So yes, I decided to write again. I could go back to my old 'books', but there are two things I

love right now. Greek Mythology and the mythical beasts that inspired me and filled my head

with wonders - The almighty dragons!
This is the story of Skydancer, a dragon unlike the others. She wished not to interfere with the

beautiful lands of Ismeph, but indeed revived a greater evil within the guardian of death and

darkness. Her job is to put a right to her wrongdoings. ~ ninjablade2000

I've worked on this for quite a while, and got the plot set out, basicly explained above. Well, I

hope you enjoy this!

Meet the Guardian dragons of Ismeph!

Peace Guardians:

Skydancer: Air dragon.
Earthclaw: Earth dragon.
Aurabreath: Light dragon.

Destrucrion Guardians:

Shadowfang: Death dragon.
Thunderscale: Thunder dragon.
Firetail: Fire dragon.

So, finally, here's the actual story!

1. I try to destroy my own guardian.

The land tore beneath me as I flew swifty through the sky. It was a shame I couldn't see the

beautiful, plundering waterfalls and delicate flowers with their soft, precious petals. It

sounded like bombs going off inside my head. I was going to have to destroy all this. I'd lost

the bet, so I had to destroy the thing dearest to me. The earth itself. Laughter behind me

caused me to turn.
"This isn't funny!" I snapped. "You cheated!"
"My bad!" Laughed my arch-enemy, Shadowfang. His two dragon pawns pretended to laugh.

I felt very sorry for both of them, despite how annoying they could be when around

The trio of them then shoved ahead of me, grabbed my arms, told me to hurry up and pulled

me at a breakneck speed down towards the ground. When we were halfway down,

Shadowfang's dragons, Thunderscale and Firetail, let go of my arms, and sent me flying

towards the ground. When I was about ten meters away from breaking my neck,

Shadowfang's tail lashed out and spiraled around my throat, cutting off my breath. He then

span round uncontrollably, unwinding his tail, launching me into the air. The last thing I

remembered after that was the wind in my face, too stunned to open my wings and fly. Then

falling faster than ever, the altitude whipping me so much it hurt.
I crashed into the ground, my tough scales the only thing that managed to keep me consious -

alive, even. The earth around me tore open like a knife through flesh. Blades of grass and all

the beautiful flowers were either crushed or went flying. All because of me. Then I realised

that was what Shadowfang ment. I'd destroy it. I stood up in rage and opened my wings.

With all the power in my legs, I flew off the ground. I was going faster than I was when I got

I spotted Shadowfang and his duo of harpies, laughing hysterically. I zoomed in on them, rage

bubbling as hot as molten lava.
"I hate you!" Then, unable to contain it anymore, I blasted blue, uncontrollable fire from my

mouth, then dive-bombed him. We went down in a whirr of claws and fangs, biting and

scratching like there was no tomorrow.
"Off me! Curse you! Get off!" Cried Shadowfang.
"Never!" I shouted back.
"You're over-reacting!"
"Am not!"
Then we founght and argued at the same time, making things twice as difficult. Thunderscale

and Firetail tried to slowly back away, only to be caught by Shadowfang who demanded they


We fought for hours, waiting for the other to go down in the dust.
"I've had enough of this." Decided Shadowfang, stepping back, out of the massacre.
My face must've been so funny, as Shadowfang simply burst out into a fit of hysterical

laughter. Then his face went all serious and he said,
"You're coming with me, protected. I am your guardian." Then he snached my arms and

clobbed me over the head with his tail. I realised that was supposed to knock me out, so I

fastened my eyes into slits. Then, without hesitation, he flew up into the sky with me, Firetail

and Thunderscale behind him. I also spotted my two best friends, Aurabreath and Earthclaw

flying behind us. Whatever was going on, I didn't like it. Then it all went black.

This is maybe the shortest chapter of the story, as all I had to put in it was the battle between

Shadowfang and Skydancer which was short.

Well, I hope you like my story so far. I worked my backside off on this in notepad to make it

nice. I even edited it once or twice to make it PeRfEcT!