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    Default Clover Etchson - Just a short little story :)

    Part 1
    Spoiler: show
    Thunder boomed overhead. I looked out my window, bored to death. I plonked down on the floor - the pizza I'd just had for dinner really wasn't getting along well with my stomache. Suddenly the floor rumbled and the whole building shook. My heart felt like it'd sank to my feet with fear. I didn't dare shout, scream, or cry in panic. Someone wasn't very happy today, I had that sinking feeling. Just then, something shot by my window. I knew, deep down, It wasn't a bird. Because at that moment, the window smashed, and the glass shards didn't pierce me, in fact, they preformed a faultless sphere around me. The man wasn't quite as spectacular - he just landed with a crash upon the flooring. Sending wisps of something - maybe smoke - coiling around the room. He stood, and said overenthusiasticly, "Well, that wasn't the most culminating of landings, hmm?"
    "No. Who are you, what just happened?"
    The man just stood there, staring off into elongation.
    "My name, Clover, is Aukerber Mytho. What just happened, was a Primordial Rupture. Rupture means clash. Primordial means Elements. In a way, that means Elemental Clash. Primordial Rupture just sounds more orthodox."
    "You're what seems very orthodox."
    "If you can understand what I'm saying, then don't expostulate about it."
    "So, can we proceed with what just happened? I'm amazed I'm in no panic attack. Why is nobody shocked?"
    "Because nobody experienced it, except you, because you're a rudimental one. An Elemental one. You have powers that only a chosen few have."
    To my surprise, I felt no shock whatsoever. Just excietment.
    "What power? I feel really substantial right now!"
    "We don't know. You could be one of the lost Astrals for all we know. Don't ask what they are, that's what Mythos is for."
    "A training ground, or school, for manipulation of your powers."
    After that, I remember nothing.

    Part 2
    Spoiler: show
    When I woke up, I was lying in bed. But not my own bed, I was at another place. I rolled over, and saw a few other people. In front of me was the door. I picked myself up and shambled slowly over to the door. It seemed to be such a eternity to walk to that door. When I got there, I was on the verge of walking back into the bed and snoozing again. At that time, a woman in a brown dress walked in.
    "Oh! Miss Clover Etchson! You must hurry! The day's judgement is about to begin!" She said, sounding a little exasperated.
    "Judgement?" I replied, baffled.
    "They decide on your element. You never have a set element - When you sit on the chair, an element claims you for it's own. But not just anyone can be chosen, they must have plausibility in them. I hope that's satisfying for your curious mind. I do suggest you run along, though. Oh, yes, I am Mrs. Heffler, the nurse. I suppose I will be seeing you later." And with that, she walked off, putting what I considered was a chunk of ice on a boy's head.

    The hall I was directed to was massive, about the size of the main hall in a large airport. Stationed at the back was a chair that Zeus might sit upon, but instead of him, a girl, human, was upon it. Suddenly, the chair disappeared.
    "Air!" A voice I recognised echoed - none other than Mr. Mytho's. Wind blew through the whole hall. Everybody went silent. They were waiting for something.
    "No. Nadia Ashburry is not the Astral!" Mutters went throughout the whole hall.
    "Kanan Bleach! Step forward!" A shaggy haired boy walked forward and sat on the seat. He certainly looked very nervous. Suddenly, the chair burst into flame and the boy looked like he had to hold back a scream.
    "Fire!" Shouted Mr. Mytho again. Then there was the silence. A flame started and for a second I saw a woman in the flames. I heard Mytho mutter something, but then the woman said, "This boy has the potential to learn the arts of the ground and the flames. He is no Astral." At that moment, the earth shook and a crater appeared in the hall where nobody was standing. A man made of earth appeared and a brown wind hit the boy, who was gawking in awe. Then like nothing had ever happened, they both disappeared.
    "The closest we've gotten in years!" Shouted Mytho. "The godess of Fire and god of Earth have visited you personally, Hadrian Garner. Consider it an honour."
    "I-I do, Sir." Stuttered Hadrian.

    Hours later, it was my turn to sit on the chair. I'd seen all sorts of elements - the four 'involuntary' elements, the most powerful, and the 'anomalous' elements. The anomalous elements were stuff like electricity, darkness, light, plants, rocks, ice and some others. I was told there was the Astral, a person who could control all of the elements with ease.
    So anyways, I was on the chair. It seemed to last forever. Ten minutes later, I decided I wasn't wanted. As I was beginning to get the temptation to get off the chair, it turned into stone. Then water. Then fire. Then air, then quickly to the anomalous elements. Then it happened. The walls seemed to crack and shatter like glass and I seemed to get bigger.
    "The Astral!" Mytho cried. "Clover, call them to you! The elements! Don't let them pass on! It's your test!" I felt myself stand up and wind gushed over me. That must be the element I'd get if I failed. Then, coming next was fire, but much quicker lots more evasive. I dived clumsily to the left and just managed to catch it. Then earth. It was the other way around than fire. I dived forwards, and just avoided getting impaled by a spike that shot out out the ground. I crashed into a earthy patch and it absorbed into me. Then water came, forming a whirlpool shape. Too easy. I stuck out my hand, but the water just dodged around it.
    "The elements!" Mytho shouted. "Use them!"
    So, using earth, I shot up spikes, which was alot more easier than I thought, being the 'Astral'. Droplets went flying everywhere and I realised air must've been my prime element after all - water was corresponding to air, and air must be the element I'd use to capture water.
    After ten minutes of duelling with water it's self, I made that final move. I gusted the water inwards, towards me, and about three drops caught my hand. Everything went normal. I went still. For the second time in the day, everthing went black.
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    Default Re: Clover Etchson - Just a short little story :)

    Good story.
    William Ionsea
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    Default Re: Clover Etchson - Just a short little story :)

    Also, I see you play roblox. I do too I just got BC yesterday lol

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