed and made him look deadly, like one bite in any location
    would kill one.
    "I'm no outcast." Cloverfang snarled. "What clan do you belong to?"
    "I don't belong to anyone, I am a cat of my own free will. You may
    call me a slight mix between a loner and a rogue. Which is why,
    from my own free will, I am going to kill you."

    Horizon almost flew forwards, claws outstreched, his sharp-tooth
    grin even more crazed than before. I rolled over and he dived into
    the tree. I shot into his back, my claws aiming for his face. I cut
    some flesh before he threw my off, right into the river. My head
    hit a rock and I managed, with great willpower, to avoid being
    knocked out. Clambering out of the river, I dodged an attack from
    Horizon. He rolled, and for a second I thought he was going to fall
    into the river. But he ground to a stop about an inch away from
    the edge. I wasn't going to be as stupid as to dive onto him. He
    turned around and lept again. That was what he always did to
    attack. He jumped. Many strategies unfolded in my head, but the
    best was to tangle with him in mid-air. Fall to floor. Hold him
    back with front legs, kick and claw at him with back. As he went
    to dive again, he smiled and stopped, before running. Shoot!
    "I'm not so stupid, cat. You may try, but I will win." I almost cried
    in frustration. This cat was good.
    Horizon charged. I tangled with him. I had no choice. My front
    legs went up to guard my face. My back legs kicked out, clawing
    Horizon to death. He meowed in pain, flailing his legs out all
    over. His right arm connected with my forehead. It slid
    downwards, cutting up flesh. It went through my eye, slicing it
    down the middle but not removing it. It continued to my cheek,
    where he pulled away. I could still see. Thank Starclan for this
    miracle. With one final, mighty kick, slammed into his stomache,
    Horizon flew off me. My bleeding eye stung and I knew it was a
    scar. "Your power." I said, "It's scaring, isn't it?"
    Horizon smiled, but it was still disturbing. "You are a smart cat. I
    will spare you for that. I will kill you. Beware. When the day
    comes, watch out for me. Our final battle will happen at dusk,
    when the sun in right on the horizon. Do not forget that."

    Then, he was gone. I went down to the river and saw my ruined
    face in the water. Before long, the water was red. From that time
    onward, it was known as Blood Creak. I await my battle with
    Horizon. May his soul be blessed until this final showdown...Any
    cat deserved blessing. Even the worse of enemies.

    Characters involved:

    Cloverfang = My cat.

    Horizon = A cat I may create in the future. - Now my cat. Mental issues. xP

    Hope you likes it.
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    Default Re: Cloverfang's Scar ~ HD&E Fanfic :D

    Nice! I didn't see any errors, except that cats don't have arms. I liked it a lot!

    "In a land of myth, and a time of magic… the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young boy. His name… Merlin."

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    Default Re: Cloverfang's Scar ~ HD&E Fanfic :D

    Oh, yes. I will change that.

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