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    Default Chapter 3 ~ Faith

    :3 I've got it done to Chapter 7, since a few weeks ago but I'm just going to upload gradually from chapter to chapter

    "Mom what's the point of you driving me to school today? I am 17 years old, I've got a license, and my own car." I stared at her from the passengers seat. She didn't look back at me because she was learning up as far as she could against the steering wheel and pretending that she couldn't hear me because she was "engrossed with her driving". So I waited until we were a block away from school when I screamed to get her attention. Like I planned, she braked immediately and looked at me with a bewildered look and said, "Oh Gosh, I'm sorry sweety! Was I driving to fast?" I opened my car door, got out and looked at my mom, "No mom, you were actually driving below the speed limit which is totally understandable since there is snow all over the place but I actually just don't want the others see my mom driving me to school." She looked at me with a sad look on her face, "Well, okay. Good luck at school today but are you sure you don't want to wait in the car? School doesn't start for another 20 minutes and its freezing cold today. Just look at the ground! You can't see anything but the white snow, sweety, Please just wait in the car, I don't want you to get frost bite." I tried looking as reassuring as I could, "Mom, I am going to be perfectly fine. From here to the school might be a few minutes of walking and I can stand near the school doors with other people. Besides, I'm wearing warm clothing." I pointed to my outfit of earlier but with White snow boots, a belt, and a coat added.
    "Are you sure?", She said with a concerned face. "I'm sure, mom. Love you?" She smiled and said "Love you, too! Bye, sweety." "Bye." I closed the door and waved as she drove off. Gosh, what should I do to waste time? Here I am standing on the side of the road and across from me are the woods. The woods where I am hearing a faint scream? I ran across the road, to the edge of the woods, and I could see my breathe as I whispered, "Oh my gosh! I do hear somebody! What should I do? Try and save them myself? Oh, no! Where is my phone? I think I may have left it in the car. Oh great! I knew today wasn't going to be good at all. I could run to the school but then there would be less time to save whoever is in danger..." I guess I am going to try and save them myself, I hope we both don't die.
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    Default Re: Chapter 3 ~ Faith

    Great job Jackie. xD
    I assume you'll be posting the next chapters soon? I look forward to seeing them! >:}

    Oh, I didn't see alot, or any mistakes at all. Good work.
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    Default Re: Chapter 3 ~ Faith

    This is great lol

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    Default Re: Chapter 3 ~ Faith

    Ah Chills Again<3 BUT OMG THIS ONE'S SHORT O: - Protests<3 -
    I Have 35 Thoughts Of What's Happening xDD

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    Default Re: Chapter 3 ~ Faith

    I love it! I gots to read more!
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